The 9 Best Chiropractors In Toronto

Back pain is a serious condition that many people deal with on a daily basis. It is the leading cause of disability worldwide and can be caused by anything from an injury to poor posture, but whatever the reason, it’s important to find relief as soon as you start experiencing symptoms.
Chiropractors in Toronto are highly trained professionals who specialize in spinal manipulation or adjustments for your back, neck and other joints in order to relieve pressure and prevent long-term damage. In this article, we have done the research for you and have found the 9 best chiropractors in Toronto that can help you find relief from your back pain as soon as possible.
Additionally, we also wanted to share how much you can expect to pay for chiropractic treatment, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about chiropractic treatments in Toronto.


The Average Cost for Chiropractic Treatment in Toronto

Most people are unaware that chiropractic treatments are actually covered by some health insurance plans, including Ontario’s Workplace Safety Insurance Board.
Many chiropractors in Toronto offer discounts for seniors or other types of payment plans to make the treatment more affordable for you. The average cost of chiropractic treatment is $55 for a single adjustment when performed by a registered chiropractor in Toronto. This may vary depending on the length of your treatment plan and other factors, but this is a good general price point to expect when going for your first visit.
Below is a chart of the cost of common chiropractic treatments in Toronto:
Treatment Expect Cost
Initial Examination $88 – $170
Adjustments $55- 100
Reassessments $50 – $170
Initial Examination $75 – $100
Needling Treatment (per session) $50 -$90
Follow-up visits $50 – $100
Initial Examination $120 – $200
Orthotics $450 – $600
Orthotic Assessment $60 – $150

The Best Chiropractors in Toronto

Now that you know what you can expect to pay for chiropractic treatments, let’s discuss some of the best chiropractors in Toronto.

9. The Well Adjusted Chiropractic Centre

The Well Adjusted Chiropractic Centre

The Well Adjusted Chiropractic Centre is renowned for its personalized treatment plans that focus on holistic health. Led by Dr. Matthew Hannikainen, who has over 14 years of experience in chiropractic care, the clinic provides comprehensive examinations and customized treatments to help patients achieve their best possible health. 

On your first visit to the Clinic, you will sit down with Dr. Hannikainen and he will review your case history with you – this consultation helps him determine where and what might be causing your problem so that appropriate treatment can begin. 

Following the consultation, Dr.Hannikainen will perform a comprehensive examination of your spine and nervous system; if x-rays are necessary they will also be taken at this time. 

Your second appointment is typically longer than any other one as it’s when you’ll receive information about what was found during your initial exam as well as an adjustment from Dr. Hannikainen himself. If you decide to move forward with their treatment, they will proceed with your first adjustment, as well as booking your third appointment.

On your third visit, Dr. Hannikainen will ask you to provide feedback on how you responded to your first chiropractic adjustment. 

You will then sit down with Dr. Hannikainen and he will outline a course of care for you in writing, explaining the course of care and when you would start any home exercises or stretches. 

Since each adjustment builds upon the last, it’s often necessary to have multiple adjustments in order to help reach your goal – an adjustment helps build a lasting correction that allows you to achieve lifetime health and wellness!

Address: 69 Yonge St #301, Toronto
Phone: (416) 504-8880

Customer Review:

"I’ve been coming to the Well Adjusted Chiropractic centre for a while and Dr Matt had thoroughly helped some of my long-term back issues! Would definitely recommend. Jason is also the best massage therapist I’ve ever seen. Twyla is always so gracious and welcoming."
- Tricia H

8. Commerce Gate Physiotherapy & Chiropractic

Commerce Gate Physiotherapy & Chiropractic

Commerce Gate Physiotherapy & Chiropractic is a state-of-the art facility in Richmond Hill that offers chiropractic services to help you relieve your pain. They have an excellent team of doctors, including Dr. Tracy Wong who’s experienced and specializes in chiropractic treatment options for patients with different ailments like back problems or neck tension headaches.

