Best Indigenous Cuisine in Toronto

Here in Toronto we have a diverse array of ethnic groups, which makes our melting pot so undeniable. What we are today could not be possible without the honour, respect and appreciation for the land we are on. What I’m talking about is Indigenous Peoples Day. Today – a day more than just a reference to our Indigenous peoples, but a commemoration to these wonderful people who hold a very strong and dignified history and undying past. The Indigenous community is a solid stronghold within our society and without mention, needs to be celebrated and remembered on this special day and every other after. Here are to our Indigenous peoples and their hard work and sacrifice. Here are 7 top Indigenous restaurants in the city:

1) Nish Dish

Now, this is one restaurant that can’t be ignored. Nestled in the homey space of 690 Bloor Street West, Nish Dish connects traditional Indigenous culture to the modern space of Toronto. They offer lunch and dinner throughout the week and all-day brunch on the weekends. Nish Dish offers as many ingredients from the Indigenous communities to the Toronto sphere. They even have a fun twist of reading material tucked throughout the shop so that visitors can learn more about “Three Sisters”, or “Ojibway language”, or more on the Indigenous community and culture.

2) Pow Wow Café

Located on 213 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, Pow Wow Café brings traditional Indigenous cuisine to Kensington Market. They offer all day brunch from 11am to 3pm and brunches are served with fruit, home fries and salad. Y ou can try their Venison Meatloaf, Wild Rice Oatmeal with cranberries or 3 egg frittata topped with butternut squash, all served with a side of duck bacon, fried bologna or baked beans…ask about specials!

3) Tea n Bannock

Greetings, Boozhoo from Tea n Bannock Here they offer the taste of Indigenous Cuisine. If you know of the oral tradition of Turtle Island, you are invited to bask in the magical journey of our First Nations Territories of how we all became. From family to food, we offer some of the most delightful dishes that are native to Tkaronto, including Bison, Fish, Wild-rice, Cedar Tea and more!

4) Boralia

Boralia offers the traditions of our Native peoples like no other. The restaurant is inspired by Aboriginal recipes and cooking which is reflected on and demonstrated through the cuisine-art of the kitchen. They also celebrate the history of the 18th and 19th centuries where immigrants and settlers came to the lands and brought with them recipes that still live on today.

5) Na-Me-Res Pow Wow

Held by the Native Men’s Residence in June in light of National Aboriginal Day and the summer solstice, Na-Me-Res is a Pow Wow event that celebrates the culture, art and food of the Indigenous community. It is a free event and no alcohol is served. This is a moment for Indigenous peoples to shine their light and to bring out their colours and culture like Toronto has never seen before.

6) Ryerson Pow Wow

Though this may not be the average-restaurant type of event, Ryerson University holds the grounds for daring inclusivity and diversity…and how could we forget our Indigenous community? This event is held every September on the easily accessible Ryerson grounds where fun, dancing and vendors come together with appetizing Indigenous food for all to enjoy. 
So, whether you are a new starter or you are madly versed in the Indigenous food community, there is something for everyone to try. Support our local Aboriginals today and try a little bit of where our culture all began.

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