The 7 Best Ice Skating Rinks in Toronto [2024]

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From outdoor rinks with stunning views or small, neighbourhood indoor rinks, Toronto has something for everyone when it comes to this winter pastime. We have put together a list of the 7 best ice skating rinks in Toronto. So grab your skates and let’s see the sites!


How Much Does It Cost to Ice Skate in Toronto?

Ice skating for most ice skating rinks is typically free. The exceptions are when rinks charge a membership or an admission fee. Most of the time, the only cost you will encounter is for renting skates, helmets, and skating sharpening services.
Rental Skates (Children 12 & Under) $5 – $8
Rental Skates (Adult)  $10 – $15
Skate Sharpening $8 – $12
Helmet $5 – $8

The Best Ice Skating Rinks in Toronto

Now that we know when the best time is to skate in Toronto, let’s take a look at some of the rinks that make up our city.

1) Nathan Philip Square

Nathan Philip Square
Photo Credit: Michael Rawle

Located in downtown Toronto, Nathan Phillips Square is a must-visit ice skating rink. It’s not only free, but the iconic Toronto sign in the background adds a captivating touch to the experience. It’s conveniently situated close to the Eaton Centre and easily accessible by public transportation. Need accommodation nearby? The Sheraton Hotel is right across the street.

Business Information
Address 100 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2N1
Phone (416) 392-2489
Operating Hours Everyday: 10am – 10pm
Skate Rental Yes
Best for those who want to enjoy a free outdoor skating experience with Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. It’s particularly great for families, couples, and anyone looking for a memorable skating experience in the heart of Toronto

Customer Review:

"Nathan Phillips Squares remains an important Toronto landmark. The outdoor rink is a winter classic for tourists and some locals. (Remember that rental skates are never the best to learn how to skate, however). The public place welcomes all kinds of events all year long. The architecture of the surrounding buildings is very unique. Enjoy the view. It always feels special."
- Nat Ouellet
"Beautiful rink to skate on in the winter. You will not be disappointed. Whether you live in the city, or you’re just visiting, this is a token experience to check off your to-do list! "
- Emily

2) Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre
Photo Credit: Mustafa Ahmed

Nestled along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario, Harbourfront Centre’s ice rink offers a stunning and unique skating experience. After enjoying the ice, you can try out some new restaurants for dinner plans. The view from this waterfront space includes the CN Tower, providing a perfect backdrop for selfies.

Business Information
Address 235 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8
Phone (416) 973-4000
Operating Hours Mon-Thurs & Sun: 10am – 10pm Fri & Sat: 10am – 11pm
Skate Rental Yes
Best for those who want to skate in a picturesque location with a stunning view of Lake Ontario and the CN Tower. It’s ideal for date nights, solo skaters looking for a peaceful skate, and food enthusiasts who want to explore nearby restaurants after skating.

Customer Review:

"We went to the artificial ice rink just beside it by the concert stage. It is the cutest set up with twinkle lights around the trees and changing lights by the stage. Also a great view of the CN tower. This rink is super fun even though it is small, great for tourists or to bring a date. Totally recommend "
- Vivi Wilds
"Much quieter than the experience at Nathan Phillips Square. The view over the lake is phenomenal on one side, and the CN Tower on the other. Great music playing, fun atmosphere. Skate rentals are $12.50 (tax included) and you have to leave photo ID as collateral. Lockers are available for a loonie (has to be a loonie) and larger ones for a toonie. I would recommend bringing water as the vending machines tend to be out of commission. Great experience!"
- Ashlea J. Russell

3) Mattamy Athletic Centre (Ryerson University)

Mattamy Athletic Centre (Ryerson University)
Photo Credit: Mattamy Athletic Centre

Located near Yonge and College Streets, the Mattamy Athletic Centre is surrounded by university students and offers a lively atmosphere for ice skating. Whether you’re skating with friends or looking for an adventure, this is the perfect place to come together and have a great time on skates.

Business Information
Address 50 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 1J2
Phone (416) 979-5339
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 6am – 11pm Sat: Closed Sun: 9am – 6pm
Skate Rental Yes
Best for those who want to skate in a lively atmosphere surrounded by university students. It’s perfect for friends looking for a fun skating adventure and families who want to spend quality time together.

Customer Review:

"It was a fun place. Skating was great and staff were very helpful. A definite must to bring your kids"
- Sara DeLuca
"Nothing can beat skating where the Maple Leaf's used to play, It obviously looks different. But there is still an awesome rink to skate."
- Alex K

4) The Bentway Skate Trail

The Bentway Skate Trail
Photo Credit/The Bentway

This hidden gem of a skating rink is located underneath the Gardiner Expressway, offering a unique and enjoyable skating experience. The 1.8 kilometer long trail winds its way through gardens, parks, and public spaces, providing a different atmosphere compared to traditional rinks. Best of all, there’s no charge to use the trail and skate rentals are available on site.

