Best Indian Restaurants in Toronto

Enjoy some delicious cuisine at some of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto. The dishes here are always aromatic and seasoned well.

1) Aanch

Aanch opened in 2016 and continues to gain customers for its delicious homemade dishes. They get their fresh produce locally as well. This place is calm and cozy the perfect place for some deep conversations. For a price range of $15 – $25, you can get a three-course meal. There are so many side dishes that come with the main dish. Aanch offers vegetarian options as well as a wide drink selection to pair with the food. The food always leaves customers coming back for more.

2) Banjara Indian Cuisine

This restaurant is known for its flavourful food and affordable prices. Banjara Indian Cuisine offers catering services as well. They serve everything from meat to vegetarian dishes. The food here is always on point. If you enjoy variety, we recommend getting the combo platters. They come with your choice of main (meat/veggie) served with rice, naan, daal, curry and more. People have loved the butter chicken combo. The dishes are seasoned really well and you get to choose your preferred spice level.

3) Khau Gully

This restaurant does an interesting take on Indian cuisine. Their food is prepared with farmed vegetables, spices and ethically sourced meat. They offer meat vegetarian and vegan options. They serve delicious dishes at a range of $15 – $23. A customer favourite is the Lagan Ka Murg. The juicy boneless chicken comes in a curry with saffron, cashews and onion gravy. End your meal with Kesar Ramsalai. This rich dish is served with soft paneer balls coated with creamy saffron milk.

4) Bhoj Indian Cuisine

This restaurant is proud to serve its customer authentic North Indian flavours. Their dishes are spiced to order with tons of flavour coming through. Bhoj Indian Cuisine opened its door in 2016 and focus on providing quality meals. A customer favourite is the Kofta Malai. This dish comes with homemade cottage cheese stuffed with cashews and milk cheese in a creamy sauce. There isn’t a single dish here that won’t knock your socks off. Their unique dishes are perfect for any occasion. They offer delivery and take-out services as well.

5) Madras Masala

They serve some great South Indian Dishes here. Their dishes are aromatic and always seasoned well. Madras Masala always tries to come up with the best spice combinations to bring out the flavour in your meal. They also offer an array of vegan and gluten-free options to choose from. Customers have recommended trying the SPL Rava Dosa. It comes with caramelized onions embedded in the rice flour. The sweetness of the onions works well with the savoury potato masala.

6) Utsav

This hidden gem of a restaurant offers some great food options to choose from. Utsav opened in 2000 and continues to serve delicious food in the heart of Yorkville. The restaurant decor combines modern art with classic designs. A customer favourite is the Madrasi Chicken. This tender chicken dish is drenched in coconut curry with oven-roasted chiles, tomatoes and onions cooked with madras spices. We recommend pairing this with a mango lassi a sweet creamy drink perfect with any meal.