In your initial consultations, they’ll discuss what type(s) of care might be appropriate based on examination results – this could mean anything from relief through surgery.

If you decide to move forward with the treatment, they will use a combination of spinal manipulation and gentle stretching in order to diagnose your pain. Within 2 months after the treatment, they will ask you to come back to the clinic for a reassessment to make sure your pain is gone for good.

Address: 505 Hwy 7 Suite 305, Thornhill
Phone: (905) 881-2001

Customer Review:

"I came here for the therapy and Dr. Tracy Wong really help to release the neck pain and very professional. Kept coming couple times you would feel the pain gone. Also, the reception is very friendly and helpful to book appointment. Highly recommend!!!"
- Saeran Liao

7. Transform Chiropractic

Commerce Gate Physiotherapy & Chiropractic

Transform Chiropractic is the place for you if your health goals are as unique and complicated as others. Patient-centered care has been their mission since 2002 when they opened their clinic in Bloor West Village with one goal: helping patients get back on track towards optimal wellness quickly so that they can all live their lives fully without limitations or restrictions due to illness.

It doesn’t matter what age group you fall under; pregnant moms expecting new babies at any time throughout motherhood (or even seniors) will find themselves addressed by this clinic’s team who knows how important every moment of life really should be!

Transform Chiropractic is a chiropractor’s clinic that has been led by Dr. Byron Mackay for over 20 years and he’s performed thousands of adjustments to help people overcome their pain problems!

He’ll meet you during your first treatment session with him one-on-one where they inquire into all aspects of your health history including day-to-day life, so they can get an idea of what will be best suited towards achieving optimal wellness without any unnecessary stress or discomfort.

After your examination, your chiropractor will describe the specific movement flaws that are causing your problems and the most effective therapy approach to assist you in obtaining relief and maintaining your results long-term.

Some of the conditions they treat include lower back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sciatica nerve pain, and more.

Customer Review:

"Always friendly and great visits at Transform Chiropractic. Since the start of my visits I’ve always been in good hands , and my spine can attest to that! I haven’t felt this good in a while, and glad I made the step to have it looked at."
- Natalie Ortiz

6. Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic

Spinalcare Chiropractic Clinic

SpinalCare Chiropractic Clinic is located in Richmond Hill and is led by Dr. Ronnie Chan, who has been practicing for over 17 years. Since graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2003 from Cleveland University, he has been offering a natural approach to healthcare for all ages.

He is a practitioner of the Activator Methods®, which are gentle low-amplitude thrusts using handheld instruments to adjust your joints according to the spinal subtypes that you may need based on certain symptoms or conditions such as pain management treatment plans.

When you arrive at Dr. Chan’s office, his only concern will be to make sure that your pain is gone for good! He works hard from the moment we walk in until all of our doubts and questions have been answered by him or someone else more knowledgeable than myself. 

Once this process has finished,’ the new goal becomes ensuring there isn’t another episode like before where things are going well but then turn out badly later on downstream.

Dr. Chan’s practice offers a range of services to help people get well, including chiropractic care and massage therapy for children as well as adults who have been injured or are pregnant.

Address: 9206 Leslie St Unit 2, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 707-8328

Customer Review:

"Dr. Chan is a very honest and professional doctor. His technique is very effective and non invasive. I've been suffering from low back pain for many years and he made me feel better little by little."
- Paul Jaypour

5. ChiroPath Spine & Posture Centre

ChiroPath Spine & Posture Centre

ChiroPath Spine & Posture Centre on College St. specializes in natural back pain relief for all walks of life. They are led by Dr. Yuxin (Kelly) Wang who has helped world-class athletes at the Santa Rosa Ironman Triathlon near San Francisco Bay Area to underprivileged communities across Mexico and El Salvador, helping them achieve their health goals while also having fun!

Their doctors are all Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP®) certified and trained in the latest techniques to help you achieve long-lasting results. Their chiropractors provide corrective care, working on posture and curvature of the spine for optimal health.

