The Best 12 Flower Fields Near Toronto [2022]

Best Flower Fields Near Toronto

Just because you’re in the city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of nature. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Toronto for a day, there are plenty of flower fields nearby that are perfect for a picnic or a leisurely walk. From sunflowers to poppies to lilies, there’s something for everyone.

These locations even include a relaxing labyrinth, gift stores where you can try lavender-themed goods, lavender ice cream, and even watermelon sandwiches! Doesn’t that sound interesting? 

Keep reading to find out and visit the best 12 flower farms around Toronto!


How We Chose the Best Flower Fields in Toronto

We picked the best flower fields near Toronto-based on their popularity, the diversity of flowers around and the beautiful scenery. 

  • Selections: We ensured these flower fields offer a variety of flowers to learn about and explore around to see! Some of these locations have over 140 varieties.
  • Services: We ensure these locations offer floral design bouquet services, have workshops like yoga, offer gift shops and even refreshing food and drinks.
  • Customer Reviews:  We included customer reviews to check those past customers had a positive experience at the flower fields, and that they had an awesome time.

The Best Flower Fields in Toronto

Now that you know what to look for when selecting the flower fields, continue reading to see the best 12 flower fields near Toronto!

1. Andrews’ Scenic Acres

Andrews’ Scenic Acres

Andrew’s Scenic Acres, a family-run farm located less than an hour from Toronto, is home to a field overflowing with colourful flowers as far as the eye can see. You can choose flowers like dahlias, peonies, or sunflowers and seasonal fruits and veggies at the farm, tour the grounds, and visit the on-site winery. 

They have their very own Sunflower Kingdom with a variety of sunflowers from 3 feet to 12 feet tall and it is re-opening in late August where you can also experience the magic and delight of 150,000 sunflowers in bloom!

The entrance to the sunflower kingdom is $5 per person for ages 3+, together with the regular farm admission is $11 on weekdays and $17 on weekends. For all-season pass holders, the entrance is free!

The price for admission is $15 per person and $7.50 for seniors 65+ and free for children under 5 years old. 

Business Information:

Address:  9365 10 Side Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X9
Phone:  (905) 878-5807

Customer Review Highlights:

“had a lot of friendly animals and chickens clucking around!!! the sunflower and dahlia flower patches were super pretty in the sun, and I loved collecting my own bouquet!!! The employee at the front counter was super nice & explained where everything was and what to do - thank you!!”
“Professional and friendly staff. Had a wonderful afternoon picking raspberries, choosing sunflowers and admiring the bee collecting pollen. Would highly recommend a visit here.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Unlike other places, you do not need to buy an advance ticket online to see the sunflowers Some reviewers were not satisfied with admission fees.
Epic photo opportunities with 12+ photo stations and lookout points.
Walking trails through the bloom
Straw mountain climb
Tractor ride into the field

2. Country Cut Flowers

Country Cut Flowers

Country Cut Blooms grows a simple assortment of flowers in the peaceful hillside of King Township, just outside of Newmarket. Classics like peonies, lilacs, snapdragons, dahlias, and sunflowers coexist with exotic flowers like drumsticks and ranunculus. 

What’s the best part? You are welcome to take the lovely blossoms home with you. It is also $35 to cut your own flowers! 

Explore the spacious grounds, take in the gorgeous scenery of endless rows of colourful flowers, and create your own unique bouquet. The farm is only open on certain days of the week, so schedule your plans accordingly.

Business Information:

Address: 970 Miller’s Sideroad, Newmarket, ON
Phone: (289) 264-3964

Customer Review Highlights:

“Came to the farm on a Sunday afternoon with my friend. The flower beds were stunning and the owner, Janet is also super nice and sweet. My mom is already asking me to bring her next time i visit. 😁”
“Owners are extremely welcoming. Does not oversell so its not over crowded. Scenery is pristine, flowers are beautiful.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers workshops  You have to wait until May if you want to see daffodils and tulips bloom
Host events like weddings 
You can shop online for bouquets

3. Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery

Bonniehealth Estate Lavender & Winery in Norfolk County is famed for its award-winning ciders and wines, and its ten-acre vineyard is just as appealing as the lovely lavender field. Lavender is collected and distilled on-site, resulting in a diverse range of lavender products sold in a beautiful retail boutique. The price for admission is $6.

Their ten-acre vineyard on their large 129-acre estate provides nine grape varietals that are harvested at their prime to make exceptional wines for any occasion. 

All of the production is done on-site and by hand. They even offer lavender tea and ice cream for you to try!

