Moru Li

Chief Content Strategist

Meet Moru Li, a talented writer who has called Toronto home for over a decade and truly adores the city. Originally born and raised in China, Moru spent her high school years in the Philippines before coming to Canada to attend university in Toronto. Moru has a unique perspective on life that is influenced by her upbringing and multicultural background.

Moru’s love for travel has taken her to many corners of the world, and she enjoys immersing herself in new cultures and experiences. Her travel experiences have broadened her perspective on life and have influenced her writing in many ways. Her love for exploration and learning about new cultures shines through in her work.

Drawing on her experiences living in different parts of the world, Moru’s writing is insightful, engaging, and always from the heart. Whether she’s sharing her insights on Toronto’s many charms or reflecting on her time abroad, Moru’s writing captures the essence of the human experience with authenticity and grace. She’s excited to share her insights, experiences, and stories with readers everywhere.

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