7 Best Environmental Consulting Firms in Toronto and the GTA

Protecting the environment is every person’s responsibility, which is why it’s no surprise environmental issues are big business. Whether companies need to be sure they’re in compliance with environmental standards or homeowners want help mitigating the effects of changes to their property, they’ll need knowledgeable professionals to guide them through the process.
If you’re looking for the best in environmental consulting, here are seven of the top firms in Toronto and the GTA that can help.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Environmental Consultant in Toronto?

Generally, the average cost of an Enviromental Site Assessment is around $2500 – $3000. This includes the fees for requesting required documents, fees for aerial photos, consultants time and travel, report reviews, etc.
However, the type of work being done would ultimately determine the cost. For example, a firm that specializes in air quality monitoring may charge a different hourly rate than a firm that helps with soil consulting.
Here are some other factors that can affect the cost of environmental consulting services:
  • The size and complexity of the project
  • The level of expertise required
  • Whether or not the consultant is providing on-site services or just consulting
  • The geographic area that the consultant has to cover in order to get to your location
  • The environmental firm’s overhead expenses, including employee salaries and office rent
When choosing an environmental consultant, it’s important to keep these factors in mind so that you can get an accurate estimate of the cost.

The Best Environmental Consulting Firms in Toronto

Now that you’re aware of some of the factors that affect the cost of environmental consulting, let’s take a closer look at seven of Toronto and GTA’s best environmental consulting firms.

1. Pinchin Ltd.

Pinchin Ltd.
Pinchin Ltd. is a Canadian company that specializes in environmental engineering, building science and health & safety consulting to clients across the country. The firm was founded by Dr. Don Pinches back when he noticed there were few companies providing these services for those working within the asbestos removal industry.
Pinchin helps you to make sure your company operates in an environment that is safe, healthy and compliant with environmental standards. They can help businesses achieve balance between goals of business success while ensuring people’s safety on both personal levels as well as those within the office space itself by investigating potential building sites or analyzing how something might invert inside one’s own building complex. It could involve checking out what kind soil there may be at these locations before construction begins, or looking into any possible risks associated with certain materials.

Business Information:

Phone: +19053630678
Address: 2360 Meadowpine Blvd Unit 2, Mississauga, ON L5N 6S2
Website: http://www.pinchin.com/ 

Customer Review Highlight:

“I was fortunate to get the result I wanted but beyond that the staff were very patient and all results were delivered on time.”
“Great company that commits to their clients needs.”

2. Safetech Environmental Ltd

Safetech Environmental Ltd
Safetech understands that you may encounter problems and these issues are high priority, therefore they provide a sense of urgency with quick response time. Safetech recognizes how difficult it can be to deal with regulatory requirements when there isn’t an issue at hand- which leads into providing clear evidence for ease in understanding the inner workings within your field so they do not arise further down the line due to lack of clarity.
With over 40 years combined expertise between the three founders, they brought different skill sets which meshed perfectly with each other to form one strong team able to provide high quality services across all areas including health & safety counseling as well as training programs.

Business Information:

Phone: +19056242722
Address: 3045 Southcreek Rd unit 14, Mississauga, ON L4X 2X7
Website: http://www.safetechenv.com/

Customer Review Highlight:

“Safetech has done a tremendous job of keeping our home and property secure. We can sleep well at night knowing that Safetech is looking after our security needs.”
“Jordan has done an incredible job of overseeing the issues at my residence. He has kept me informed as to next steps, scope of work, mold testing results etc. He has driven great distances to come to assess the issues in my home and is always punctual, professional, polite and efficient. I would highly recommend Jordan and Safetech for any environmental work.”

3. Terrastory Environmental Consulting Inc.

Terrastory Environmental Consulting Inc.
Terrastory has been providing innovative, customized services to support natural environments and their biodiversity since 1991. Terrastory team of experts surveys the living world outside – from wetland habitats for birds or fish species at risk to woodlands filled with native trees—to provide accurate information about how land use changes can affect these dynamic places that are so essential in keeping our planet healthy.
Terrastory offers a variety of specialties including residential development planning requirements (building permits), pit & quarry project assessment plans; municipal transportation infrastructure upgrades/reconstruction projects.

Business Information:

Phone: +19057455398
Address: 171 Glen Rd, Hamilton, ON L8S 3N2
Website: http://www.terrastoryenv.com/

Customer Review Highlight:

“Tristan is an outstanding consultant! Working with him on our challenging NHE requirements was made easy due to his expertise and professionalism. The NHE report was fantastic and how he handles the region and their strict requirements were second to none. I have and will continue to recommend Tristan and his team. Thumbs up!”
“In 2018, we hired Terrastory to provide independent insights about a mainland cottage and dock building plan on the Lake Muskoka River off Beaumont Farm Road. Tristan Knight provided 360' complete and ethical inputs & advice to allow us to understand the environmental impact of our ideas and offered various alternates. As a long term Muskoka cottager himself, Tristan demonstrated both an exceptional level of environmental technical knowledge with real professional integrity and passion in communicating with us. Considering recent water level fluctuations, his insights were uncanny. Highly recommended.”