Business Information:

Address:  410 Concession 12 Townsend, Waterford, ON N0E 1Y0
Phone: (519) 443-7125

Customer Review Highlights:

“This place was a wonderful find! Abundant fields of lavender (French & English) as well as vineyards you can stroll through. Flight tasting is not available but you can try out a glass of their wines or ciders. Cherry bomb is fantastically refreshing and delightful. Lavender tea & lemonade are other options. You can also cut your own lavender.”
“Stunning lavender farm, great wine, lavender ice cream and cider. Remember to walk down the graph farm to visit the little house in the back and wetland.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
There’s a retail store where you can shop for lavender products Not accessible for wheelchairs and walkers on the grass
Has a winery and you can enjoy some fresh wine

4. Campbell’s Cross Farm

Campbell’s Cross Farm

If you love to see a field of some fresh bright sunflowers visit Campbell’s Cross Farm where they offer more amenities around here! Visit their sunflower bloom in August, that’s when they open! 

They even offer a small trail to the sunflower field which is fun for kids and a family day out! 

You get to experience a horse-drawn wagon ride, a food truck selling freshly baked cookies and what’s unique for you to try is their watermelon sandwich! This snack is made with fresh watermelon served on Italian bread with different sauces and cheese on top, creating a unique flavour! 

Business Information:

Address: 3634 King St, Inglewood, ON L7C 0R5
Phone: (416) 294-7642

Customer Review Highlights:

“I had such an incredible experience at Campbell's Cross Farm! I went to see the sunflowers this summer, and now during the holidays they have a Horse Drawn Wagon Experience, which includes a ride through the magical forest and marshmallow roasting! They even had a Christmas Market filled with local vendors to support local for the holidays. You can also take a professional photo with Santa! Can't wait to visit again :)”
“Highly recommend the visit to the farm. The flowers were in full blooms. Lots of space for the trails to feel alone and take great photos. Fun surprises along the way. The food, gelato, and drinks were fantastic!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers winter permit for professional photography Website didn’t mention admission price, will be updated near opening time
Horse-drawn wagon experience available
Offers yoga workshops

5. Lochland Botanicals

Lochland Botanicals

Milton’s Lochland Botanicals is a colourful bloom-filled fantasy only a short drive from Toronto. The farm, which opened in 2017, promises a lovely day of pick-your-own flowers and herbs, bouquet and tea-making lessons, quaint wagon trips, farm store shopping, and scenic picnic spots. 

They have over 140 varieties of flowers and herbs like poppies, English lavender, sunflowers, and much more! This is the perfect place to visit as they have a pink bench-like swing on the property, perfect for pictures! The pricing for admissions can range from $7 to $22.

If you don’t want to walk, there’s a wagon (with a very interesting guide) that will drive you around the field, but it’s not far to roam on a sunny day. There are benches and chairs all throughout, and you may have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful landscape while you eat.

Business Information:

Address: 2468 25 Side Rd, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0
Phone: (647) 564-5624

Customer Review Highlights:

“What a beautiful place. I went for their last day of season for their sunrise event and it was such a peaceful experience. All you could hear were the honey bees and birds. The owners are lovely and stop to chat with each guest, making everyone feel at home. The flowers and herbs are beautiful and you pick whatever you’d like. Definitely recommend!”
“This place is lovely! Peaceful, with beautiful fields of flowers to wander, including lavender and sunflowers, depending on the time of year. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable about their flowers, and I loved the opportunity to create my own bouquet to take home…”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers spring sales online where you can buy 3 teas and 1 free  Online admissions fee not clearly shown
Insta worthy scenery 

6. Dahlia May Flower Farm

Dahlia May Flower Farm

Dahlia May Flower Farm, established in 2014, is a small family business that specializes in cultivating beautiful and fragrant, typically classic, flower variations. Dahlia May, located in the lovely rolling Murray Hills of southern Ontario, provides fresh seasonal cut flowers and unique bouquets to farmers’ markets and specialty stores in the greater Quinte area. 

From March to December, the farm organizes a flower market at their renowned on-farm Farmstand, where you can buy the most exquisite Ontario-produced blossoms. This place also provides floral design services that are influenced by nature and vary with the seasons.

Business Information:

Address: 1226 Stockdale Rd, Trenton, ON K8V 5P6
Phone: (613) 403-5055

Customer Review Highlights:

“Amazing atmosphere. Quaint little farm stand. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Well maintained, and very inviting. Large variety of plants, flowers, and arrangements (end of Aug), reasonably priced. Looking into monthly subscriptions! Can't wait to return and get some more arrangements. 10/10 recommend.”
“This place is magical!!! Melanie has put her heart and soul into it and you can see that throughout! Her flowers and products go above and beyond!! I love this place!💗🌸💗🌸💗”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
You can shop online for their merch and flowers! The website does not provide admission fees.
Offers floral design services

7. Laveanne Lavender

Laveanne Lavender

Over 10,000 gorgeous lavender plants may be found at Laveanne Lavender Campbellcroft. The cost for admission is $11.30 for one hour and it opens in July! It is free for children under 12 years old!

