Banjara Indian Cuisine

Banjara Indian Cuisine
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Address: 796 Bloor St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 963-9360

Banjara has been the go-to spot for authentic Indian cuisine in Toronto for over a decade. Located at 796 Bloor Street West, just west of Ossington Avenue (across from the TTC). Their menu features a variety of vegetarian options as well as dishes with meat or seafood for those who prefer it so everyone can find something they like! From tandoori chicken to butter paneer masala; they have something for every taste bud!

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The simple dining space is cozy and modest with warm tones and plenty of natural lighting from the many windows surrounding the space and ceiling. The tables are adorned with white tablecloths and the walls are decorated with ornate wall hangings. They also feature a large patio area in the front of the restaurant which is great for when the weather is nice! Banjara Bloor provides a comfortable atmosphere for romantic dinners as well as casual outings with family or friends.
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The menu at Banjara Bloor is incredibly diverse. They serve both North and South Indian cuisine to cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Their prices are very affordable for such wonderful service and quality food! There is something on the menu for everyone.
The butter chicken with naan ($16.50) is a highlight of their menu. This dish is served on a bed of rice and accompanied by a side salad as well as steaming hot naan bread. The curry is creamy and well-spiced; it even has a hint of sweetness to it! The garlic naan can be added for extra flavour and texture – the perfect complement to the dish.
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Another notable dish is beef curry ($16.99). The tender beef is simmered in a delicious curry sauce made with tomato, onion gravy and their own blend of garam masala. The meat itself is always cooked perfectly and packed with flavours. It’s served on top of rice; making it the perfect Indian comfort food!
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For veggies, you can’t go wrong with the tandoori cauliflower ($13.99). The dish is served with a side of yogurt-based sauce that is slightly spicy and wonderfully sour. The cauliflower itself has a wonderful smoky flavour – you can tell they really know how to make it! You can also get this curry with paneer instead of cauliflower if you prefer cheese over veggies.
There are plenty of other vegetarian options available as well! Try the malai kofta ($13.50) or dal makhani ($12.99). The aloo gobi ($11.99) is also a popular choice as well!
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In addition to their delicious menu, Banjara Bloor has an extensive drink list as well. Their wine selection is great and they have a wide range of beers on tap! In addition to their list of wines and beers, they have a great selection of India’s favourite drinks, such as mango lassis and masala chai.
Banjara Bloor is the go-to spot for North and South Indian cuisine in Toronto. With their wide range of vegetarian options, delicious drinks list and comfortable atmosphere, it’s no wonder they have been so successful over the years! Treat yourself to some great food at an affordable price!

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