Best Indoor Sports Fields in Toronto

Whenever snow begins to fall and the wintertime comes around, playing outdoor sports such as soccer and football becomes difficult. This is especially true in Toronto, as our winters can last longer than other locations. However, instead of playing outdoors in the winter, you can play your favourite sports on an indoor field. But, how do you know which indoor fields are the best? We have created a list of the best indoor sports fields in Toronto, so that you can enjoy your field sports as if it were summer again.

Here are the best indoor sports fields (in Toronto):

Central Tech Stadium

Central Tech Stadium has a newly built pitch located near Bathurst Street and beside Harbord Street. The facility is open all year round and it is domed during the winter season. The dome typically stays on from late October until late April. Once the summer months approach, the dome is taken down and the field can be played on throughout the day. The stadium also includes a track that can be used for free during the summer.

Toronto City Sports Centre

The Toronto City Sports Centre is a top quality indoor training facility. It has provided the community with availability for birthday parties, sports activities and other events since 2009. The facility consists of an air-supported dome that has a 118 x 200 ft. indoor turf playing field. The centre offers a variety of recreational programs and also contains an adjoining clubhouse alongside it. The facility also includes changerooms, a large party room, accessible washroom facilities, a lounge area with a flat-screen TV and a snack bar.

LCI Sports Centre

LCI Sports Centre is a facility that offers field sports for its community, throughout the year. The centre allows soccer, football, lacrosse, rugby, cricket and ultimate frisbee to be played on the field. What makes the field even better is that it is an artificial turf that is thicker and softer than other fields. This makes the turf more durable and it allows the players to feel as if they are playing on a nature field. The centre also offers night lighting so that players can play their sports in the nighttime without having to worry about vision issues.

Monarch Park Stadium

Monarch Park Stadium is another unique facility that offers a variety of sport-based services. The stadium provides a full turf field for professional soccer or football games, it has a four-lane 370 track, a fitness training studio, high-quality field lighting, sports equipment for all field sports and a clubhouse. As a result, the facility can be used by professional athletes for training purposes or by casual sport players.

Toronto Soccerplex

Toronto Soccerplex is another facility that has provided its community with indoor sports services. The facility is mainly suited for those that are looking to pick soccer in a pickup or an organized league environment. The facility offers multiple indoor turf fields, surrounded by a welcoming club-house environment. The facility is open throughout the year, it can be used for a variety of sporting activities (not just soccer) and it is also a rental space for events.

These are all some of the best indoor sports fields that we identified located in the Toronto area. If you want to learn more about Toronto recreation, food and more, go ahead and check out our other articles!
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