What’s great about it is that it offers Canada’s greatest range of lavender varieties and provides a stunning backdrop for flower-loving photographers. The tranquil property is home to two large lavender fields, one of which is a fragrant labyrinth formed of flower walls and it is designed for relaxation and meditation! 

If you want to see lavender fields in bloom, you must go in July. The bloom is brief, and the ideal time to view the most intense colour and enjoy the incredible buzz of hundreds of Honeybees is during the second and third weeks of July (don’t worry the bees are not harmless…).

Business Information:

Address: 8667 Gilmour Rd, Campbellcroft, ON L0A 1B0
Phone: (705) 201-1545

Customer Review Highlights:

“An extraordinarily beautiful place! Walk through the lavender labyrinth, capture the natural beauty of the flora and fauna, indulge yourself at the gift shop, and enjoy time with family and friends!”
“Beautiful lavender farm! Great for photos and souvenirs. The lavender field only opens in the summer for a few months. They also have yoga and a small food area. The entire place smells amazing and it is a must see for anyone in the area! Down a beautiful quiet road to the lavender farm.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Has a lavender labyrinth designed for mediation and relaxation.  Some reviewers state that the lavender bushes need to grow bigger.
Has a boutique you can shop at!

8. White Creek Flower Farm

White Creek Flower Farm

Visit White’s Creek Flower Farm in Milton if you want to cut your own flowers and depart with fresh blossoms and handmade items. They give clippers, mason jars, and water to make things easier at this laid-back flower farm.

This is the perfect place to visit during summer around July to get some insta worthy pictures! The admission is free however if you want flowers, you pay for what you pick! 

You’ll see a bunch of dahlias, peonies, lavender, roses, tulips, lilac, freesia and much more! So pick as many flowers as you can to create your ideal gorgeous set of bouquets! 

Business Information:

Address: 1125 Concession Rd 7, Beaverton, ON L0K 1A0
Phone:  (705) 928-2910

Customer Review Highlights:

“It's a lovely piece of land. Quaint little shop with lots of great finds inside, plus a beverage bar. The flower gardens are so pretty! Teaming with gorgeous flowers, honeybees and lots of butterflies. Simply magical”
“An amazing place to take photos and bring the dog. The flower diversity and photo opportunities are great. The flower garden is a little small but it’s still well worth the trip. It’s a fun date place and so beautiful.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Entry is free, just need to pay for what you pick The flower garden is a bit small
Gift shops available

9. Prince Edward County Lavender

Prince Edward County Lavender

If you want to cool your mind, help relieve anxiety, and tap into your sense, then visit Prince Edward County Lavender farm! To tour the lavender farm is $8 per person.

On their farm, you’ll discover a variety of lavenders and smells! Some of their types are prized for their remarkable essential oil properties, while others are better retained for culinary or craft purposes.

In the summer, shop the boutique, see the lavender fields and the knot garden, and marvel at their other flower gardens.

Visit their cute gift shop to see the variety of lavender-themed products they have in store for you! As well as lavender gelato, that’s something unique to try at least once!

Business Information:

Address: 732 Closson Rd, Hillier, ON K0K 2J0
Phone: (613) 633-1844

Customer Review Highlights:

“It is a lovely lavender farm! Could spent an hour or two there. Plenty of chairs in sheds and they sell lavender gelato so it is nice to eating the ice cream and see the beautiful field…”
“A cute little farm tucked away in the country. I was fortunate to be there while the lavender was in full bloom. The air smelled divine. They show how lavender is distilled. Lavender merchandise can be purchased in the gift store...”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Have a gift store Some reviewers state the farm is smaller than expected
Photo-worthy scenery

10. Garden Party Flower Farm

Garden Party Flower Farm

Garden Party Flower Farm in St. Agatha provides all you need for a nice summer day, whether you want to select your own flowers, attend a lesson, or simply snap photographs of the beautiful surroundings. 

Visitors can choose their own bouquets or choose from ready-picked bunches at the on-farm flower shop, which is less than two hours from Toronto.

What’s amazing is that they grow over 200 varieties of flowers on their farm! They are cultivated without the use of fertilizers or pesticides that are derived from fossil fuels. Crop rotations are used to promote healthy soil, and no GMOs or neonicotinoids are used. Also, seedlings are grown in a cold greenhouse with no extra heat.

