The 13 Best Apple Picking Spots Near Toronto [2023]

With the arrival of Fall in Toronto, a charming escape from the city awaits – a trip to the farm for some classic apple picking! Just beyond the city’s boundaries, an array of family-owned farms boasts a proud heritage of cultivating some of Ontario’s finest apples. 

Say goodbye to your usual supermarket routine and embrace the allure of these top apple-picking havens near Toronto (within 1-2 hours from Toronto)! 

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What Are The Tips For Picking Apples Near Toronto?

Here Are Some Tips For Picking Apples Near Toronto:

  • Check Harvest Times: Different apple varieties have varying harvest times. Research the specific orchard’s website or call ahead to know which types of apples are available and when they’re at their best.
  • Arrive Early: Plan to arrive early in the day to avoid crowds and have a wider selection of apples to choose from.
  • Bring Containers: Some orchards provide bags or baskets for picking, but it’s a good idea to bring your own containers to carry the apples home.
  • Be Gentle: Handle the apple trees and fruit gently to avoid damaging them. Twisting apples off the tree with a slight upward motion is usually the best method.
  • Quality Check: Look for apples that are firm, well-colored, and free from bruises or blemishes. A glossy finish and fresh aroma are good indicators of quality.
  • Follow Rules: Be respectful of the orchard’s rules and guidelines. Stick to designated picking areas and follow any instructions provided by staff.
  • Pay by Weight or Container: Understand the orchard’s pricing structure. Some charge by weight, while others have a fixed fee per container.

Remember, each orchard might have its own unique tips and guidelines, so it’s a good idea to check their website or contact them directly before your visit.

The Best Apple Picking Spots Near Toronto

With the essential apple-picking tips in your pocket, it’s time to venture into the prime apple-picking locations near Toronto!

1) Brantwood Farms

Unearth Brantwood Farms, a cherished family gem spanning a century! Founded in 1905 by Great Great Grandfather James Pate, it’s now a beloved spot known for hospitality and fresh produce. From these roots, it’s grown into a bustling market and a place to revel in apple picking and timeless traditions. Come join this historic journey, celebrating nature’s bounty and Brantwood Farms’ enduring legacy.

Address: 251 Powerline Rd, Brantford, ON N3T 5L8
Phone: +15197594383

2) The Apple Orchard Inc.

Located in Hamilton, you will find a beautiful farm just west of Toronto. Here they have over 10,000 apple and pear trees, where you can go and pick the best ones for yourself. The price of general admission is $7.09 + HST, but there’s an additional cost of $1.89/pound if you decide to go apple picking. They have a wide selection of apples here, including Jona Gold, Red Fuji, Granny Smith’s, and more. The general admissions also include wagon rides, petting zoo, corn maze, walking trails, and more.

Address: 1668 ON-6, Hamilton
Phone: (647) 500-4769

3) Brooks Farms

Explore Brooks Farms – a family-owned heritage since the mid-1800s. Initiated by Edward Brooks, an adventurous Londoner, this farm’s narrative spans over 150 years. From cultivating various crops to diving into strawberries and raspberries, the journey took an enchanting turn with Elvin Brooks and his family. The farm’s evolution continued with rebranding and the iconic Barnyard Bumpkins. Today, visitors gather to relish festivities, homemade delights, and farm-fresh produce!r apple picking starts in September. At this time, you can pick from a variety of apples including Paulared, Ginger Gold, Bubble Gum, and more. Besides apple picking, they also have other fun activities including a corn maze, wagon rides, sunflower fields, and country bakery. This is a great spot for a day of wholesome family fun!

Address: 122 Ashworth Rd, Mount Albert, ON L0G 1M0
Phone: +19054733246

4) Barrie Hill Farms

This is one of the farther locations on the list, as this farm is located at Barrie. With that being said, it’s definitely worth the trip up there if you want an awesome apple picking experience. At this farm, there are all sorts of fruits you can pick including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pumpkins, and of course, apples. The price of their apple-picking starts at $23 a peck, which includes a wagon ride from and to the apple picking site. This is great news, as you don’t have to carry the apples back to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Address: 2935 Barrie Hill Rd, Springwater
Phone: (705) 728-0571

5) Chudleigh’s Entertainment Farm

Located west of Toronto, in Halton Hills. Chudleigh is the perfect nature getaway where you can experience the country life. Here they grow over 22 different kinds of apples including rarer varieties like Tydeman Red, Sunrise, and Creston, which are their exclusives. The farm boasts an impressive 47,500 apple trees across its 60 acres of land. The best time for apple picking here is between September and October, when the apples are at their peak.

Address: 9528 Regional Rd 25, Milton
Phone: (905) 878-2725

6) Maple Grove Orchards

Discover the delightful Maple Grove Orchards, a haven for apple-picking enthusiasts and families seeking a fun-filled farm adventure! Nestled in the heart of nature, this farm beckons visitors to immerse themselves in the joy of picking from a wide array of apple varieties that cater to every palate, from tart to sweet. For an authentic farm experience, hop on the tractor and wagon rides that take you through the lush orchards, offering stunning views and cherished memories. With Maple Grove Orchards, you’re guaranteed a day of laughter, bonding, and fresh produce that will leave you coming back for more!

