Best Hair Transplants in Toronto

Hair transplants are here to help you save the day. Many people are self-conscious about their receding hairline, baldness, and hair loss. Thankfully experts in hair transplantation have developed a technique to take hair follicles from your scalp and transplant them where you want hair to grow where the price is calculated depending on the procedure and length of the treatment. There are several hair transplant clinics in Toronto where you may receive the best treatment for your hair condition.
The cost of a hair transplant in Toronto is calculated on the basis of the number of grafts needed for the procedure. For instance, if you are losing your hair at a moderate rate, then 3000 grafts will be necessary to cover the bare areas. If your hair loss is at an advanced stage, then 6000 grafts will be necessary.
The cost will also vary depending on the surgeon and the clinic. The average cost of a hair transplant procedure in Toronto is typically around $8,000 to $15,500 with some clinics charging by the graft, by the session, or they might have package deals that can help you save money.
The following is a list of hair transplant clinics in Toronto that you may visit right now.

1) Rahal Hair Transplant

At 1131 Leslie St #300 in North York, Rahal Hair Transplant offers a proven treatment that includes a money-back guarantee if you don’t receive the results you want. So whether you want a better hairline, hair transplant for hair loss or eyebrow transplant, Rahal Hair transplant will offer you one of the best hair solution options that will make you feel good about yourself. They also provide free consultations to assist you in understanding and making decisions before you get medical treatment.

2) The Toronto Hair Transplant

The Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic Is located at 59 Hayden St, Suite 702. This clinic has a medical team that is certified and skilled in FUE, smart hair graft treatment and restoration, scalp tattooing, PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy, and so many more treatments that help with hair loss. 

3) Sure Hair International

Sure Hair International is located at 180 Bloor St W #604 in the centre of downtown Toronto. For over 25 years, Sure Hair International has been offering hair treatments. They provide medical procedures such as eyebrow hair transplantation, FUE hair transplantation, scar minimization, and non-surgical procedures for men and women. You may also receive a free consultation here, so be sure to take advantage of it.

4) Toronto Hair Transplant Centre

Toronto Hair Transplant Centre
The Toronto Hair Transplant Centre was the first clinic worldwide to do large session FUE of over 1000 grafts in 2002. In fact, the founding partner, Dr. Robert Jones pioneered large case FUE and has been doing them longer than any surgeon or clinic out there! Perhaps the most distinguishing fact about the clinic is that doctors perform both the extraction of grafts and the creation of the planting sites.

Address: 435 Reynolds St., Suite 206 in Oakville
Phone: 877-463-0380

5) Seager Hair Transplant

young-african-american-man-visiting-barbershop (1)
Another Toronto hair transplant facility may be found at 99 Yorkville Avenue in downtown Toronto. For over 25 years, Seager Hair Loss Centre has been a world leader in hair transplant and restoration procedures, making it one of the top hair loss treatments available. This clinic offers individualized hair treatments such as FUE, FUT and various other hair treatments to clients. Hair transplant Toronto

6) The Hair Loss Recovery Program

Another hair transplantation facility you may visit today is located at 7191 Yonge St #404 in Thornhill. You won’t have to worry about the workforce because client satisfaction is their priority. You will receive the excellent hair treatments possible thanks to their trained teams and highly informed and competent specialists.

7) Aesthetics Secret

This clinic can be found at 10288 Yonge St in Richmond Hill. Here, you will receive excellent treatment from friendly and kind employees as well as expert doctors who will not rest until their clients are happy. You can visit Aesthetics Secrets and Day of the Week if you are experiencing hair loss, receding hairline, or any other hair concerns.

8) Canadian Hair Transplant

Canadian Hair Transplant Centre is located at 2863 Ellesmere Rd Suite #405 in Scarborough, where you may find professional and experienced specialists like Dr. Simmons. The founder and owner of the Canadian Hair Transplant Clinic, Dr. Simmons, has over 20 years of hair transplant expertise, and his talents have helped the company gain prominence and client satisfaction over the years.  Canadian hair transplant combines modern and traditional procedures of hair care to provide you with a variety of treatments tailored to your needs.

9) Dr. Paul C Cotterill

Dr. Paul C Cotterill’s clinic provides a calm and inviting atmosphere situated at 21 Bedford Rd. Here you will get hair treatment from an experienced doctor who has been doing hair restoration for over 32 years. With modern technologies, the clinic provides trained doctors to provide hair transplant and PRP treatment to male and female patients.

10) FUE Canada

FUE Canada Hair Transplant Clinic is located in North York at 302 Sheppard Ave W #3. They provide top hair treatments such as FUE, FUT, and PRP therapy for hair loss with modern technology such as ARTAS and Neo graft systems to aid you with previous unsatisfactory procedures to bring you better operation and recovery periods.

11) Dr. Ashlin Alexander

Dr. Alexande 2
Dr. Alexande 1
Dr. Ashlin Alexander is a Toronto cosmetic Plastic Surgeon who specializes in face cosmetics and hair transplants. His hair treatment treatments include beard transplant, eyebrow transplant, FUE, PRB hair loss therapy, and many other treatments. If you are interested in his work, you can find the clinic is located at 251 Davenport Rd, Toronto downtown.


Hair transplants will last for decades if they are executed properly and maintained regularly.

To keep your hair transplant looking its best, it’s important that you maintain the donor area to reduce the risk of excessive shedding, which can cause baldness in that area. For best results, speak with your physician about long-term maintenance plans tailored to your needs.

Typically this includes 1 – 2 sessions per year with a reduced number of hairs each time for 4 – 6 years after surgery. Ask your physician to recommend the best regimen based on the type of hair transplant done, age-range and other factors.

Hair transplants can be surprisingly painless. The numbing agents applied to your scalp help you to feel little or no pain during the procedure. Most people describe the sensation of getting a follicular unit transplant as feeling like a rubber band snapping on their heads and say they experienced no significant discomfort following the procedure.

Hair transplants are a safe form of hair restoration that has been used for decades. They are one of the most effective treatments available. Hair transplants involve moving hair from the permanent zone to the balding area. This is done using either the strip method or the closure method, depending on preference and suitability.

A new technique has emerged recently – follicular unit extraction. This procedure does not create scars in the donor area since it doesn’t require cutting any hair. The major risk factors of these procedures are any risks associated with general anesthesia.

Hair transplant surgery is not appropriate in all situations. Those who are suffering from alopecia due to disease, chemotherapy or autoimmunity may not be good candidates for hair transplants since the hair loss may not necessarily regrow following the procedure. Additionally, those with active infections at the planned surgical site should postpone their treatment until these conditions are treated.

The entire procedure takes anywhere from 2-8 hours, depending on the number of grafts. In general, 1 session may provide enough coverage for small areas or corners of the head if the procedure is planned well and performed by an experienced surgeon. Multiple sessions may be required for larger balding areas.

Hair transplants look very natural and the vast majority of transplant patients are extremely satisfied with their results. The hair growth is indistinguishable from your normal hair and will grow at a similar speed. As the hair grows, it may need to be cut just like other hairs on your head.

The downside is that you must continually maintain the donor area to prevent any visible scarring. This includes regular treatments to the donor area for 1 – 2 years following surgery. After that, haircuts can be done at home without having to attend special maintenance sessions.


Hair loss, whether it occurs in men or women, is a normal occurrence resulting from age, health, work, or other factors. However, with today’s technology, even hair loss cannot prevent you from appearing your best. We hope that the list of hair transplant locations in Toronto mentioned above will aid you in locating the finest clinic that will provide you with the best results you deserve.

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