The 12 Best Chinese Restaurants in Downtown Toronto [2023]

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Toronto, renowned for its cultural diversity, has long been a melting pot of culinary experiences, and when it comes to Chinese cuisine, the options are truly endless. Downtown Toronto especially, as it is home to Toronto’s Chinatown– a place full of talented chefs and delicious meals! 

From traditional dim sum houses steeped in history to contemporary eateries pushing the boundaries of hot pot, we have scoured every nook and cranny of the city to bring you the absolute best. 

We always put our utmost effort into finding these spots so you can make informed decisions, so make your life easier and consider checking out our other pieces on delicious meals in the city!

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So, loosen your belts, sharpen your chopsticks, and let’s embark on this unforgettable expedition through the 12 Best Chinese Restaurants in Downtown Toronto!

What are the Best Items to Order at a Chinese Restaurant?

When dining at a Chinese restaurant, the menu can often be extensive and overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the cuisine. But menu items that leave a majority of customers satisfied are as follows::

  • Dim Sum: Steamed or fried dumplings, spring rolls, and more.
  • Kung Pao Chicken: Spicy chicken with peanuts and chili peppers.
  • Peking Duck: Crispy duck served with pancakes and hoisin sauce.
  • Hot and Sour Soup: Spicy and tangy soup with mushrooms and tofu.
  • Mapo Tofu: Soft tofu in a fiery sauce with minced meat.
  • Chow Mein: Stir-fried noodles with vegetables and meat or shrimp.
  • Sweet and Sour Pork: Crispy pork in a sweet and tangy sauce.
  • Fried Rice: Stir-fried rice with eggs, vegetables, and meat or shrimp.
  • Ma Po Eggplant: Soft eggplant in a flavorful sauce (vegetarian).
  • Sesame Chicken: Crispy chicken in a sweet sesame sauce.
  • Egg Drop Soup: Comforting soup with beaten eggs.
  • Shrimp with Garlic Sauce: Stir-fried shrimp in a savory garlic sauce.

Of course, these are just a few examples, and Chinese cuisine offers a vast array of dishes to suit various tastes and preferences. Exploring different dishes and trying new flavors is all part of the fun when dining at a Chinese restaurant!

The Best Chinese Restaurants in Downtown Toronto

Now that you know what to order, let’s dive into the Best Chinese Restaurants in Downtown Toronto!

1) New Ho King

New Ho King is a classic spot for late-night Chinese food in Chinatown. Unlike most restaurants, this place opens in the late afternoon at 5:30 pm and closes in the late evening at 3:00 a.m. Here they serve hearty Chinese cuisine such as noodles, rice, chop suey, seafood and more. All the dishes are reasonably priced and served in large portions. One of the go-to favourites is the salt & pepper wings which are always perfectly seasoned and crispy.

Address: 410 Spadina Ave.,Toronto
Phone: (416) 595-1881

2) Wah Too Seafood Restaurant

This unassuming seafood eatery is located by University & Dundas St E, near the St.Patrick subway station. As the name suggests, this place specializes in Chinese seafood cuisine including an assortment of crab, shrimp, fish, and squid dishes. The lobster is a must-try when you visit, as they can pretty much cook it any way you want it. The chilli shrimp and lobster are favourite among locals, with some even making their way from Pickering to have a taste.

Address: 58 Centre Ave, Toronto
Phone: (416) 971-6567

3) New Sky Restaurant

New Sky is a Chinese bistro that serves delicious Cantonese dishes in Chinatown by Spadina. Their storefront may not look the most enticing, but I can guarantee you the quality of food is definitely up there. If you’re looking for something that’s healthy and delicious, the steam fish is a great option. The fish is fresh and it’s packed with flavour from the seafood soy sauce and green onions. But be careful, as this dish contains many tiny bones.

Address: 353 Spadina Ave., Toronto
Phone: (416) 596-8787

4) King's Noodle Restaurant

You probably walked past this place if you’ve been to Chinatown in Toronto. You can easily recognize this place by the alluring barbecued meats that are displayed by the window at the storefront. You cannot get enough of the roasted duck here, similar to the Peking duck, the skin is crispy and the meat inside is moist and juicy. Pair that with a bowl of rice and you’ll have yourself a great meal.

Address: 296 Spadina Ave., Toronto
Phone: (416) 598-1817

5) Hong Shing Chinese Restaurant

This is one of the newer Chinese restaurants, but it has quickly become one of the best places for Chinese food downtown. This casual Chinese eatery serves up delicious Chinese cuisine from classic egg fried rice to hot pot. The servers here are on the younger side compared to most Chinese restaurants you’d find, which gives the place a more energetic vibe. As for the food, you can’t go wrong with their chilli chicken with crispy noodles which are always prepared fresh, addictively spicy, and with a hint of sweetness to balance everything out.

