Best Houseplant Stores in Toronto

Within the last year to two, more millennials have been purchasing plants for caretaking in the home due to the quarantining. Because more millennials are home more often, plant purchasing has become a theme to battle the negative effects of the lockdown. Plants are a great air cleanser, and provide higher quality of air in the home. Plus, plants offer a reason to healthily disconnect from technology, think more creatively and improve moods.
Plant parenthood is the nurture of nature which is becoming rapidly widespread in different parts of the globe, especially during seasons of fall and winter where plants offer comfort and consolation in the home when seasonal depression heightens. So, is “plant parenthood” a thing? Absolutely, but to become one, you need good places to start.
Now that you know why “plant parenthood” is a thing, here is a list of the top 5 houseplant store in Toronto worth investing in:
Photo By little plant
Located at 2827 Yonge Street, Toronto, Sheridan Nurseries offers houseplants of all kinds. From perennials, evergreens to broadleaf evergreens, they offer nursery plants by the stock. They also offer plants by the season, such as annuals, bonsai and flowering houseplants. Sheridan even gives you the opportunity to grow your own. The Toronto Garden centre hosts the largest selection of specialty plants in the area and is open 24/7 a week. In need of some natural interior home décor and some plant resolution, check out Sheridan Nurseries online today.
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Located at 165 King Edward Avenue, Grow Something has been turned from a side gig of making baby plants to an all-time garden of true elegance and beauty. You have the option to craft something or make a plant arrangement of all varying types of plants, ranging from non succulent plants to succulent plants. Now that summer is approaching, get your plant list down and contact Grow Something for some succulent suggestions!
Photo By Bobbi Gaukel
Located at 364A King Street East, the values and foundations that make up eco|systems surround the health and well-being of the customer and the wider society. All flowers and plants are local, organic and fair-trade and the local florist is considered the most environmentally and socially sustainable in the botanist business. They offer flowers for every season and occasion, terrariums, air purifying plants and pet friendly house plants.
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At 1640 Dupont Street, Urban Gardener provides for all members of the community, whether it is your 1st or your 100th plant. This little urban greenhouse offers the opportunity to maximize your home with the best selected and highest quality plants for your dwelling. You may work with a Community Manager who helps with plant curation free of charge. Plants are inspected upon arrival and any sign of pests would be notified, treated and quarantined. Urban Gardener genuinely cares for the customer, the ecosystem and society at large and will do whatever it takes to adhere to their policy of respect, maintenance and sustainability. Urban Gardener also specializes in repotting plants for your in-house needs.
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Located on 1562 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Stamen and Pistil Botanicals offers a chic and sophisticated look of plants within your city-dwelling. They optimize on making a “house” a “home” with the unique and sincere touch of in-house plants. They arrange the right ingredients to add the right touch into a small or large home, such as their expertise, tropical plant, terrarium, soil and much more! The goal of Stamen and Pistil Botanicals is to empower their customers by creating an “indoor oasis” that they envision.
So, now that summer is soon to be, head on over to buy some in-season tropicals to boost the weather and become a plant parent today.