11 Best Armenian Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto has the second-largest Armenian community in Canada, with around 21,710 residents. The Armenian community has contributed to the diverse Toronto community with its distinct music, dancing, and cuisine style. One of Toronto’s numerous cultural culinary alternatives is Armenian food. Armenian cuisine is one of Toronto’s many cultural culinary options, if you love fresh, vegetable-rich food, Armenian cuisine is a must-try.
Here are the best Armenian food spots in Toronto you can visit today.

1) Lavash Restaurant

Lavash is an Armenian restaurant situated at 2746 Victoria Park Ave that provides cold Mezzeh, beef and chicken wraps, kebabs, and a variety of salad dishes such as Tabbouleh, fattoush, and unique Armenian salads topped with herb, spices, oil, and sumac. With the restaurant ambience of clean, spacious decor and elegant eating rooms, their cuisine caters to both vegan and non-vegan diners.

2) Mamajoun

Mamajoun is an Armenian pizzeria in Scarborough, located at 209 Ellesmere Rd. Here you’ll find Greek-Roman-inspired pizza, Choereg, Kekhke, and the finest Manakeesh in town! They create their dough fresh every day with natural ingredients prepared from scratch, then top it with handcrafted toppings and Armenian Soujouk to distinguish each of their pizzas from the others on the menu.

3) Armenian Bistro

ARMENIAN BISTRO, located at 5487 Dundas St West, serves a freshly prepared Armenian burrito, chicken Kiev, Khinkali, Chiburek, Shashlik, kebab, salads, soups, and much more. Here you will find a clean and comfortable place to eat as well as an excellent opportunity to taste the mouth-watering Armenian cuisine.

4) Armenian Kitchen Restaurant

Located at 1646 Victoria Park Ave in North York, Armenian Kitchen Restaurant is a restaurant where you can enjoy Armenian delicacies such as Foule, Kubbeh, Labneh, Shawarma and many more in their cozy and comfortable dining rooms.

5) Ani Ristorante

Another Armenian restaurant hidden gem in Toronto, Ani Ristorante, is located at 1450 Clark Ave W. Their restaurant can accommodate small groups, but they also have a private room where parties and group events can be held. Delicious appetizers including Kufta, Tanapour, Khash, and filling entrees such as kebab, Dolma, Khashlama, and others are all found at this location. Make sure to stop by and check out their delightful Armenian cuisines and their inviting atmosphere.

6) Antos restaurant

Antos restaurant, an Armenian Mediterranean restaurant, is located at 1352 Kennedy Rd in Scarborough. This restaurant serves various colourful and flavorful Armenian dishes prepared by chef Antos, who uses just the right amount of cooking herbs and spices to give each dish a distinct flavour while exceeding customer service expectations. Antos restaurant offers a diverse menu that includes Kebab, Shish Tawook, salads, and unique Mediterranean appetizers, all of which are of excellent quality and quantity you will love and enjoy.

7) Mayrik

Mayrik is another Armenian middle eastern restaurant that serves a variety of Armenian dishes. This fantastic restaurant has a location in Toronto at 1580 Bayview Avenue. They feature an excellent selection of appetizers and main courses, including Armenian pizza, baba ganoush, Mante, and many more, all of which can be served with Armenian wine. The word Mayrik means “mother,” in Armenian, and the restaurant’s service and quality reflect this. Mayrik’s interiors are incredibly appealing, clean, and large, with white ceilings, wooden flooring, and walls that give it a stylish and warm atmosphere that you won’t want to miss.

8) Laras Restaurant

Laras Restaurant is a Middle Eastern eatery that specializes in authentic Middle Eastern and Armenian cuisine. This restaurant is located at 155 Consumers Rd #106 in North York. If you are planning an event, whether it is a wedding reception or a group gathering, the restaurant can accommodate your demands and provide exceptional service and banquet facilities.

9) Aleppo Kebab

Aleppo Kebab is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves meals with a combination of Armenian and Syrian flavours to give you a taste of Armenian cuisine. This restaurant can be found at 1960 Lawrence Ave E in Scarborough. Here you find kebab, Sujuk Beef, falafel and many more served with tasty rice and salad dishes.

10) Ararat International Fine Foods

Ararat International Foods, situated at 1800 Avenue Rd in North York, is a gourmet grocery shop with many ready-to-go traditional Armenian foods, including baba ganoush, flatbreads, and other items.

11) Byblos restaurant

Byblos restaurant, situated at 11 Duncan St. in Toronto, is a Middle Eastern and North African fusion restaurant where you can get delectable Mediterranean food like Manti dumplings, Kebab, Sujuk pide, and a variety of other meals from their extensive menu. They offer a wonderfully clean and stylish dining room with a pleasant ambiance perfect for dining with family or friends.


Armenian cuisine is one of the most delicious ways to include fresh, flavorful meat and veggies into your meal. Their delectable cuisine is filling, tasty and appealing to the eye, whether you are vegan or not. For your next meal adventure in Toronto, check out the Armenian food spots listed above.