11 Best Lakeside Patios in Toronto

What could be more relaxing than a patio?  Well, lakeside patios (obviously).  Toronto is blessed to have various waterfront activities and patios thanks to Lake Ontario. Many of us have made patios our number one destination since the lockdown was lifted; the cold winter and quarantine made us miss the outdoor gatherings and relaxing patios, and now that summer has arrived and Ontario has stepped into its phase two opening plan, we will definitely be outdoors!!! Lakeside patios are great for catching a breath of fresh air while snacking on fish & chips with a group of friends. We know you’ve been stuck indoors for far too long and deserve to have a wonderful and peaceful day, so we’ve created a list of the 11 best lakeside patios in Toronto for you to visit right now.

11) Joe Bird

Stop by Joe Bird’s great patio if you’re planning a meeting in Toronto on a warm and sunny day after a nice walk or biking around the WaterFront Trail. Since it can accommodate many people on a busy day, you won’t have to worry about getting a seat here.  Here, you’ll find a beautiful close view of the lake and a welcoming staff, as well as quick service and delectable cuisine including smoked, grilled, fried, and BBQ chicken, sandwiches, waffles, sides, alcoholic beverages, and vegetarian options. Don’t forget to try their $5 ice cream, which is great to have while strolling along the Lakeshore.

10) Amsterdam Brewhouse

Patio season is here, and it has become a ritual to visit the Amsterdam Brew House on the Harbourfront. Here you can get a close-up view of Lake Ontario from the patio, which is just as wonderful as the iced/hot coffee drinks that you may order while relaxing on their comfortable terrace and enjoying the lake breeze. The restaurant’s interior design is likewise attractive,cabin-Esque, and comfortable to eat fun foods such as burgers, fish tacos, and chicken wings that are good portion size and filling. They also have a good selection of wines and cocktails and special Amsterdam beer. Also, don’t forget to try out their red sangria pitcher. If you happen to be passing by or didn’t have time to make reservations, they accept walk-ins on weekdays but keep in mind that there may be lines ups and parking may be a bit problematic at times, so arrive early.

9) Against The Grain

You should add Against The Grain to your bucket list if you’re planning a special day this summer with easy booking. You’ll get excellent service and a great range of fresh dishes, including sesame ginger calamari, chicken wings, burgers, nachos, french onion soup, salads, and more, as well as a nice assortment of wines, beers, and cocktails to enjoy on their lovely patios. Don’t worry; their outside table is well separated for social distancing measures, so you can just relax and enjoy your day.

8) Cabana Pool Bar

Every summer, people flock to Cabana for its delicious foods, fun event hosting, friendliest service and the most vibrant atmosphere. This summer’s cabana is returning, with new activities planned. Every Tuesday at 8 p.m., there is a date night movie event. Wednesdays are BBQ days, Thursdays are Lobster and bubbly days, and Mondays are Vegandale Summer, totally vegan cuisine that vegans would appreciate. Don’t miss out on their special events, held in their luxurious outdoor lounge with a view of the lake and central pool, which included dancing to exclusive DJs and premium cuisine. Before you go, note that there is $20 public parking available and that their meals are a bit on the pricey side. 

Address: 11 Polson St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A4 
Phone: +14164695655 
Website: http://cabanapoolbar.com/

7) The Slip

With the present restriction, The Slip has opened to the public with 400 seats, and when the regulation loosens, there will be more. At The Slip, you’ll discover pleasant and professional staff, as well as smooth service and food and drink such as tacos, nachos, fried chicken, pizza, and alcoholic beverages such as wine, cocktails, and beer, among others for you to enjoy this summer. They follow stringent covid safety regulations to provide a risk-free and comfortable dining experience. In addition to that, you can go for a walk along the lake after or before your lunch at the slip for a peaceful and enjoyable day. They also feature a dog menu, which is very appreciated among dog owners.

Address: 235 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G6
Website: http://www.theslip.ca/
Phone: 1-833-416-7547

6) Pie Bar

Not only will you discover great meals at Pie Bar, but you will also get a fantastic view of the lake and the CN Tower. Salads straight from the garden, paninis, white and red pizzas, fresh pasta, pizza pies, minestrone, and various other delectable Italian dishes are all on the menu, along with a decent range of beverages and sweets like pistachio cheesecake.  You may book a table or order takeout to enjoy their delectable cuisine and unwind during the summer.

5) Sunnyside Pavilion Cafe

The sunny side pavilion is another Toronto patio spot where you may enjoy the view of the sunnyside beach. Sunnyside Pavilion is a historical landmark that hosts various events, including weddings, music festivals, and other special occasions. The Pavilion offers a beachfront café where you can eat casual meals while taking in the beautiful view of the beach and Toronto skyline. They have a great menu to choose from, such as quesadillas, chicken wings, fish and fries, pasta, burger patties, wood oven pizza, waffles, chocolate cakes, cocktails, beers, and other alcoholic drinks that you may enjoy this summer with friends for a wonderful romantic night out.

4) Boxcar Social

Boxcar Social greets you with open and lovely interior decors that are clean and stylish. Inside the restaurant, they feature a bar and sitting sections that are ideal for large groups. The outside terrace, directly next to the lake, has a fantastic view, fresh air and is ideal for people-watching. They have a wide range of cuisine to choose from, including burgers, Ratatouille, steak, lobster roll, and fried chicken, all of which may be paired with alcoholic drinks and even a variety of coffee, making it a great place to visit in the summer.

Address: 235 Queens Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2G8 
Website: Boxcar Social
Phone: +18447269227

3) The Good Man Pub and Kitchen

This summer, the Good Man Pub has opened up its lakeside patio with an all-new menu, and it should be on your bucket list. This beachfront patio has a fantastic view of the lake and the CN Tower, as well as stunning sunset views. They offer covered cabana-style booths where you may order tacos, chicken wings, falafel bowls, nachos, and various other dishes that go with sodas, sangrias, cocktails, and beers. The restaurant offers first-come, first-serve on Fridays and Sundays, but you may reserve a table through goodman@fabrestaurants.ca. In addition to that, If you’re planning a picnic this summer, they also provide a picnic experience where you may select from a variety of sandwiches, salads, cheese, fresh fruits, beverages, and other options.

2) Toronto Island BBQ Beer & Co

This must-see lakeside patio, located just a few minutes from the central island, is now open to the public. Here you may enjoy excellent customer service and delicious foods such as burgers, sweet fries, salads, jerk wings, BBQ ribs, vegan tacos, and other delectable dishes and beverages while appreciating the beautiful view of the lake and sunset.

1) Toronto Beach Club

You can now visit Toronto’s newest restaurant, Toronto Beach Club, which has a stylish and clean design, as well as excellent customer service. The restaurant is located close to Woodbine Beach and has one of the loveliest patios in town, accommodating large groups.  The patio is tastefully decorated with lights and elegant furnishings, which is pleasant to the eye. From their large menu, you can order zucchini fritter, smoked eggplant dip, calamari, freshly shucked oysters, snow crab claws, lamb chops,  spaghetti, steaks, baklava, strawberry shortcake, and a variety of other delectable meals.

The best lakeside patios in Toronto are:

Summer is here, and patios are a fantastic way to relax and enjoy yourself. We hope we were able to aid you in your search for the best lakeside patios to visit this summer and be sure to check out our daily blogs for more Toronto recommendations.

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