Average Grocery Budget for a Person in Toronto

Understanding the cost of living in a city is essential, particularly when it comes to food and grocery expenses. In Toronto, one of the largest cities in Canada, the cost can be quite significant due to its urban lifestyle. This article aims to break down the average grocery cost for one person in Toronto to help you plan your monthly budget appropriately.

Average Grocery Budget in Toronto: An Overview

Last year’s report predicted an overall food price increase of 5% to 7%. And on average, food cost per person in Canada was approximately $320 per month in 2022

Meanwhile, families in Canada spent an average of $1230.40 per month on food in 2022. However, the expenditure can vary based on factors like location (urban or rural area), frequency of dining out, and types of food consumed. Even the thriftiest eaters typically spend over $170 monthly on groceries. Consequently, we see that food cost has slightly increased over the years – from $192.20 in 2019 to $320 in 2022 – a trend that can be attributed to factors such as rising fuel costs, inflation, and supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insights Into Canada's Food Consumption Trends

Pandemic-related changes have greatly impacted food consumption habits among Canadians. Approximately 62% of Canadians reported that they now dine out less frequently than they did before the pandemic. In an attempt to save money and stay safe, they are cooking more meals at home.

Moreover, 46% of Canadians switched to cheaper and lower-quality brands, while 35% reduced the consumption of essentials such as meat, fruits, and vegetables. The current global crisis placed many Canadians under financial constraints, causing a significant shift in spending habits that may notably change the future food cost per month in Canada.

Tips to Manage Your Grocery Budget in Toronto

While the current food market in Canada might seem demanding, there are ways to save money on your grocery bills. Here are some strategies:

  1. Plan Your Grocery List: Avoid impromptu trips to the supermarket. Instead, plan your shopping in advance by making a list of the things you need and sticking to it.
  2. Shop Sales and Use Coupons: Many stores offer sales or discounts on specific items. Always check flyers or online sales before grocery shopping.
  3. Buy in Bulk: Purchasing larger quantities of pantry staples or frozen foods can offer better value for your money.
  4. Earn Cashback: Many rewards programs or apps offer cashback or reward points for grocery purchases.

Summing Up

Although food costs in Canada seem challenging currently, remember that planning and strategic shopping can help manage these costs effectively, even during these trying times. On average, a Toronto resident may need to budget roughly $320 for monthly grocery expenses. However, by applying the tips shared above, you stand a better chance of keeping your food costs under control.

Quick Takeaways

  • The average monthly grocery cost for one person in Toronto is roughly $320
  • Families in Canada spent an average of $1230.40 a month on food costs in 2022.
  • Planning your grocery list, shopping sales, buying in bulk, and earning cashback are practical strategies to save on grocery expenses.

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