Your first visit to Dr. Wang’s office will include a complete chiropractic and postural exam that can diagnose the cause of your pain, as well as different treatment options such as spinal adjustments or Active Release Techniques ®.

Their corrective chiropractic care has helped many patients with the following conditions: back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and neck pains. They have also treated disc herniation to alleviate headaches which are a common result of this condition.

Address: 340 College St Suite 265, Toronto
Phone: (416) 792-2627

Customer Review:

"Have had a fantastic experience here at ChiroPath Spine & Posture Center so far for my lower back and neck treatment. Take really good care of you and explain their procedures that's easy to understand. Also very accommodating to your schedule which comes in clutch for when something suddenly pops up. Looking forward to the rest of my treatment. Would highly recommend."
- T. Kan

4. Rebalance Sports Medicine Physiotherapy & Chiropractic

Rebalance Sports Medicine Physiotherapy & Chiropractic

Rebalance Sports Medicine Physiotherapy & Chiropractic in downtown Toronto is a group of chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists who work together to provide a comprehensive approach to pain relief. 

They are led by Dr. Alishah Merchant who founded the clinic and has gathered a team of experienced professionals who dedicate themselves to providing you with natural, drug-free pain relief.

Alishah Merchant is a renowned physical therapist and registered physiotherapist with years of experience in the industry who has helped many people reach their health goals. Her dedication to healing is unparalleled as she strives for excellence every time you visit her clinic.

At Rebalance Sports Medicine, their chiropractors have very high success rates with the multi-modal and highly integrative approach to treatment. Their experienced chiropractors provide care for athletes as well non-athletes who want to improve their health or performance levels through education on how they can do so effectively without injury!

You’ll receive one-on-one care from your chiropractor at Rebalance Sports Medicine. Your physician will conduct an assessment and point out all the areas in the body that are not moving optimally, giving you valuable information on how to maintain optimal health for yourself!

Address: 155 University Ave Suite 303, Toronto
Phone: (416) 306-1111

Customer Review:

"Great experience at Rebalance, especially with Dr Moran. As someone trying physio for the first time, Keirstyn was great at taking time to understand what may be causing tension/pain. Even in just a few sessions, I've had noticeable improvement in my lower back and feeling better than in quite some time. Super easy to book via their online systems, and the hours are quite flexible. Highly recommended."
- Maks T

3. Focused on Health

The Toronto Chiropractor

Focused on Health is a practice that strives for excellence in all aspects. The doctors, Drs Halpern Stethem and Najafian are committed to providing superior patient treatment through education as well as the encouragement of healthy living by forming partnerships with their clients who want the best life possible ahead of them. 

Focused on Health is all about making your spine feel better. On your first visit, you will meet with the chiropractor who performs manual orthopedic tests to determine what’s wrong and how it can be fixed; they might also test if there are any neurological abnormalities present in order to find out why you’re experiencing pain.

After this, they will explain to you what causes your pain and they might even perform some chiropractic tests in order to determine if there is a misalignment of the spine. Then they will give you a diagnosis and discuss with you different treatment options including spinal adjustments, decompression therapy or exercises.

Focused on Health is here to help you with a number of problems including headaches, neck pain, hip sprain, arthritis and more. They’ll also work closely together with you to provide effective treatment that gets results!

Address: 2300 Yonge St #2004, Toronto
Phone: (416) 901-2141

Customer Review:

"Dr. Touraj has been treating me for a few months. I came to the clinic with severe lower back pain, they performed several tests and requested x-rays. He explained in detail what was going on and provided a treatment plan. I am now able to move better and workout again, I feel better and stronger."
- Violeta Rangel Escajadillo

2. Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation

Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is a clinic located at the heart of downtown Toronto. They offer natural relief in a compassionate environment with a personal approach from their team of chiropractors who truly care about your health goals 

They’re proudly led by Dr. Glenn Paul UY, who graduated from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2005 and is a full-body certified ART® provider. He has experience with techniques such as Active Release Technique®, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, IASTM, and exercise rehabilitation.

