The 11 Best Florists with Flower Delivery in Toronto [2024]

Flowers are often used to celebrate milestones, or simply because someone is feeling blue. With Valentine’s Day approaching it’s important to know the best flower delivery services in Toronto that will provide you with the perfect bouquet!
Toronto has a wide variety of florists and other vendors who offer flower deliveries. Below we’ve compiled a list of 11 of the most popular services in Toronto for your convenience.


How Much Do Florists Charge for Flowers in Toronto?

When it comes to flowers, many customers wonder how much florists cost and if the price of a bouquet will vary between companies. The truth is that prices can vary depending on where you purchase your flowers and what type of arrangement you’d like.
Here are some general estimates for an average mixed bouquet of flowers bought from a florist:
  • Low End: $30  
  • Average: $70
  • High End: $150
As you can see there is quite the range, but this will give you an idea of what to expect. If you’re interested in purchasing unique floral accessories or plant arrangements, costs may be a bit higher.

The Best Florists in Toronto

Now that you know how much flower delivery services in Toronto will cost you, let’s look at the best florists!

1. Sweetpea's


Neighbourhood: Roncesvalles Village
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Best For: Eco-friendly and creatively bespoke flower arrangements 

Sweetpea’s stands out as an eco-conscious haven in the floral industry, intertwining ethical considerations with botanical beauty in their arrangements. Reflecting the kaleidoscope of seasons, their eco-friendly ethos brings a fresh breath of sustainability to every exquisite design they craft.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 537-3700
Address: 294 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2M4

Customer Review Highlight:

"Service from Sweatpea’s is exceptional. I ordered the teapot bouquet online the day before my son’s birthday. He loved the surprise and sent photos. I did not expect the quality and design to be so true to the gallery images. What a great way to share a warm smile on a special day. Will definitely use them for deliveries to TO in the future."
- Sally Osborne
"By far the most beautiful and high quality roses I’ve ever received! Expertly arranged and came in a perfectly appointed vase. Thank you Sweetpeas! "
- Hilary Vaillancourt

2. Bloomen


Neighbourhood: Online with Delivery 
Price Range: $ – $$ 
Best For: Convenient online shopping and eco-friendly doorstep delivery 

Amid the hustle of Toronto’s busy life, Bloomen bridges convenience with charm through their dynamic online store. Their focus on making flower delivery effortlessly joyful and eco-friendly has revolutionised the way Torontonians celebrate life’s moments.

Business Information:

Phone: (647) 689-4643
Address: 500 King St W #301, Toronto, ON M5V 1L9

Customer Review Highlight:

"Have purchased from Bloomen many times - - never disappoints. Last week I ordered the mini christmas tree arrangement and my friend said it was the nicest floral arrangement she has ever received. It was very holiday and whimsical - - just up her alley and great for the holidays. Same day delivery and free delivery to GTA and super reasonable pricing on arrangements - - always fresh and nicely wrapped/delivered - can't go wrong."
- Debbie MacDonald
"My daughter sent my wife flowers on Feb 19 2021. Flowers were and still are beautiful March 4. Not sure how expensive the flowers were but they were beautiful and held up well. Would use this service again in spite of its 3.9 rating at time of this review. Thanks bloomed you made my wife happy on her birthday "
- Rob Arbuckle

3. Green Garden Florist

Green Garden Florist

Neighbourhood: North York
Price Range: $$ – $$$ 
Best For: A diverse selection and tailor-made floral experiences 

Dedicated to nurturing relationships, Green Garden Florist handpicks the freshest blooms to curate floral experiences that resonate. From the fragrance of roses to the cheer of daisies, this florist delights with its diversity and customised service.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 250-7070
Address: 6174 Yonge St Unit A, North York, ON M2M 3X1

Customer Review Highlight:

"Marzie and Eddie from Green Garden Florist did an exceptional job on the flowers for my October wedding! Everyone at the wedding was amazed and kept complementing us on having the most beautiful flowers they have ever seen. Thank you for making our wedding day so special! I would recommend them to any couple for their wedding or any other special occasion! "
- Alexandra Ritacca
"I went in there today to get 6 white roses for my wife and walked out with an incredibly beautiful arrangement. The customer service was exceptional. The lady who put the arrangement for me was unbelievably friendly and of course talented as can see from the arrangement. Absolutely love this place and will return again. "
- Mahdi Ghias