Address: Clarington, ON L1C 3K4
Phone: +19052619884

7) Fletcher Fruit Farms

Step into a world of apple-picking bliss at Fletcher Fruit Farms, where a legacy of 150 years of farming excellence awaits you. Brenda and Kevin Fletcher, the fourth-generation custodians of this idyllic farm, have nurtured a haven of over twenty apple varieties and seven pear kinds across their 83 acres on Fletcher Road in Hannon. So, come and experience the true essence of farm-to-table freshness at Fletcher Fruit Farms and take home not just apples but cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

Address: 1040 Fletcher Rd, Hannon, ON L0R 1P0
Phone: +19056923012

8) The Apple Orchard Inc.

Prepare to be captivated by the idyllic agricultural charm of rural Ontario when you step into The Apple Orchard. Their vast landscape, adorned with over 10,000 apple and pear trees, beckons families to indulge in a year-round farm adventure. Expert staff members are readily available to guide you through their array of offerings and activities. From the simple joy of apple and pumpkin picking to delightful wagon rides and strolls through sunflower fields, The Apple Orchard offers a medley of wholesome experiences for all ages. 

Address: 1668 Hwy 6, Hamilton, ON L8N 2Z7
Phone: +16475004769

9) The Big'r Apple Farm

Photo by Weizhong Tang
This family-owned farm in Brampton is a great place to explore as they have a huge piece of land, with many different fruits and vegetables grown here, including green beans, bell peppers, apples, strawberries, you name it. The entrance to this farm is free, but if you want to do some apple picking, you’ll need to pay for a bag. The prices are quite reasonable as you can get 20lbs worth of apples for just $20!

Address: 8674 Heritage Rd, Brampton
Phone: (647) 929-5408

10) Applewood Farm

Applewood’s is a family-owned farm and winery located in Stouffville. They are known for their award-winning fruit wines made from the fruits harvested on the farm. Their apple picking starts in September and runs until the end of October. Here you can pick all kinds of apples including McIntosh, Cortland, Honey Gold, and many others. The admission to the farm is $12 per person, and they charge for apple picking by the bag. So make sure to fill your bags to the brim to get your money’s worth!

Address: 12416 McCowan Rd, Whitchurch-Stouffville
Phone: (905) 640-5357

11) Pine Farms Orchard

Located less than an hour away, this family-owned farm located in King City has been in business since 1942. They are known for their freshly grown apples which you can pick from August to October. Here you will find all kinds of apples including Melba, Paula Red, Ginger Gold, Royal Gala, and more. The admission cost is $5/person, but free for children 2 and under. Additionally, the cost of picking is by weight at $1.99/lb.

Address: 2700 16th Sideroad, King City
Phone: (905) 833-5459

12) Watson Farm Market

Watson Farm Market is located in Oshawa, on the east of Toronto. At this local farm, depending on the season, you can pick your own strawberries, peas, raspberries, pears, squash, apples, and more. The apples you can get here are plump, round, and delicious – definitely better than the ones at your local supermarket. The farm is located on a large open field, which makes a great family outing spot for fun outdoor activities.

Address: 2287 Durham Regional Hwy 2, Bowmanville
Phone: (905) 623-9109

13) Pingle's Farm Market

If you drive an hour east from downtown Toronto, you’ll reach Pingle’s, a huge farm where you can pick-your-own apples, strawberries, pumpkins, and more. With over 148 acres of land, you’ll have no trouble spending an entire day here. For $30, you can pick up to 20lb worth of apples. This is on the pricier end, but it also includes other fun activities like their corn maze, wagon rides, and playland.

Address: 1805 Taunton Rd, Hampton
Phone: (905) 725-6089

FAQs About Picking Apples

When selecting apples, look for those that are firm, well-colored, and devoid of any bruises or blemishes. Opt for apples with a glossy appearance and a fresh aroma. Gently try twisting or lifting the apple – if it separates from the tree easily, it’s most likely ripe and ready to be picked.
The prime apple-picking season is during late summer through early fall, typically spanning from August to October. However, the exact timing can vary based on the apple variety and local climate conditions. It’s a good idea to check with the orchard for precise information about their harvest schedule.
To pick apples, hold the apple in your hand and gently twist it upwards with a steady and careful motion. If the apple offers resistance, it might not be fully ripe yet. On the other hand, if the apple easily detaches from the tree, it’s likely ripe and ready to be harvested. Be sure not to pull forcefully, as this could harm the tree.
After being picked, most apple varieties can last between 1 to 3 months when stored in a cool, well-ventilated, and dark environment. To ensure their freshness, keep an eye on the apples and use any that show signs of spoilage first to prevent them from affecting the rest.

Final Thoughts

And that concludes our roundup of the finest apple picking destinations near Toronto. With these choices, you’re bound to pluck the most scrumptious apples. If you enjoyed this guide, don’t miss out on exploring our other articles covering all things Toronto-related. Happy picking!

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