The 8 Best Dermatologists in Toronto [2024]

We conduct thorough testing and research on all the services that we review. We are based in Toronto and here is why you can rely on our reviews.

Looking for top-notch dermatologists in Toronto? We’ve picked the top 8  dermatologists who stand out, shining brightly with outstanding patient care, cutting-edge treatment solutions, and a comprehensive understanding of skin health. Read on to discover why these professionals claim the best treatments for your skin!


How much does it cost to visit a dermatologist in Toronto?

You’ll be glad to hear that seeing a dermatologist in Toronto comes at no cost!
Your visit to a dermatologist will be covered under your Ontario Health Insurance Plan(OHIP) and you won’t have to pay anything for the consultation.
However, you will need a referral from your family doctor in order to visit a dermatologist in Toronto. If your doctor does not give you one, then the only way around it would be to pay for your visit yourself or find another family doctor that will refer you to see a dermatologist at no cost (you may need to explain what you’re seeing the specialist for).
If you are not covered by OHIP, then you will have to pay for your visit yourself. In this case, the average cost of a dermatology appointment is $30-$70 depending on what service or procedure will be provided.

The Best Dermatologists in Toronto

1) Q Esthetics Laser Clinic

Q Esthetics Laser Clinic

Our journey concluded at Q Esthetics Laser Clinic, as we perused their social media handles and blog articles. Their emphasis on providing personal, customer-centric service scored them major points. This was evident not only in client testimonials, but also in the detailed content they provide to help guide treatment decisions.

Address: 9140 Leslie St #310, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 761-5156

Customer Review:

“I have been suffering with acne for almost 7 years, tried everything but nothing worked, with some research finally been to Q Esthetics I started getting pretty good results after two visits, i have done 5 combination therapy and two laser. The products they suggest helped my skin in healing. Staff is extremely friendly and they know what exactly need to be done. I strongly recommend this Esthetics.”

2) Kingsway Dermatology and Cosmetic Centre

Kingsway Dermatology and Cosmetic Centre

Insights from social media platforms turned up the sterling reputation of Kingsway Dermatology and Cosmetic Centre. Their standard of treatments was frequently praised, but the key differential appears to be their client-focused approach. The staff walk the talk and create an environment where each client really does feel unique and valued.

Address: 1243 Islington Ave Suite 1000, Etobicoke
Phone: (416) 231-0100

Customer Review:

“I have been receiving skin care services at Kingsway Dermatology cosmetic centre since January 2020. The staff is kind, knowledgeable and very empathetic. Katie is a wonderful laser and skin specialist. She has helped me with my rosacea and other skin issues. I highly recommend this clinic. I feel that they truly care about my health and supporting me to have the best skin possible. I have tried other clinics in the past and Kingsway is by far the best. They are wonderful and very knowledgeable.”

3) NewDermaMed Cosmetic and Advanced Laser Clinic

NewDermaMed Cosmetic and Advanced Laser Clinic

Analysing feedback on NewDermaMed Clinic, the holistic patient care and advanced laser treatments are key attractions. Dr. Mastouri’s aim to prevent skin problems before they occur, instead of just treating them, resonated with the patients we had interviewed, as it showed her commitment to lasting wellness.

Address: 790 Bay St. Suite 900, Toronto
Phone: (416) 671-9766

Customer Review:

“I’m happy to find this clinic for my acne scars treatment. I’ve already completed 3 sessions of fractional resurfacing and it helps! They’d asked to get a free consultation prior I started getting the treatment. And that’s super helpful to see available options and what results I could expect.”

4) SpaMedica Infinite Vitality Clinic

SpaMedica Infinite Vitality Clinic

As we surveyed virtual mentions of SpaMedica Infinite Vitality Clinic, a blend of commentary caught our attention. The aesthetic appeal of the reception and treatment areas is a hit, adding value to their already robust line up of modern cosmetic and medical treatments. The focus on non-invasive procedures was a consistent highlight.

Address: 66 Avenue Rd – Lower Level, Toronto
Phone: (416) 922-2868

Customer Review:

“I drove 120 km to have a non-surgical procedure @ SpaMedica. I had wonderful experience with Desiree and Dr. Roskies! They are both very confident, professional and caring. I wouldn't go elsewhere. Highly recommend this place.”

