11 Best Barbershops in Toronto

Everyone needs a haircut, whether you go every 6 months or every 6 weeks it’s good to know which barbershops in Toronto are worth the trip. Don’t get stuck with a haircut you don’t like with a price you don’t want to pay. Instead, check out our list of the best barbershops in Toronto
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11) Crows Nest Barbershop

This barbershop opened in 2010 and continues to offer amazing barber cuts, beard trims and clean shaves. The haircuts they give show that the barbers really took their time to hone the craft. They are very meticulous with their work and won’t take off more from your hair than asked. Book an appointment today and get excellent results. You’ll get a cut that’s on point.

Address: 2 Kensington Avenue Toronto, ON M5T 2J7
Phone: (647) 346-4333

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10) Imperium Barbershop

Whether you’re looking for a haircut for a kid or an adult this is the place to go. This shop opened in 2016 and has gained its loyal following through their barbers going above and beyond to give their customers the perfect haircut. The secret is all in the precision. This shop also won the Customer Choice Award for 2019 and 2020. You simply can’t go wrong with their haircuts. You’ll get the look you want.

Address: 423 Queen Street W Unit 105 Toronto, ON M5V 2A5
Phone: (647) 348-9393

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9) Mi Hermano Barbershop

This barbershop opened in 2015 with the goal of providing as many fresh haircuts as possible. Their shop uses vintage decor to give it a more welcoming feel. You can get great cuts for reasonable prices here. The range is from $35 – $75. Their services vary but you can rest assured that whatever you pick will be done well with some flair. The barbers here can even take long and shaggy hair and turn it into a stylish cut.

Address: 293 A Harbord Street Toronto, ON M6G 1G7
Phone: (647) 748-6266

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8) Gents Barbershop

This full-service barbershop does everything from haircuts, beard trim, shaves, shampooing and even threading. They boast a team with years of experience in the haircut industry. The barbers are friendly and at every step, they’ll check in with you to see whether you’re satisfied with the haircut. They’re also more than willing to suggest haircut styles if you’re not sure what you’d like to do to your hair.

Address: 879 Bay Street Toronto, ON M5S 3K6
Phone: (416) 962-8080

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7) Throne Barbershop

This shop offers some great services. They do everything from styling to grooming so that you can get the look you want. Throne Barbershop opened in 2013 looking to use their skills to help their customers maintain a polished appearance. This is a store you can rely on. It’s easy to get an appointment here plus the prices are very reasonable. The barbers work extremely fast and they really know their stuff.

Address: 399 Yonge Street Unit 2 Toronto, ON M5B 1S8
Phone: (647) 748-4425

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6) Boyd’s Barbershop

Boyd’s Barbershop opened in 2016 and specializes in men’s hair care. The services they offer include haircuts, fades, head design, beard care, shaves and more. The quality and care they take are amazing. They listen to what you want and make it happen. They do a great fade here and the barbers really understand different hairstyles and how different products will affect your hair. The barbers are always up to date with the latest trends to keep you always looking fresh.

Address: 5 Carlton Street Toronto, ON M5B 1L2
Phone: (647) 351-2693

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5) The Nite Owl Barber Shop

This barbershop has been open since the late 1940s. The main draw to this shop is the originality of the decor and excellent service. The barbers are passionate about their craft and it shows with their haircuts. This shop is a hidden gem in Toronto with great quality. Brian the proprietor of this shop has been featured in the New York Times, the National Post and other international papers for his amazing haircuts and expertise.

Address: 3397 Lakeshore Road Toronto, ON M8W 1N2

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4) Town Barber

This place makes sure you’re well taken care of. The vibe here makes you instantly feel welcome. It has a retro interior with bar stools for people to wait on. The whole team is fantastic, everyone’s very polite and super fun to talk to. The barbers here are artists. If you give them a rough description of what you want, they can give you the look you’ve imagined. You can trust anyone in the shop to transform your hair into a masterpiece.

Address: 1114 Dundas Street W Toronto, ON M6J 1X2
Phone: (416) 399-3499

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3) Axe and Hatchet

Axe and Hatchet opened in 2014 with skilled barbers and a great vibe. A shop that provides excellent services whether you’re looking for clean-ups or line-ups. They do their service quickly without sacrificing quality. You don’t need to have a haircut picked out. The barbers are more than willing to go over hair design suggestions with you until you pick out something that you’re interested in. They will never rush and will give you the perfect trim.

Address: 101 Yorkville Avenue Suite 12B Toronto, ON M5R 1C1
Phone: (416) 901-3634

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2) RendezVous

Here you’ll find talented barbers who pay attention to detail. They offer services such as facial threading, haircuts, trims and waxing. The shop is very chill and the barbers do an amazing job with any requested haircut style. RendezVous gives excellent service at great prices. They take their time to give haircuts that their customers would be satisfied with. The barbers listen and put in the effort to make it a good experience.

Address: 2078 Lawrence Ave E Unit A, Scarborough, ON M1R 2Z4
Phone: +1 (416) 285-1644

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1) The Barber Shop

This family-owned barbershop opened in the 1980s. Their barbers have experience in the UK, Ireland, Turkey and Brooklyn. The Barbershop offers interesting services alongside their haircuts and trims including Turkish ear hair removal and Turkish Hot Towel Shaves. Their experience working in other countries means you’ll have a wider selection of styles to choose from. You’ll always walk out the door feeling confident with your haircut.

Address: 791 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON M5S 1Z5
Phone: (416) 551-1323

The Barbershops in Toronto are:

With so many barbershops to choose from, your perfect haircut is just one call away. Take advantage of these services and make sure to try something new for your next visit. Check out our other blogs to learn more about other exciting things in Toronto.

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