The 8 Best Anime on Crunchyroll [2023]

Crunchyroll, a renowned hub for anime enthusiasts, has curated an extensive collection of extraordinary series that span across genres, cultures, and emotions. Join us as we explore the cream of the crop, from epic adventures to heartwarming tales, all served on your screen for your viewing pleasure. And if you’re looking for more visually-appealing entertainment, be sure to check out:

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Whether you’re a seasoned otaku or a newcomer to the world of anime, get ready to immerse yourself in a realm of storytelling excellence.


What is Anime?

Anime is a style of animation that originated in Japan and has become a global phenomenon. It encompasses a wide range of animated works, including TV series, films, and web series, characterized by its distinct artistic and storytelling conventions. Here are some key features that define anime:

  • Diverse Genres: Anime covers a broad spectrum of genres, catering to various age groups and interests. 
  • Cultural Themes: Anime frequently incorporates elements of Japanese culture, traditions, and settings. However, it can also explore universal themes and appeal to a global audience.
  • Artistic Style: Anime often features colorful and visually striking artwork, with characters who may have large, expressive eyes and exaggerated facial expressions. The animation style can vary from highly detailed and realistic to more simplistic and stylized.
  • Compelling Storytelling: Many anime series and films are known for their intricate and engaging narratives. They often delve into complex characters, moral dilemmas, and thought-provoking themes.
  • Target Audience: Anime is produced for a wide range of audiences. While some are geared towards children (shonen/shojo), others are intended for teenagers and adults (seinen/josei).
  • Manga Adaptations: A significant portion of anime is adapted from manga, which are Japanese comic books or graphic novels. These adaptations often stay faithful to the source material but may also introduce unique elements.
  • Cultural Impact: Anime has had a profound cultural impact worldwide, with dedicated fan communities, conventions, and a strong influence on art, fashion, and entertainment.

In summary, anime is a diverse and influential form of animation characterized by its unique art style, genre diversity, cultural themes, and compelling storytelling. It has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide and continues to be a significant part of global popular culture.

The Best Anime on Crunchyroll

Now that you know what anime is, let’s delve into our top picks!

1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a gripping and darkly intense anime series available on Crunchyroll that unfolds in a world where humanity is on the brink of extinction. The story centers around Eren Yeager and his friends, who must defend their walled city from colossal humanoid creatures known as Titans. As they uncover shocking secrets about the Titans’ origins and the history of their world, the show explores themes of survival, sacrifice, and the consequences of seeking freedom in a dystopian society.

Show Information:

Genre: Anime, action fiction
Rating: 9.1/10
Cast: Bryce Papenbrook, Yuki Kaji, Trina Nishimura, Jessie James Grelle, Mike McFarland

Audience Review:

“This show holds a special place in my heart as one of my all-time favorites. While nostalgia may contribute to my love for it, I genuinely believe that this series is one of the most brilliantly crafted stories of all time. The journey of the show, from its humble beginnings to its breathtaking conclusion, explores the depths of human instinct, strategy, and personal growth in a truly magnificent way.”

2. One Piece

One Piece, available on Crunchyroll, is a beloved and long-running anime series that follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his diverse crew of pirates as they search for the ultimate treasure known as the One Piece. Set in a vast, vibrant world filled with unique islands and eccentric characters, the show combines action, humor, and epic battles with themes of friendship, freedom, and the pursuit of dreams. With its enduring popularity, One Piece continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling storytelling and memorable characters.

Show Information:

Genre: Adventure
Rating: 8.9/10
Cast: Christopher Sabat, Eric Vale, Luci Christian, Sonny Strait, Mayumi Tanaka

Audience Review:

“One piece hooked me on right from the first episode and I found myself watching 25-30 episodes on my first day and caught up in a month-a month and a 1/2. There was always points where I didn't think it would be able to surpass but the series always proves me wrong.”

3. Undead Murder Farce

Undead Murder Farce, available on Crunchyroll, is a thrilling anime series that blends elements of supernatural horror and detective mystery. The story revolves around a young detective named Chiyuki Makimoto, who teams up with a zombie private investigator, an immortal, and a ghost to solve paranormal mysteries in a city filled with the undead. With its intriguing premise and a mix of supernatural elements, this show offers a unique and engaging twist on the classic detective genre, combining dark humor and supernatural intrigue.

Show Information:

Genre: Detective anime
Rating: 7.9/10
Cast: Taku Yashiro, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Makoto Koichi, Shin-ichiro Miki, Mamoru Miyano

Audience Review:

“The plot is really engaging that I found myself immersed and didn't feel the time passing. The chemistry between the main characters is also another strong selling point for this show. Furthermore, the use of public domain characters was utilized well to drive the story.”

4. One Punch Man

One Punch Man, available on Crunchyroll, is a hilarious and action-packed anime series that follows Saitama, a seemingly ordinary guy who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. Frustrated by his own overwhelming power, Saitama embarks on a quest to find a worthy adversary while joining the Hero Association to battle an array of bizarre villains and monsters. With its satirical take on superhero tropes and jaw-dropping battles, One Punch Man delivers a unique blend of comedy and high-energy action that keeps viewers hooked.