4. Azure Group Inc.

Azure Group Inc.
Azure Group is an established Professional Engineering Firm which is authorized to provide environmental consulting and engineering services in Ontario. They have a Certificate of Authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontario, as well as Designated Consulting Engineers throughout the province.
With over 25 years of combined experience in the fields civil/environmental and geotechnical engineering, Azure team is well-qualified to provide you with any environmental assessment or investigation that your business may need. They are also experts when it comes to hazardous materials abatement solutions for buildings across North America.

Business Information:

Phone: +19056732694
Address: 6751 Professional Court, Suite 201 Mississauga, ON L4V 1Y3
Website: https://azuregroup.ca/ 

Customer Review Highlight:

“I like working with Azure, especially Ahmed. On big projects, you want someone who has deep experience who can finish the task diligently and Ahmed always meets and exceeds the expectations. He has also worked many years in the MOE, which gives him insider insight and contacts that are very helpful. Thanks so much Ahmed for all your hard work on short deadlines! Very Recommended.”
“I have had a great experience with Ahmed and his team. He returns calls in a timely fashion and has the correct answers.Got on to the project started and completed on time, had to pay extra for a quick turn around but it was worth it because of this rather large hole in my parking area. had a previous consultant which was disgusting at returning calls, could not meet deadlines ETC., Thanks Ahmed”

5. Terrapex Environmental Ltd

Terrapex Environmental Ltd
TERRAPEX is a Canadian engineering and geosciences company that has grown to include offices in Toronto, Hamilton ,and Ottawa. They provide multi-disciplinary services with an emphasis on hydropower development . With over 20 years of experience working alongside their clients Terrape x ensures quality projects for any industry or jurisdiction they serve. Terrapex operates under CBSA and COSMOS certificates.
They have two well-equipped labs, the Toronto facility for concrete testing being CCIL Certified alongside with the APEGA certification granted by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO). In addition they also offer mobile aggregate tests.

Business Information:

Phone: +14162450011
Address: 90 Scarsdale Rd, North York, ON M3B 2R7
Website: http://www.terrapex.com/ 

Customer Review Highlight:

“I spoke with Kellen about an erosion issue. He offered very timely advice that helped us better understand the issue we were facing and potential paths forward. His proposed solutions were economically practical. He didn't gouge us on fees even though the advice was necessary. I would confidently recommend Kellen and Terrapex to anyone needing truly professional advice on such issues.”
“Excellent client service and expertise”

6. S2S Environmental Inc.

S2S Environmental Inc.
S2S Environmental is a specialist environmental consulting firm providing advice and services to stakeholders in the Real Estate sector. The company provides solutions for issues related with air, water or soil quality that may affect property values by using their expertise onsite at construction sites as well as executing studies. Their services include Environmental Site Assessments, Site Remediation, compliance audits, asbestos management, energy & waste audits, etc.
S2S Environmental’s team provides fast assistance to meet your needs while we work hard on creating quality reports that are tailored specifically for you and all of those involved. The environmental specialists at S2S Environmental can conduct compliance audits to ensure your organization is in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. Using this service, you can demonstrate due diligence by conducting an early warning system for potential problems before they become major issues.

Business Information:

Phone: +14164104333
Address: 1099 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON L1V 1B5
Website: http://www.s2se.com/

Customer Review Highlight:

“You got to spill they know how to clean it up”

7. JFM Environmental Ltd

JFM Environmental Ltd
JFM is your one-stop shop for all of the professional services associated with environmental site assessments (ESAs). They offer phase I & II ESAs, remediation and obtaining RSC or hydrogeological studies. JFM’s team has a deep understanding of the complex science that goes into every project they take on, which allows them to provide innovative solutions for any environmental challenge.
They’re committed not only to their clients’ needs but also keeping up-to-date with new technology in order to deliver comprehensive service at affordable prices while being environmentally friendly! The company has expanded its services to include a full range of solutions, as well as managing those risks for clients who want affordable methods that help them assess and quantify their contamination issues quickly without breaking budget constraints too much while still getting quality work done.

Business Information:

Phone: +19057121500
Address: 183 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, Mississauga, ON L5R 2K8
Website: https://jfmel.com/

Customer Review Highlight:

“Excellent advice, support and help in a very stressful situation this spring. Appreciate especially the prompt response, going above and beyond the call of duty and kindness shown by Frank Marcoccia. Thank you! Can't recommend highly enough.”

FAQs About Environmental Consulting Firms

A reputable environmental consulting firm should have a great deal of experience working with clients in a variety of industries. They should also have experience with different environmental issues, from air quality to noise pollution.

Environmental consulting firms offer a wide range of services, including air quality monitoring, water contamination, soil contamination and more.

Environmental consulting firms can help improve sustainability by helping companies and organizations reduce their environmental impact. They can also help with regulatory compliance and sustainable landscape design.

Some benefits of using an environmental consultant include getting a fresh perspective on environmental problems, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact. 


Hiring an environmental consulting firm can be a great way to improve sustainability and reduce your environmental impact. By choosing one of the many firms in Toronto and the GTA, you can be sure that you’re getting quality services that will help your business or organization succeed.
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