11 Asian Snack Stores You Must Visit in the GTA

People love to eat snacks. Snacking may be a pleasurable pastime in which people nibble on various foods for a variety of reasons. For example, you may be watching TV and want to munch on popcorn, studying and hungry but not hungry enough for a full meal? You can snack on chips, or you snack because you are bored. Snacks not only help us minimize the amount of time we go without eating, but they also make us feel energized, satisfied, and happy.

Chips are the most well-known snack with multiple popular brands available such as Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Pringles, and so on. However, these brands are very common and could be found in any store. Asian snacks are more popular than ever before since they have extremely distinct flavours and provide us with a broad variety to select from. Snacking becomes much more fun and less boring when you try various flavours. Shrimp flavour and honey butter chip are two famous Korean and Japanese flavours to check out.
If you prefer to try new things and browse a store full of colours, flavours, and spices that you won’t find in your local grocery store. We’ve put up a list of Asian snack stores you can buy online from or you may visit today.


KonveniGomart is an Asian convenience store located at 527 Bloor St W, near Bathurst station, that sells a variety of chips and drinks such as Poki, rice crackers, mochi, shrimp chips, pork flavour chips, wasabi flavoured chickpeas, and many other flavoured snacks and drinks that are mostly imported from Japan. Traditional hot Asian foods such as Takoyaki, Tempura, Fried chicken, and more are also available. They provide delivery to your house, with free delivery on orders of $35 or more across the GTA. Konveni is also connected to the yogurty’s store, so if you like froyo and want to snack as well, here is the place to go!

2) C&C Supermarket

 C&C_Supermarket  in North York has massive snack aisles with huge selections of Asian snacks and canned goods imported from Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan, including Strawberry milk flavoured Kit Kat, cute little can sodas drinks with various flavours like pear, yogurt jelly straws, avocado chips, salted egg rolls, and other snacks you’ve never seen before that are worth a try.

3) Sukoshi Mart

 Sukoshi Mart on Baldwin Street is another hidden gem for snacks in Toronto and select malls around the GTA that you should not overlook. The adorable small shop serves international, chips, beverages, and sweets with distinctive flavours. If you enjoy popcorn and want to experience new flavours, the shop has a variety of flavoured popcorn that you may not have seen before, such as Popsmile boba popcorn, Popsmile salted egg yolk popcorn, matcha popcorn, and so on.

4) Ding Dong Exotic Sweet

 DING DONG EXOTIC SWEET store in Markham provides a wide range of snacks that you may sample today. With their low prices on snacks and drinks, the store is stocked with Lays and Kit Kat snacks in a variety of flavours, preserved Chinese prunes, dried treats, and sweets. They also provide delivery services, which is excellent if you live a bit farther away.

5) CC Lemon candy & Snack

Another Asian snack store in North York is CC Lemon Candy and Snack, which is a great location to get Japanese snacks and instant noodles! They have several interesting goods that you won’t find at Asian grocery shops, such as coffee-flavoured Pocky, at a reasonable price when compared to adjacent Asian supermarkets.

6) Nations Experience

Located at St Clair Ave,Nations Experience is a clean and well-organized grocery store that holds both fresh and hot foods including canned drinks and snacks. Nations Fresh Food has many overseas products.  It focuses mostly on Asian groceries and will give you a great selection of Asian snacks to choose from like Oreos, ramen, Lays with flavours you have never seen before that are very affordable.

7) Snack Hut

This local Asian grocery store, 零食の屋 ( Snack Hut), in North York focuses on Asian-branded chips, snacks, and sweets. You’ll discover a large range of imported goods from Japanese, Chinese, and Korean brands.

8) Sweetie Bear Asian Snack Center

Sweetie Bear Asian Snack Centre is located in Ajax and has a variety of interesting and tasty treats that you won’t find at your local shop and are hard to come by. They feature a well-stocked snack bar with a wide variety of Asian foods at reasonable prices. It’s an excellent spot to taste a variety of Japanese foods and drinks, such as sweets, chips, and beverages.

9) H Mart

H MART is a korean grocery shop with several branches across Toronto. H Mart is an excellent location to go if you want to taste some fresh and wonderful korean snacks, beverages, and desserts, such as canned coffee beverages, bottled bubble tea, various flavoured Lays chips, dry snacks, asian sweets, and crackers.

10) Galleria Super Market

Galleria Online Mall  is a market that offers not just fresh goods and ready-to-eat meals, but also Korean and Japanese snacks. They have a number of sites in Toronto, making it simpler for customers to obtain their imported goods. You can find a large selection of Asian snacks, flavourded chips and fried rice and drinks, as well as Korean ice cream.

11) PAT Central

patmart.ca is a Korean supermarket on Bloor Street West. This shop is stocked with all of the traditional and trendy sweets and snacks you could want from Korean and Japanese brands. If you enjoy dried or frozen snacks, unique flavour chips, beverages, baked products, and sweets at a reasonable price, stop by the store today.


Many Asian snacks are in high demand these days. The different flavours and spices they use in their goods, as well as the bright packaging, make snacking even more appetizing. There are numerous Asian snack shops in Toronto, but if you’ve had problems finding them in the past, we hope our list comes in handy for your next snack search.