The 7 Best Falafel Restaurants in Toronto [2024]

Best Falafel Restaurants in Toronto

The best falafel restaurants in Toronto are serving up the best eats in the city!

Falafel is a wonderful food originating from the Middle East. Toronto is home to many falafel restaurants, all of which are serving up unbelievable falafel balls. We’re sure you’ll love these Toronto falafel restaurants.

We selected these falafel restaurants based on customer service, affordability, the fresh ingredients they use, and of course the mouth-watering, piping hot falafels on the menu! When you go to these Toronto falafels, you can be assured that every bite will be as good as the last!

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1. Urban Falafel

Neighbourhood: Downtown Toronto
Price Range: $ – $$
Shop here for: Artisan falafel creations.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Toronto, Urban Falafel takes pride in offering freshly made falafel that combines traditional recipes with a modern culinary twist. Their extensive menu features a variety of falafel options, from classic sandwiches to innovative bowls, all characterised by their crisp exterior and fluffy, flavorful interior.

2. Eat Nabati

Neighbourhood: Queen West
Price Range: $$
Shop here for: Plant-based Mediterranean delights.

Embracing the vibrant Queen West neighbourhood, Eat Nabati specialises in authentic plant-based Mediterranean cuisine. Their falafel, celebrated for its perfect blend of herbs and spices, comes in wraps, platters, and even as part of creative salads, catering to health-conscious diners without compromising on taste.

3. The Hummussiah

Neighbourhood: Kensington Market
Price Range: $ – $$
Shop here for: Fresh, homemade falafel and hummus.

Located in the eclectic Kensington Market, The Hummusiah is a haven for falafel enthusiasts, offering a cosy, inviting space where each falafel ball is fried to perfection. Their homemade hummus and freshly baked pita bread make the perfect accompaniments, promising a truly authentic experience.

4. Zaad

Neighbourhood: East York
Price Range: $$
Shop here for: Middle Eastern fast-casual dining.

Zaad, in East York, serves up a fast-casual Middle Eastern dining experience with a focus on sustainability and flavour. Their signature falafel dish, known for its aromatic spices and tender texture, is a testament to the meticulous care and attention devoted to its preparation.

5. Falafel World

Neighbourhood: Bloor West Village
Price Range: $
Shop here for: Traditional falafel fare.

A staple in Bloor West Village, Falafel World has been serving the community with traditional falafel dishes that have earned it a loyal following since 1984. Known for their generous portions and the authenticity of their flavours, it’s a spot where simplicity and quality meet.

6. M’Zaar Restaurant

Neighbourhood: Church-Wellesley Village
Price Range: $ – $$
Shop here for: Authentic Lebanese cuisine.

M’Zaar Restaurant, situated in the vibrant Church-Wellesley Village, delights its patrons with Lebanese cuisine that stars falafel among its offerings. Each dish is a celebration of Lebanese culinary traditions, offering a taste of Beirut’s streets through its rich, flavorful falafel and accompaniments.

7. Abu Hummus

Neighbourhood: North York
Price Range: $$
Shop here for: Hummus and falafel fusion.

Abu Hummus offers a unique dining experience by pairing silky-smooth hummus with perfectly crafted falafel. This North York restaurant brings a taste of the Middle East to Toronto with its inviting atmosphere and a menu that combines traditional favourites with innovative eats.

FAQs About Vegan Sushi

Falafel is a great source of protein and fibre, making it very filling. It’s also packed with micronutrients. However, because it is fried in oil, it is high in calories and fat.
One of the most common ways to eat falafel is to put it in a pita and add things like hummus, spicy sauces, and tahini. Falafel also works well with lemon rice, tzatziki, lemon rice, and
Because it is often made from chickpeas, a carb-heavy food, falafels are not the best option for people on a keto diet.
Falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both.

Final Thoughts

Toronto is home to plenty of wonderful falafel restaurants. You can get a taste of the Middle East right here in the city. Enjoy the taste and flavour of a perfectly fried falafel!

If you’re craving some falafel, you have to visit the best falafel restaurants in Toronto!

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