Address: 195 Dundas St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 977-3338

6) Rol San

Rol San is a popular Chinese restaurant that’s known for its all-day dim sum. This humble eatery serves Chinese food without the frills. Everything here comes out quick and steaming hot and most importantly delicious. Besides dim sums, they also offer classical Chinese dishes such as the Sizzling Chicken Hot Plate. This is a delicious Chinese comfort food with tender chicken and hearty black bean sauce that is served on a sizzling hot plate. It has a nice bit of kick to it, and the sizzling hot plate gives it a nice smoky flavour.

Address: 323 Spadina Ave., Toronto
Phone: (416) 977-1128

7) Swatow Restaurant

Swatow has been serving traditional Chinese cuisine for over 20 years in Chinatown. Even today, their food remains consistent and still holds their place as one of the best Chinese restaurants in all of Toronto. The dishes here are always prepared fresh (not to mention fast) and packed with flavour. They’re known for their stir-fry dishes such as the Cantonese-Style Fried Noodles, which are simply out of this world. This is a great spot for a late-night snack and is a popular gathering spot amongst locals in the area.

Address: 309 Spadina Ave.,Toronto
Phone: (416) 977-0601

8) House Of Gourmet

House of Gourmet is a simple Hong Kongese restaurant in Chinatown. This is a great casual spot for a quick bite of some delicious Chinese food. The food here is nothing fancy. Just simple and delicious Chinese food at fair prices (just the way it should be). One of their specialties is the Crispy Ginger Beef. This dish is always perfectly seasoned and goes extremely well with a bowl of white rice. This place is often packed, but with their quick services, you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Address: 484 Dundas St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 217-0167

9) Yueh Tung Restaurant

Yeuh Tung is one of the best spots to grab Hakka Chinese food. Here you will find an extensive selection of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. Highly recommend getting the Chili Chicken. This dish comes with tender chicken that’s drenched in an addicting chilli sauce that has the perfect amount of spice without being too overpowering. If you’re a vegetarian, the Chili Tofu is also a great option if you are looking for a vegetarian dish with similar flavour profiles.

Address: 126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON
Phone: (416) 977-0933

10) Dumpling House Restaurant

Dumpling House is one of the favourite spots among locals for delicious dumplings. Here you can get freshly made dumplings fried or steamed, with many filling options such as pork shrimp or veggies. Besides dumplings, they also serve hearty rice and noodles dishes to go along with their dumplings. The pan-fried dumpling is one of our favourites as it’s nice and crispy on the outside, and as you take a bite you’ll be exposed to a world of flavour.

Address: 328 Spadina Ave., Toronto
Phone: (416) 596-8898

11) Mother's Dumplings

Mother’s Dumpling is a mom & pop restaurant on Spadina that serves handmade dumplings using their very own family recipes. It’s not an overstatement to say that they have one of the best dumplings in all of Toronto. One of the favourites here is the Pork and Chive Steamed Dumplings. This savoury ball of delight is so good that you can easily finish a plate by yourself. The skin has the perfect amount of thickness, and it has a generous amount of fillings. Best of all, you can see the dumplings being prepared fresh by hand in their kitchen.

Address: 421 Spadina Ave., Toronto
Phone: (416) 217-2008

12) Liuyishou Hotpot Downtown Toronto

A hotpot haven in the heart of the city, Liuyishou Hotpot delights diners with its authentic Chinese hotpot experience. With a variety of simmering broths and premium ingredients, this interactive and communal dining spot guarantees a memorable culinary journey that celebrates the true essence of Chinese cuisine. If you haven’t tried hot pot before, what are you waiting for! Visit them today!

Address: 254 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2C2
Phone: (416) 777-1682

FAQs About Chinese Restaurants

Yes, many of these Chinese restaurants in downtown Toronto provide takeout and delivery services. In response to the changing dining landscape, they have adapted to offer their delectable dishes for enjoyment in the comfort of your home. Check their websites or food delivery apps for more information.
Absolutely! Chinese restaurants are known for their warm hospitality and family-oriented dining experiences. Families with children will find a welcoming environment in these establishments.
While some restaurants may accept walk-ins, making reservations in advance is recommended, especially during peak hours and weekends. Reservations ensure you have a guaranteed spot and a smoother dining experience.
Absolutely! While many Chinese dishes feature meat and seafood, most restaurants on this list offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. Look out for dishes like Ma Po Tofu, Stir-Fried Vegetables, and vegetarian dumplings for a delightful plant-based dining experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the 12 Best Chinese Restaurants in Downtown Toronto have showcased the remarkable diversity and culinary prowess of Chinese cuisine. From the timeless classics to innovative delights, each restaurant offers a unique experience that leaves a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Embark on a delightful journey through the charming streets of downtown Toronto and savor the authentic flavors, warm hospitality, and rich cultural heritage that these Chinese restaurants have to offer. Your palate will thank you for the delectable adventure.

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