Business Information:

Address: 1528 Notre Dame Dr, St. Agatha, ON N0B 2L0
Phone: (519) 885-8775

Customer Review Highlights:

“Garden Party Flowers carry the most beautiful selection of flowers, you will not be disppointed! Amy and her team are wonderful and communicate well to ensure that my orders are well taken care of each time. Highly recommended for weddings or just because!”
“We worked with Garden Party Flowers team for our little one's 1st birthday party celebration. All arrangements turn out to be beautiful with exact colour palette that I envisioned Thank you for your great work.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Admission to the place is free, you just need to pay what you pick The website didn’t mention the types of flowers they grow
Plant and seedling sales online
DIY weddings and events to book here
Offer flowers for events 

11. Terre Bleu County Lavender

Terre Bleu County Lavender

Terre Bleu lavender farm, located roughly an hour north-west of the city, is not only the largest lavender farm in Ontario, but it also has over 40,000 lavender plants, making it a must-see for flower fans. 

Terre Bleu harvests nine distinct species of lavender in their fields each year, all of which bloom at various times during the summer season, providing breathtaking colour in the fields from June to August.

The pricing is $15 during the week and $20 on the weekend! It is free for kids under two years old. Drop by their herb bar at the Ruins Cafe where on the weekends we recommend trying their super refreshing and delicious herb fruit mocktails like lavender peach bellini and pineapple lavender mojito! 

Business Information:

Address: 2501 25 Side Rd, Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0
Phone: N/A

Customer Review Highlights:

“This farm of lavender 💜 and sun flowers is so pretty. My visit was not crowded, but if you are visiting on a sunny day, wear a hat, and comfortable walking shoes. I spent around 2 hours between fields, pretty farm for taking pictures, specially with kids. Parking was not an issue, they have portable toilet. You can also buy their products there. Enjoy!”
“The Sunflowers fields were in full bloom and the Lavender field was so beautiful. The staff is very friendly and helpful to answer any questions. I bought some of the dry lavender to bring home and the smell is sooo good! Beautiful scenery. Will visit again next year🌻”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Guided tours around the fields are available or explore on your own Some reviewers were not satisfied with the lavender presentation
The perfect destination for wedding photos or for fun! The yellow door in the middle of the lavender field
Has a yellow bench trail to 20,000 extra lavender plants that will also lead you to the famous yellow door
Farm store is available to purchase lavender scented candles 
Offers a herb bar to out some unique drinks!

12. The Sunflower Farm

The Sunflower Farm

The Sunflower Farm is popular for photo shoots, with sunflower items and a maze across the field. This is a multigenerational family farm that opened its gates for visitors to explore agriculture. It is also the first sunflower farm and even Canada’s only sunflower-shaped maze.

Their path is designed like a sunflower and winds among hundreds of flowering sunflowers! It has two mazes, a 500m one and a 150m where there are even props like vintage cars along the way to take pictures. Check out their Instagram for videos too!

This is a must-see if you want to experience farm life in this gorgeous 20-acre sunflower field on Durham Region’s first and largest sunflower farm. You should take a walk along the sunflower route to get that ideal shot of the tractor.

You can arrange your visit to The Sunflower Farm online before you arrive and show your QR code on your cell phone. Tickets may also be purchased at the gate. Each day, a limited number of tickets are available for guests. The price is between $10 to $15 and opens at the end of July.

Business Information:

Address: The Sunflower Farm, B24430 Sideroad 17, Beaverton
Phone: (416) 316-9543

Customer Review Highlights:

“My friends and I had a great experience at the sunflower farm. It was fun walking through the sunflower shaped maze and even though we didn't go during peak bloom there were lots of sunflowers to see. Everyone got a free flower to take home…”
“Such a beautiful place! 100% worth visiting! We had a lovely time and took some great pictures. The place is not too crowded which allows for social distancing, and staff is always ready to help you take a beautiful photo for your social media.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Everyone gets a free flower to take home May experience longer lineups during the weekends.
Feel free to visit on 50% off days (Every Monday & Tuesday)!
You can book slots for professional photoshoots. Details about the same are posted on the website.
There are nice refreshments, honey and other sunflower merchandise to purchase if you want

FAQ About Flower Fields

You will mostly see lavender, tulips, dahlias, sunflowers, peonies grown in the flower fields near Toronto!
Depending on the location, in some areas admission is free but you need to pay to pick flowers. Others require at least 1-2 hours.
Yes, these locations offer various food offerings from lavender tea, fresh mocktails, ice cream, sandwiches and much more!
Yes, some of these locations offer to host weddings, engagements and birthday parties etc.


If you’re looking for some beautiful, scenic, insta-worthy flower fields to visit during spring and summer, look no further than the best 12 flower fields near Toronto. For a short trip away from the city, not only do these destinations offer pretty flowers to see, but they also offer gift shops, yoga classes, wagon rides and unique food to try! So make sure to visit these areas real soon, you won’t regret it!

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