Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant

As the name implies, Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant brings the flavours of Beijing-style hot pot right to Toronto. At this unassuming AYCE hot pot spot located North York. you will definitely find foods that will exceed your expectations.
Photo by Bill N.

Inside you will find minimalistic decor but still gives off an inviting atmosphere which is ideal for group gatherings, and family dinners. From their marble tables, and comfy seatings, you are sure to have an exceptional dining experience here.

Similar to most AYCE hotpots, after you are seated you will be given a paper with all the menu items on it. The first thing you should do is to select your soup base. They offer five different soup bases from their classic spicy ($8.99) to their tomato soup base ($8.99). They even provide an option to have multiple soups in one pot, with up to 4 soup bases in one pot ($14.99) so experience a new flavour everytime you cook it in a different broth.
Photo by Bill N.
To order your ingredients, you simply have to write down the number of servings of the menu items you want on the little box provided and handed over to the server.
Photo by Tiffany K.
My recommendation is to start off with their meats like AAA beef slices, pork belly, and lamb, as this will further enhance the flavour of the broth after being cooked with the meats. Then move on to their list of seafoods, and finally the veggies.
For an additional cost, you can also try their special menu items. Some of the items might be daunting for some such as frog legs, and duck feet, but it’s definitely worth a try!

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