Best Authentic Indian Food in Toronto

Now, maybe you’ve been wondering what’s a good place to satisfy that inner crave for something extra delicious? Maybe you want something spicy and flavourful or sweet and tasty that will make you come back again and again. Ever tried authentic Indian food? The one thing that authentic Indian has that Western food doesn’t have is that its flavours are in perfect proportions to their specific meals. However, our friends from the South East have brought across unique spices that have a special taste and aroma. Let’s take some time to celebrate the beauty and tradition that Indian culture has brought to us here in Toronto. Here are the 12 top authentic Indian places you would be dying to go to:

1) Leela Indian Food Bar

Located on 3108 Dundas Street West, and other locations in High Park, Junction, Roncesvalles, Parkdale, Etobicoke and Peel, Leela’s is considered the best traditional Indian restaurant in Toronto. With spices from varying parts of India, Leela’s food tops quality, presentation and taste.

2) Little India Restaurant

At 255 Queen Street West, Little India serves some of the finest and flavourful tastes originating from varying parts of India, including their butter chicken, madras chicken and Tikka masala. This family run business has been up and running since 1995 and you can even taste the exotic family ingredients added to the menu. Come and try their Dosa special for Buy 1, Get 1 50% off.

3) Kothur Indian Cuisine

Kothur on 649 Yonge Street offers a relaxed space for family and friends to indulge in the rich spices and flavorful tastes of India. Want more? Try some of their South Indian specials or even their Chicken Chettinad, Veg Samosas or Rice Delights. They even have fresh and healthy quick bites if you’re up for a munch.

4) Banjara Bloor

Located at 796 Bloor Street West, Banjara Bloor offers a spacious and casual space that invites people of all kinds to come and embrace the Indian culture through some healthy and appetizing options! From meat delights, to seafood delights and vegetarian dishes, Banjara has it all.

5) Aanch

Aanch is one of the Indian eateries where traditional Indian fuses with modern Toronto. Aanch prides themselves as a pot-full playground where unique blends and cultural expressions are whisked into creation.

6) Aroma Fine Indian Cuisine

At 287 King Street West, Aroma Fine Indian is now open for patio dining! Aroma is also offering 20% off on all pick up orders in light of the lockdown-season. And, for the very first time, they are also offering Beer and Wine for take-out. Take advantage of these exclusive deals to enjoy your exquisite Indian experience.

7) Lageez Authentic Indian Cuisine

At this Indian restaurant, North Indian cuisine is at its finest. Chef Vishu’s 30+ years of experience in cooking in some of the world’s finest Indian restaurants, since the age of 16, will bring to your palettes only the best. Fresh ingredients are sourced from local farmers’ markets and quality is the peak of priority, where at the end, you’re only going to be wanting more…Lageez.

8) Kamasutra Fine Indian Restaurant & Banquets

Perfect for a little honeymoon escapade or romantic getaway, indulge in the sensual experience of Kamasutra. This cozy little restaurant boasts elegance at its finest. All North Indian foods are Arab and Persian influenced, so sauces and broth are creamier and heavier which perfectly compliment roti, naan and bhatura, just to name a few. Cravings are fully satisfied and the dining experience is at its highest.

9) Pukka

At 778 St. Clair Avenue West, Pukka puts a modern twist to traditional Indian style. They offer family style sharing plates with full-size flavours. This restaurant is the perfect fit for its purpose – a restaurant brimming with character and an energetic and engaging flow matches the decadent yet light taste that ignites the palette.

10) Bhoj Indian Cuisine

This Indian cuisine that values itself on respect, teamwork and hospitality, sizes up to some amazing treats! They offer anything Indian for everyone – try some of their gourmet appetizers, their curry-veg or non-veg, or bread and rice with something sweet on the side.

11) Roti Cuisine of India

Roti Cuisine has been in the business since 2010 – so you know they know their stuff! They aim to give customers that authentic Indian experience by their specialty of mixing unique flavours traditional to Indian Cuisine in a customized Roti-oriented milieu. They also aim for their benefactors to embrace the medicinal impact of mixing Indian masala flavours used for cooking.

12) The Great Maratha

Situated on 965 Eglinton Avenue West, The Great Maratha’s in-house is elegantly polished and close-knit, perfect for family and friends. They offer enticing curries, a sizzler plate, an option of seafood, veg, rice, bread or one of their delicious TGM Chef’s Signatures. </span.
Hungry yet? Now you know some of the top-notch places to visit if you’re feeling a bit down and need something to spice up your life!