Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens

Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens 1

Phone: +1 (416) 338-4386
Address: 2901 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N 3N8

This Alexander Muir Memorial Garden is named after the famous composer who wrote “The Maple Leaf Forever in 1867. This garden features many walking trails for you to explore the area all year round. You’ll find many herbs and flowers in the area, but the main attractions are the maple leaves. You will find maple leaves being used as decoration throughout the garden to honour the song that it’s named after. This garden also has a ravine, so you can expect many scenic views when you visit.
Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens 4
This oasis is found at 2901 Yonge St. If you choose to drive here, then taking the ON-401 is the fastest route to avoid the traffic. If you rather prefer taking the TTC, then there are subways and buses to take you to the garden. You could take line 1 to Lawrence Station which is a 5 min walk from the garden. Or you can take the 97B bus to Chatsworth Dr which is only a minute away from the garden.
Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens 3
This garden was built in 1933, with a theme focusing on maple leaves, but was later moved in 1951 to make way for the subway yard. People love to visit the garden to admire the roses, and some prefer lounging in the shade of the maple, willow and oak trees in the area. This is a popular photo spot to take pictures with the inspired plaque of the famous song. In fact, you’ll even find couples taking their wedding photos at Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens.
Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens 2
Since this park is near the Northern Ravines, you can explore the extensive trails in the area and take pictures with both the manmade and natural landscape. The trails follow along the Burke Brook and lead to Sherwood park as well. The ravine has a bit of a slope, so it’s best to be careful when exploring the area. Many visit here to hike the area and during the fall is when it’s the busiest because you can witness the changing colour of the leaves.
Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens
Even though this garden has been standing for more than half a century it is very well maintained. Sit on a bench and enjoy some peace and quiet, or visit as a couple in this magical date spot. You get to view a historical place with amazing landscaping and varieties of flowers to enjoy. Visit this garden during any time of the year and be blown away by its beauty.

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