Almond Butterfly

Photo by Mandy Jhagru

Address:100 Harbord St, Toronto
Phone: (416) 792-7994
Instagram: @almondbutterflycafe

Almond Butterfly is a popular bistro in downtown Toronto. However, they also have a separate store for baked goods called “Almond Butterfly Bakeshop & Cafe,” which serves delicious gluten and soy-free baked treats. All their baked goods are freshly baked on the day so that they can be enjoyed at their peak tastiness. Here you will find all kinds of baked-in goods including favourites like cookies, cinnamon buns, muffins, brownies, lava cakes and more. If you’re looking for a trendy little spot for some delicately baked goods and coffee, this place is for you.

Photo by Esther Choi

Inside the bakeshop, you’ll find that the store itself is not that big. However, they still have a decent amount of seating space which can fit around 10 people if you don’t mind sharing a table. The store itself is beautifully designed with the use of wooden accents and tiles, giving it a cozy and warm atmosphere.
Photo by Almond Butterfly
For their baked goods, they offer a variety of flavours, which you will not find in their bistro. Their cupcakes are definitely the stars of the show at this bakery, as many downtown residents flock to this location just to get their hands on some. They offer flavours like chocolate vanilla, strawberry milkshake, chocolate cookie dough, and more.
Photo by Almond Butterfly
On top of that, the cupcakes are beautifully designed, which makes it impossible to not take a photo of them before you eat them. The cupcakes themselves are nice and moist, and the icing is not overly sweet, making them the perfect treat to go along with your coffee.

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