Business Information
Address 250 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 3K9
Phone (416) 304-0222
Operating Hours Mon-Fri: 10am – 6pm Sat: Closed Sun: Closed
Skate Rental Yes
Best for those who want a unique skating experience under the Gardiner Expressway. This trail is perfect for nature lovers who appreciate skating through gardens, parks, and public spaces. It’s a great spot for photo enthusiasts as well.

Customer Review:

"Great place to get some fresh air in the winter and lace up the skates ! Max 25 people on the ice rink and need to book ahead!"
- Brayden Hooper
"Beautiful night view and the skating ring under the Bentway is quite peaceful to enjoy on a gorgeous winter evening."
- David O'Connor

5) Mel Lastman Square Rink

Mel Lastman Square Rink
Photo Credit/Jenny H.

Located in North York, Mel Lastman Square is a beautiful park featuring a spacious ice skating rink. With 20,000 square feet of open space, there’s plenty of room for skaters to enjoy their time without feeling cramped. Plus, the park often hosts fun events, so there’s always something happening to make your visit even more exciting.

Business Information
Address 5100 Yonge St, North York, ON M2N 5V7
Phone (416) 338-3343
Operating Hours Open 24/7
Skate Rental No
Best for those who want to skate in a spacious park with fountains and a vibrant atmosphere. It’s perfect for skaters who enjoy open spaces and want to attend fun events happening at the square.

Customer Review:

"Great cute skating rink. At night the lights are gorgeous and the music is very retro and fun. They take care of the ice well and its completely free to skate as long as you already own skates."
- Kya R
"Awesome place to go skating, not to crowded and never any issues. The zamboni clears the ice enough to maintain ideal skating conditions."
- Ashli Ballowe

6) Union Station

Union Station
Photo Credit: Justin Gonsalves

If you’re looking for an ice skating rink with an incredible view, Union Station is the place to be. Located in front of the CN Tower, this rink offers a stunning backdrop of the Toronto skyline. Best of all, admission and rentals are free, so you can enjoy skating without any additional costs. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of the surroundings.

Business Information
Address 65 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E6
Phone 416 338 0889
Operating Hours Sun-Weds: 11am – 7pm Thurs-Sat: 11am – 9pm
Skate Rental Yes
Best for those who want to skate while enjoying breathtaking views of the CN Tower and Toronto skyline. It’s an ideal spot for photographers, tourists, and locals who appreciate a stunning backdrop while skating.

Customer Review:

"I'm in love with this station just because of how beautiful it gets around the afternoon i come here just to have get a better view of the sky and my absolute favorite CN-tower. "
- Chris Heka
"Conveniently located close to Union station via rail. Can access go train and via train from the bus terminal with less than 5 min walk. Winters can be hard since some sections are not under the roof. Plan accordingly. There is also ticket office inside and also a convenience shop and restrooms."
- S.A. Shivram

7) Colonel Samuel Smith Park

Colonel Samuel Smith Park
Photo Credit: Jose San Juan

Situated in the northwest corner of Toronto, Colonel Samuel Smith Park offers a large and well-maintained ice skating rink. The picturesque pond area often hosts hockey games and provides a beautiful setting for skating. After a skate, you can warm up in one of the heated pavilions and enjoy some hot chocolate.

Business Information
Address 3145 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 4B6
Phone (416) 392-9715
Operating Hours Everyday: 10am – 9:45pm
Skate Rental No
Best for those who want to skate in a large park with a well-maintained ice rink. It’s perfect for skaters who enjoy a peaceful setting and the option to warm up at one of the heated pavilions nearby.

Customer Review:

"A nice change of pace from other skating rinks. This figure-of-eight shaped short trail is fun and nicely maintained. Staff were nice when asking questions. Just be sure to skate in the "right" direction or some know-it-all patron will yell at you (as was the case for my 6 and 4 year olds)! "
- Daniel S.
"Nice place to skate. Close to a parking lot. Good washroom facilities, place to put on your skates and keep your stuff (no lockers available though. Skate rentals not available. But, I would highly recommend this place!"
- Daniel W.

FAQs About Ice Skating in Toronto

Skate rentals are available at most ice skating rinks, although some do charge for them. You can save money by bringing your own skates to many locations around the city.

The best time to go ice skating in Toronto is typically from December to March, although some rinks are open all year round. Check the website of the rink you want to visit for specific dates and hours of operation.

Yes, some rinks offer ice time for rent. However, it is often very busy so be sure to plan ahead. You can find more information on the website of the rink you’re interested in.

Most rinks require you to be at least 4 years old in order to skate, though children under 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Be sure to check the website of the rink you’re interested in to confirm the age requirement.


Each of these Toronto rinks is a great way to spend time with family and friends over the winter months. Be sure to check out these locations if you’re looking for something different than your average rink!

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