Bamiyan Kabob

bamiyan kabob
Bamiyan Kabob is a casual halal restaurant that serves authentic Afghani cuisines across its several locations throughout the GTA. Bamiyan Kabob is well-known for its kabob dishes that are always freshly prepared and made-to-order. Their kabobs are so good that they’re often raved as having the best kabobs in all of Toronto.
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The space really gives off the feeling that you’re in an Afghani restaurant with its burgundy painted walls and the use of Afhagni tile designs. Throughout the restaurant, you’ll find pictures of Afghani landmarks hanging on the walls which adds to the whole vibe. The restaurant also has plenty of seatings with marble tabletops and cushioned seating. To order, you’ll have to go to the counter, which is also where their menu is. Similar to a fast-food restaurant, you’ll have to pay up-front and collect your meal at the counter once it’s ready.
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Their menu features Afghani classics such as kabobs, wraps, salads, as well as desserts. However, if you come here, you’ve got to try their Famous Kabob Dinners. For kabobs, they have a diverse selection of meats including choppan, half chicken, kofta, barg, tikka, tandoori chicken, grilled salmon, you name it. All their dinners include rice, salad, as well as a huge piece of naan.
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If you are unsure of what to order, their Half Chicken Kabob($13.49) is always a solid choice. This dish comes with half chicken that is marinated in their special seasoning which is to die for. The chicken is always incredibly tender and bursting with flavour. The rice that it’s served with offers a balance to this savoury dish as it’s nice and fragrant with a hint of sweetness. The freshly baked naan is also worth mentioning as it has a nice crispy exterior and a soft and fluffy interior. Make sure to dip it into their spicy sauce if you want an extra kick.
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For dessert and drink, you’ll love their mango lassi. This drink is rich in mango flavour and not too sweet that it becomes overbearing. After a spicy meal, there’s no better way to cool down than with a refreshing mango smoothie that’s made with real mangos!
With food this good, it comes as no surprise that Bamiyan Kabob is considered the #1 Afghani restaurant in Toronto. There’s a reason why they have several locations throughout the GTA, most of which have 1000+ reviews. The food here is always consistent, reasonable in price, and served in huge portions. It’s hard to beat that!

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