The 5 Best Chimney Repair Companies in Toronto [2023]

Who do you call when your Toronto chimney needs fixing? Look no further! We’re about to introduce you to the best chimney repair companies in Toronto. They’re the experts who can make sure your chimney stays strong and keeps the city’s history intact. Let’s discover these top-notch chimney pros!

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What Is The Cost Of Chimney Repair In Toronto?

The cost of chimney repair in Toronto can vary widely depending on the extent of the damage, the type of repair needed, and the specific contractor you hire. Here’s a rough estimate of common chimney repair costs in Toronto:
Type of Chimney Repair Estimated Cost Range
Chimney Cleaning $100 – $250
Chimney Cap Replacement $200 – $500
Tuckpointing (Mortar Repair) $500 – $1,500
Chimney Crown Repair $300 – $800
Chimney Flue Repair $500 – $1,500
Chimney Liner Replacement $1,000 – $3,000
Chimney Rebuild $1,500 – $5,000+
Please note that these are rough estimates, and the actual cost can vary based on factors like the size and height of the chimney, the materials used, and the contractor’s labor charges.

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The Best Chimney Repair Companies in Toronto

Why wait? Let’s discover Toronto’s top chimney repair companies and get your chimney fixed in no time!

1. Twin Chimney Repair & Service

Twin Chimney Repair & Service is your trusted partner for all things chimney-related. From installation and repairs to renovations, they prioritize safety, functionality, and aesthetics. With their unmatched expertise, attention to detail, and customer-centric approach, they exceed expectations in every project. Their experienced team ensures top-notch results, with meticulous craftsmanship that stands the test of time. 

They provide timely and dependable solutions, guaranteeing the safety and functionality of your chimney. Your satisfaction is their priority, and they tailor their services to your needs, keeping you informed and involved throughout the process!

Business Information:

Phone: +16476968964
Address: 77 Bloor St W., #684, Toronto, ON M5S 1M2

Customer Review:

“Peter did a great job working on my chimney, he showed up on time, his workmanship was top notch and the final price was in line with his estimate. I would use Peter again for repairs and work needed at my home. He was great with our dogs as well. I definitely call him to take care of your chimney issues”

2. SVD Restoration

Discover the difference with SVD Restoration Concrete Contracting, your top choice for quality concrete services in Toronto! Our experienced team specializes in tailored solutions to protect and maintain your concrete structures in the face of harsh weather conditions. From expert repairs to comprehensive restoration, we’ve got you covered. 

With a local presence and a commitment to client satisfaction, trust SVD Restoration for exceptional results in every project. Contact us today and experience the excellence of our Toronto-based concrete contractors!

Business Information:

Phone: +16475595814
Address: 2532 Lake Shore Blvd W, #48, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1E4

Customer Review:

“Svd Restoration just completed underpinning on our 1980's home and they did an excellent job. The service was professional, quick, and of great quality. Vasyl was responsive to any questions and they worked extremely efficiently. He was excellent on the management side of things, and answered all of my concerns. The cost was also very competitive compared to other quotes I received.”

3. A1 Quality

A1 Quality Chimney Repair & Cleaning has been the go-to chimney service provider in Toronto and the GTA for almost 40 years. As recipients of the Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence in chimney services for 2012, 2013, and 2015, and consecutive Homestars “Best Of” Awards for the past four years, their expertise is unmatched. 

They specialize in chimney cleaning, maintenance, repair, and rebuilds, serving a diverse range of heating appliances in thousands of homes. With a strong commitment to professionalism, integrity, and top-tier customer service, A1 Quality Chimney ensures your safety and warmth, making them the premier choice for all your chimney needs!

Business Information:

Phone: +14162316560
Address:48 Fieldway Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z 3L2

Customer Review:

“Talk about efficient!!! Owen came, repaired and inspected my houses chimney stack and flue. Definitely demonstrates Strong Customer Service Principles, would recommend highly. Thank you for your service, I truly appreciate the piece of mind you gave me. Obviously you put your customers safety FIRST!!”

4. Wilkens

Wilkens Masonry, a licensed and insured family-owned company, has been serving Toronto and Hamilton homeowners for over 40 years. They specialize in masonry repairs, chimney restoration, fireplace refurbishment, tuckpointing, and brick restoration. 

Their commitment to excellent customer service and craftsmanship has earned them referrals and repeat clients. Contact them for a free estimate at 416-425-8055 or 416-423-5099, and experience trusted masonry expertise!

Business Information:

Phone: +14164258055
Address: 30 Canvarco Rd #5, East York, ON M4G 1L3, Canada

Customer Review:

“We hired Wilkens to fix some brickwork around our garage door that had broken apart from ice buildup. We were happy with the quote and the work was complete within a few weeks. Cameron and Clark were not only courteous and very pleasant, they did an excellent job patching up the broken brick, perfectly matching the mortar lines with the original part of the wall. We can't even tell there was a repair! Thank you Wilkens Contracting for a job well done. Highly highly recommend this company! I am sure we will be back for the next job.”

5. The Friendly Mason

The Friendly Mason is your trusted full-service masonry company serving Toronto and the GTA. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, they deliver high-quality workmanship while staying within budget and adhering to timelines. Originally from rural Ireland, their founder, Kevin, brought his passion for construction and masonry to Canada. 

After working alongside some of the city’s finest masons, he recognized the need for honest, high-quality work to address the challenges posed by weather and erosion in the city!

Business Information:

Phone: +16477243915
Address: 8 Eglinton Ave E Suite 4305, Toronto, ON M4P 0C1

Customer Review:

“The work performed by The Friendly Mason on my driveway, front and back steps, and patios was superb. Seeing the amount of hard work and precision that goes into pouring cement was a pleasant surprise, and the finished product is a stunning.”

FAQs About Chimney Repair Companies

Common chimney problems include creosote buildup, cracked or deteriorated masonry, damaged chimney caps, and flue blockages.
Fixing a chimney is very important, as neglecting chimney issues can lead to safety hazards, increased energy costs, and structural damage.
Ideally, spring or summer is the best time for chimney repair when demand is lower, but repairs can be done year-round if necessary.
You can determine if your chimney is damaged by checking for visible cracks, efflorescence, water stains, rust, deteriorated mortar joints, spalling bricks, foul odors, creosote buildup, or draft issues. If any of these signs are present, it’s crucial to seek professional inspection and repair to maintain safety and functionality.


To sum it up, Toronto has some great chimney repair options. Each of these top five companies has its strengths, like experience, technology, affordability, sustainability, or comprehensive services. Your pick depends on what you need. They’re all here to keep your home safe and cozy!

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