4. Wild North Flowers

Wild North Flowers

Neighbourhood: Downtown Toronto 
Price Range: $$$ – $$$$ 
Best For: Locally sourced arrangements that evoke the wild beauty of nature 

The imaginative artisanal spirit of Wild North Flowers shines through in arrangements that echo the untamed landscapes. Their use of local, seasonal blooms epitomises the artisanal nature of Toronto’s local arts and culture.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 504-3000
Address: 135 Tecumseth St #6, Toronto, ON M6J 2H2

Customer Review Highlight:

"We could not be happier to have chosen Wild North for our wedding. The bridal and bridesmaid bouquets were beautiful and the table arrangements were absolutely stunning. The arrangements tied everything together perfectly and fit exactly the romantic and whimsical theme we had described. Mackenzie and Cassandra were a pleasure to work with and executed our vision even better than we could have imagined. We will definitely order from Wild North again, and highly recommend them!"
- Paolo Iafrate
"Wild North Flowers is my go to for any occasion. Using local and in season blooms, their arrangements are always stunning and gorgeous. You can see the thoughtful care that goes into each one."
- Alison Thornton

5. Tiny Flower

Tiny Flower

Neighbourhood: Bay Street Corridor 
Price Range: $$ – $$$ 
Best For: Intimate and thoughtful floral artistry 

Tiny Flower is a boutique that believes in the profound impact of flowers. With meticulous attention to detail, they cultivate a range of exquisite floral expressions well-suited for personal gifts and grand gestures alike.

Business Information:

Phone: (647) 348-6889
Address: 637 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5G 1M7

Customer Review Highlight:

"I have bought some of my best plants here! Helena gave me detailed information about how to care for these plants and she truly pays attention to your questions. She isn’t just there to make a profit. She told me which plants I should get and which ones I shouldn’t based on the conditions in my house! 10/10 buying all my future babies from her."
- Ashuni Patel
"Bought beautiful peonies here as gifts, and the woman owning the store was so helpful and kind. Such a huge array of flowers and plants of all sizes for great prices. Will definitely be coming back for more plants."
- Sarah S

6. eco|stems


Neighbourhood: Central Toronto 
Price Range: $$$ 
Best For: Organic and earth-friendly floral creations 

Eco|stems translates Toronto’s deep-rooted green consciousness into their floral works. Each organic arrangement tells a story of commitment—to the environment, to community, and to the pure beauty of flora.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 214-6479
Address: 364 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1K9

Customer Review Highlight:

"Picked up some succulents, cacti, stones and soil for a friend's terrarium-making birthday party this weekend. Everything was fresh and beautifully wrapped. Looking forward to putting everything together!"
- Melissa Hamel-Smith
"I was extremely happy with the bouquet I ordered. I received 6 organic roses paired with alstroemeria and some greenery. I used 3 of the roses to decorate a cake and kept the rest of the flowers for myself. The bouquet was so lovely and it lasted over a week."
- Kathleen Moll

7. Tonic Blooms

Tonic Blooms

Neighbourhood: Online with Delivery 
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Best For: Trendy and hassle-free flower delivery 

Tonic Blooms offers a burst of innovation with their online floral services. Their chic, peppy arrangements and streamlined delivery bring a modern twist to the age-old joy of flower gifting.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 305-0035
Address: 688 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1C5

Customer Review Highlight:

"Ordered on recommendation from a bunch of colleagues and I could not be happier with the flowers I ordered (the Fun Farmboy) for delivery. These were absolutely stunning, fresh and kept perfectly overnight until we needed them the next morning. Will 100% be ordering flowers from here again. Thank you!!! "
- Ilana Beer
"Was on the receiving end of their impeccable service and gorgeous bouquet of flowers! Highly recommend if you’re looking for what I think are unique, special and beautiful petals."
- Angelyn Fullante

8. Riverside Flower Shop

Riverside Flower Shop

Neighbourhood: Riverside 
Price Range: $$ – $$$ 
Best For: Classical floral arrangements with a personalised touch 

Riverside Flower Shop has blossomed into a treasured part of its community, providing bloom enthusiasts with arrangements that suit every taste. Their time-honoured approach weaves tradition and personal touch into every order.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 530-2773
Address: 600 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B4

Customer Review Highlight:

"This gem was recommended to me by many! My first experience with Riverside came recently as I sent an arrangement to a close friend’s family undergoing a difficult time. Sophia and team made the arrangement with extra care, love and all of the wellness I hoped for. Sophia was extremely responsive, efficient and an absolute joy to work with. The quality and creativeness is unlike any other! We'll see you all again soon xo Krystle "
- Krystle Ramos
"Definitely one of my favourite flower shops in the City!! The quality, selection and service of Riverside Flower Shop is unmatched! Their custom arrangements are absolutely gorgeous! Sophia is really kind and responsive (even during the busiest of occasions like Mother's Day) and works with you to make sure you get exactly what you're hoping for."
- Meena Bhardwaj

9. Ital Florist

Ital Florist

Neighbourhood: Etobicoke 
Price Range: $$ – $$$ 
Best For: A broad range of flowers and expertise spanning generations 

The heritage-rich Ital Florist crafts floral pieces that speak volumes of their heart and heritage. Their enduring presence in the community is a testament to their passion for delivering smiles through flowers.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 745-7045
Address: 130 Westmore Dr, Toronto, ON M9V 5E2

Customer Review Highlight:

"Ital Florists was a pleasure to work for my wedding! They made the entire process very easy, and I was beyond happy with our wedding flowers. I was provided with a few consultations and recommendations to ensure that I got exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend anyone to Ital Florists!"
- Caitlin Y
"Ital Florist was a dream to work with for our wedding! I don't know much about flowers so they worked with me to help to find something for our Fall wedding. The flowers came out amazing! I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect!"
- Kaitlyn Taylor

10. Rosedale Kennedy Flowers

Rosedale Kennedy Flowers

Neighbourhood: Rosedale 
Price Range: $$ – $$$ 
Best For: Luxury arrangements for discerning tastes 

Rosedale Kennedy Flowers is a standard-bearer of opulence in floristry. Their luxurious arrangements, rich in composition and style, are tailored to the nuances of their customer’s desires and events.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 481-7917
Address: 624 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S 2M8

Customer Review Highlight:

"I don't go anywhere else for flowers. They always have a great selection, and whenever I have questions the staff is eager to help. I especially like their holiday arrangements and home decor. Would definitely recommend!"
- Julia Michalski
"I needed flowers for my grandmother's birthday but everything they had out was far outside my price range. I told the owner what I was looking for and she made me something amazing on the spot that was exactly what I was looking for!"
- jesse s

11. Pistil Flowers

Pistil Flowers

Neighbourhood: Financial District 
Price Range: $$ – $$$ 
Best For: Impeccably chic and contemporary designs for the cosmopolitan customer 

Strategically placed in Toronto’s financial heart, Pistil Flowers offers urban elegance in their floral designs. They cater to the bustling life of a city dweller with arrangements that complement sleek, modern tastes.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 367-4400
Address: 181 Bay St., Toronto, ON M5J 2T3

Customer Review Highlight:

"Thank you Pistil for always bringing so much joy to those I send your beautiful flowers and plants to. Your plants are SO healthy and I don't know what kind of magic is in them but they are absolutely thriving. It pays to go to the experts! Thank you so much "
- Jamie Ryder (P L A N T 5 2)
"PISTIL flowers did an amazing job with flowers at my wedding. The owner was very helpful and friendly and did everything to provide amazing service. They really put in the time and work into every piece. Highly recommend them for quality flowers and service."
- Brandon Yang

FAQs About Flower Delivery in Toronto

It depends! If you are ordering fresh flowers, they can last anywhere from 3 days to a week! Make sure to avoid any wilting by picking the best flower delivery services in Toronto and ordering your flowers on time!

If you purchase a nice quality vase, and clean it properly before using it for the first time, then the blooms should typically last about 5-7 days. 

To keep roses fresh for up to 2 weeks, you will want to trim the stems right before putting the bouquet in water. Cut about 1/2″ off of each stem with a sharp knife or scissors so that they are all roughly the same length.

After this, place them in about 4″-5″ of lukewarm (not hot) water and add about 1-2 teaspoons of bleach or 2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice. You can then store them in the refrigerator until they are ready to be used, making sure to change the water every 4 days.

You have a few options here! If your flowers are still alive but just a little bit wilted, then you can revive them by placing them in a vase of cold water for around 15 minutes or so. If they’ve been sitting in room temperature water for too long and have started to wilt, then you will want to cut the stems again and add some freshwater instead!


With these florists, the city of Toronto unveils the delicate power of petals and stems, weaving together the soft tapestry of nature’s finesse through the touch of expert florists.

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