On your first visit, you will receive a thorough chiropractic exam in order to diagnose the cause of your pain. Then he will explain his findings and discuss with you different treatment options including spinal adjustments, acupuncture or manual traction therapy.

Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation can help transform how you live your lives by assisting you through rehabilitation after injury or illness; providing education on preventative measures that may lower the risk of future injuries.

Address: 145 Ossington Ave, Toronto
Phone: (647) 972-4476

Customer Review:

"OCR is an excellent clinic! It's kept very clean, is never crowded, and has a very calm/soothing atmosphere. I've been seeing Dr. Ben for about 4 months and really appreciate him as a practitioner. He is very knowledgeable, bespoke in how he approaches treatment, and takes a very integrative approach. He also provides great advice and exercises for how to minimize pain and maximize results between treatments. Highly recommend Dr.Ben/ the entire OCR team! "
- Emily Misurec

1. Movability - Wellness & Sport Sciences

Movability - Wellness & Sport Sciences

Movability – Wellness & Sport Sciences is a clinic located in Richmond Hill that offers chiropractic and physiotherapy services for individuals who want to receive quality care. 

They have an elite team of manual therapists including Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Naturopathic Doctors. Each practitioner is highly trained with a focus on continuing education to keep up-to date in the latest scientific research

Their team of specialists will assess your body’s mobility, strength and control to create a treatment plan specific for you.

On your first visit, they will do a thorough evaluation which will include orthopedic testing, postural assessment and manual muscle testing to determine if there are any neurological abnormalities present. 

Then they will provide you with a diagnosis and recommend different treatment options including chiropractic care, physiotherapy or more. They also include personalized exercise programs to help you achieve better results.

Best of all, they offer free email consultations to help guide you in the right direction.

Address: 2 Hunters Point Dr, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 763-4000

Customer Review:

"Amazing clinic! Very warm, friendly and knowledgeable staff… always have a great great experience. Massage therapists Mateo and Shaniece are amazing. Have helped me with my pain and suggest great stretches and exercises to do at home. Also, Chiropractor Dr. Sina is great! Very knowledgeable and always knows how to treat my pain. Definitely recommend this clinic."
- Carol N

FAQs about Chiropractic Treatments in Toronto

Yes, they most likely will take x-rays in order to help them diagnose the cause of your pain.

It depends on your personal situation. Some chiropractors offer a discount if you have extended health insurance coverage while others do not accept OHIP.

Many chiropractors will accept extended health insurance such as Blue Cross, Manulife or Sun Life. Others will not accept any kind of insurance at all and just operate on a cash-pay basis. Make sure to ask this question before going for your first appointment.

It depends on your individual condition and the chiropractic techniques used. Some people only need to see their chiropractor every couple of months while others might need an adjustment once a week or more often.

Yes, many chiropractors now include pediatric services as part of their practice. In fact, chiropractic experts recommend that children need to be checked as early as possible in order to detect any neurological abnormalities and help them achieve optimal health.

Sometimes it is beneficial to see other professionals along with your chiropractor in order to get the best results and give your body the support it needs.

Every chiropractic clinic has a different approach and techniques. On your first visit, you might be adjusted according to the technique they use such as Diversified, Gonstead or Cox. You might also be given an adjustment that only uses the hands to help you relax. However, in most cases, patients will get a full spine and postural assessment along with an explanation of their findings and recommended treatments.


In order to get the best results and give your body the support it needs, sometimes it is beneficial to see other professionals along with your chiropractor in order to get the best results.
Chiropractors offer a personalized approach with an experienced team of professionals aiming to deliver optimal care backed by scientific research which includes orthopedic testing, postural assessment and manual muscle testing.
Whether you are looking for a chiropractor in Toronto to help alleviate your lower back pain or you suffer from neck pain, headaches and tension, this list features the top professionals in the field.
If you’re interested in other ways to improve your physical health, check out our article on the best yoga studios in Toronto.

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