5) Dr. Andrew Simone - Walk-in Dermatology Clinic

Dr. Andrew Simone - Walk-in Dermatology Clinic

A striking element that came forward was the accessibility of Dr. Andrew Simone’s Walk-in Dermatology Clinic. From various digital conversations, the no-appointment policy is a winner, especially for those seeking urgent care. Emphasis is placed on Dr. Simone’s long-standing experience and diagnostic savvy in skin cancer—extremely reassuring to patients.

Address: 40 King Georges Rd, Etobicoke
Phone: (416) 231-2817

Customer Review:

“Fantastic team and absolutely phenomenal doctor. His team are friendly and swift, while Dr. Simone is a master of his craft. A necessity in a city at this scale. Thank you Dr. Simone and team for the opportunity to see a doctor without waiting months.”

6) Canadian Dermatology Centre

Canadian Dermatology Centre

Moving to exploration of online forums and platforms, Canadian Dermatology Centre received consistent positive feedback. Dr. Ahluwalia is commended for his expertise in a broad spectrum of skincare services. The appeal of having medical and cosmetic dermatology under one roof surfaces in many reviews.

Address: 1390 Don Mills Rd. D101, Toronto
Phone: (416) 244-8377

Customer Review:

“My visit at the Canadian Dermatology was a great one. I felt that my skin concerns were very well attended to. The treatment recommendations and the products have been very effective. The improvements have been very noticeable. Dr Ahluwalia really cares as it was seen in followup. She was super pleased that my conditions have improved. I will be a repeat patient for sure.”

7) Vitality Works Medical Spa

Our research into Vitality Works Medical Spa involved engaging with former and current customers. Their firsthand experiences painted a picture of accelerated results thanks to treatments like Microneedling and the Carbon Laser peel. A recurring mention was the privacy — quiet rooms that amplified the feeling of customization and personal care.

Address: 181 Eglinton Ave E Unit 207, Toronto
Phone: (647) 936-5655

Customer Review:

“It was my first time here and I’m already loving this place. Paulina is very accommodating and was patient to answer any of my questions/concerns. Both Paulina and Asma explained the procedure thoroughly and they were very pleasant to talk to. Overall, it was great experience! I would absolutely recommend this place!”

8) HealthOne MediSpa & Skin Clinic

HealthOne MediSpa & Skin Clinic

Our Toronto Blogs experts had the opportunity to directly visit HealthOne MediSpa & Skin Clinic. Personal experience validated the online reviews, particularly praising Nurse Ada Shim for her personalized approach to skincare. Myriad advanced treatments are on offer, including innovative technologies like CoolSculpting™ and Venus Velocity™, making it a go-to clinic in downtown Toronto.

Address: 110 Harbour St Level 3, Toronto
Phone: (416) 613-5433

Customer Review:

“Absolutely loved my experience here. The staff were warm, welcoming, kind, and super approachable. NP Ada did an absolutely phenomenal job with my lip filler once again. She's so knowledgeable and helps you feel at ease with everything. Will definitely be back in the future. 🙂 And a shout out to Shane for helping me with directions!”

FAQ about Dermatologists in Toronto

Different people have different skin characteristics, so some may need to see a dermatologist more frequently than others. People who are at the highest risk of developing skin cancer should see their dermatologists more often, as they will be able to diagnose any issues early on and get them treated by a professional before it becomes too advanced.

Anyone who has questions about their skin can visit a dermatologist. The main concern for most people is wrinkles and fine lines, so they will go to see a specialist to start getting botox injections which will keep the wrinkles at bay. Anyone who wants any type of cosmetic treatment or medical treatment should also see a dermatologist before deciding on the best treatment option.

Dermatologists are trained to treat most skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis and eczema. They will also be able to perform cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections or laser hair removal.

During a consultation with a dermatologist, the patient will first sit down with the doctor to discuss their concerns and symptoms. The doctor will ask questions about what is causing the skin condition or how they feel about certain parts of their skin so that they can help diagnose any issues before treating them.

The full cost of the visit with a dermatologist is covered by OHIP. However, there may be additional costs for certain procedures that are carried out during the appointment which are not covered by OHIP.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our list of the top 8 dermatologists in Toronto. Dermatologists in Toronto are highly qualified and skilled professionals who can help diagnose any skin conditions or perform cosmetic procedures. Anyone with questions about their skin should make an appointment to see a dermatologist right away.

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