Adrak Restaurant

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Phone: +1 (905) 889-8000
Address: 15 Wertheim Ct, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3H7

Richmond Hill is home to Adrak, an upscale restaurant. They serve halal Indian food with a modern twist to the dishes. In this restaurant, you can order takeout, have it delivered, or request catering services. The open kitchen provides a good view of the culinary process. When this place opened in 2014 the owners decided to give their customers a lot of options with their extensive vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu.
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Instagram /@adrakrestaurant
This vibrant lit restaurant is the perfect place to visit for a quiet meal. Many choose this as a date spot because of its modern decor and beautiful lighting. You’ll find potted plants and vases of flowers used as decoration at this store. The dark chairs and bright tables make for a more colourful room setting. If you’d like to visit as a larger group there are booths set up to accommodate everyone at this restaurant.
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We recommend starting off with the aloo tikki. This is a crispy snack made from potatoes and topped with chickpeas, yogurt and tamarind chutney. This dish has a lot of herbs mixed into it to give it a unique flavour. The tamarind chutney adds a tangy taste to this dish. You’ll get 3 of these patties when you order the aloo tikki. While it isn’t very filling, it is the perfect appetizer for any meal.
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Another fun dish to try at this restaurant is the biriyani. You can choose the chicken, lamb or vegetarian biryani here. They are all made with dum-cooked rice meaning this dish is cooked in a slow fire so that the masala flavour really seeps into the dish. The biriyani is served with a side of raita, a savoury yogurt dish with vegetables that helps make the biriyani more creamy and flavourful. We recommend trying this with the lamb biriyani as the chefs really know how to marinate the meat to bring out its natural taste. 
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Enjoy your meal with one of the many drinks served at this restaurant. A favourite here is the Lychee Sangria. This drink is made with fresh fruits, lychee juice, wine and some lychee liqueur. It makes for a fruity drink that is light and refreshing. If you’d like something a little sweeter we recommend trying Lala’s Lassi. This is a creamier drink made with mango lassi Malibu rum and Captain Morgan.
Adrak Restaurant is great because it’s a quiet place to go for some beautifully presented food and a wonderful dining experience. They try to use fresh ingredients in everything, even their marinades are made from scratch.

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