Show Information:

Genre: Superhero Anime
Rating: 8.7/10
Cast: Makoto Furukawa, Kaito Ishikawa, Max Mittelman, Bryce Papenbrook, Robbie Daymond

Audience Review:

“One Punch Man is one of the most incredible shows I've ever seen. Season 1 was absolutely mind blowing. I admit I took a bit of a hiatus before season 2 but season 2 had me jumping on my couch and screaming at the TV!!!”

5. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, available on Crunchyroll, is an upcoming anime series set in the futuristic and dystopian world of Cyberpunk 2077, the acclaimed video game by CD Projekt Red. The show follows a group of mercenary outcasts known as ‘Edgerunners’ as they navigate the gritty and high-tech underbelly of Night City, where cybernetic enhancements and corporate intrigue abound. With its cutting-edge animation, cyberpunk aesthetics, and thrilling narrative, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners promises to deliver a gripping and immersive experience for fans of the cyberpunk genre.

Show Information:

Genre: Cyberpunk
Rating: 8.3/10
Cast: Emi Lo, Zach Aguilar, Giancarlo Esposito, Matthew Mercer, Alejandra Cazarez

Audience Review:

“You don't need to play or even like Cyberpunk 2077 to enjoy this anime. You're definitely going to have fun with the crazy action and get emotional with the well written drama of the anime series.”

6. Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto: Shippuden, available on Crunchyroll, is an anime series that continues the epic journey of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja with dreams of becoming the strongest in his village. As he embarks on a perilous quest to rescue his friend Sasuke Uchiha and protect his village from powerful adversaries, Naruto’s character development, and the complexities of the ninja world take center stage. With its rich storytelling, intense battles, and themes of friendship and perseverance, Naruto: Shippuden is a beloved continuation of the original Naruto series that captivates fans of all ages.

Show Information:

Genre: Action Fiction
Rating: 8.7/10
Cast: Maile Flanagan, Dave Wittenberg, Kate Higgens, Steve Staley, Troy Baker

Audience Review:

“Best series I have ever seen. It is literally impossible to explain what this series is. The tone, the drama, the emotions, one of the best flashbacks ever, epic villains in epic battles. it was magnificent with villains and heroes that truly become legendary!”

7. Black Clover

Black Clover, available on Crunchyroll, is a thrilling and action-packed anime series set in a magical world where two orphaned boys, Asta and Yuno, aspire to become the Wizard King. Despite being born without any magical powers, Asta possesses unwavering determination and a rare anti-magic sword, while Yuno is gifted with extraordinary magical abilities. Their rivalry and adventures within the Clover Kingdom’s magic knight squads form the foundation of this series, filled with battles, magic, and a quest for personal growth, making Black Clover a must-watch for fans of fantasy and shonen anime.

Show Information:

Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: 8.3/10
Cast: Jill Harris, Dallas Reid, Cris George, Micah Solusod, Justin Briner

Audience Review:

“Black Clover is one of the exciting, fun paced and interesting anime i watched recently. No extra stuff, not much filler, only pure story and the anime knows when to make you remember stuff just when you start to forget the characters or the story.”

8. Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead, available on Crunchyroll, is a unique and comedic anime series that follows the life of Akira Tendo, a salaryman who decides to embrace the zombie apocalypse as an opportunity to fulfill his ultimate bucket list. From mundane tasks like visiting a convenience store to more adventurous pursuits, Akira’s journey is filled with humor, absurdity, and unexpected heartwarming moments as he navigates a world overrun by the undead. This lighthearted take on the zombie genre offers a fresh and entertaining perspective on survival and personal growth in the face of an unconventional apocalypse.

Show Information:

Genre: Action, Adventure
Rating: 9/10
Cast: Shuichiro Umeda, Tomori Kusunoki, Makoto Furukawa, Minami Takahashi

Audience Review:

“It's actually really good anime, the story is really epic and you don't get to see that much zombie anime's, not to mention how amazing the animation is!”

FAQs About Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll offers both free and premium subscription plans. With a free Crunchyroll plan, you can access a selection of anime content, although some shows, dubs, and simulcasts may be locked behind a paywall. Advertisements are typically included in the free plan.

Crunchyroll offers several subscription plans after a free two-week trial:

  • The Fan plan costs $7.99 per month.
  • The Mega Fan plan is priced at $9.99 per month.
  • The Ultimate Fan plan, which offers additional benefits, is available for $14.99 per month.
While Crunchyroll boasts a vast and diverse library of anime titles, it does not have every anime ever created. The availability of specific anime series depends on licensing agreements and regional restrictions. Some anime may be available on other streaming platforms or through other means.

Yes, Crunchyroll offers many anime series translated with English dub options in addition to subtitles. The availability of English dubbing may vary depending on the specific anime title and region, so not all shows have dubbed versions. Crunchyroll also offers subtitles in multiple languages for international viewers.

Final Thoughts

Crunchyroll continues to be a haven for anime enthusiasts, offering a diverse array of animated masterpieces that transcend cultural boundaries. So, whether you’re chasing epic battles, heartwarming friendships, or mind-bending mysteries, Crunchyroll has something extraordinary waiting for you. Happy streaming, and may your anime adventures be ever-enthralling!

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