9 Best LASIK Services in Toronto

It’s no secret that LASIK is an increasingly popular procedure for improving eyesight. But it’s also a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly. There are many different providers of the service in Toronto, but what should you look out for when choosing? In this article, we did the work for you and compiled a list of the best LASIK services in Toronto.
Whether you’re experiencing problems with your current glasses, or you simply want to get rid of them altogether, it’s helpful to explore all of your options before choosing the right one. If you live in Toronto and are looking for LASIK, look no further than these nine services.


How Much Does It Cost for Lasik Services in Toronto?

The average cost for LASIK in Toronto is around $2200 per eye, and it’s usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Keep in mind that these are averages, though. Your final cost will depend on your specific circumstances and the service you choose.
Some providers offer financing options and payment plans to ease the affordability of the surgery, but you should expect to pay for this up front before having the procedure done. You may be able to negotiate a price with your provider if you opt out of extras like enhancements or follow-up appointments.

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Now that you know a bit more about LASIK, it’s time to start thinking about which clinic is right for you. Here are the 9 best providers in Toronto:


LASIK MD surgeons have collectively performed more than 1 million procedures. LASIK MD is committed to helping patients live life without glasses or contacts, always providing them with affordable vision correction that’s of high quality at the lowest prices possible. At LASIK MD, patients will have a free consultation to ensure you are eligible for laser vision correction or intraocular lens implant procedure. Your pre-operative assessment is the first visit in your sight-correcting process. The clinical counsellor will explain the different steps you are about to go through, and help provide all of the necessary post-operative instructions. This includes telling patients how they can use eye drops after surgery as well providing more advice for life on your own terms!

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“I am one of those people who debated doing this surgery for years. I finally decided to go ahead with it. And already only a very short time after I am so happy. The staff at LASIK MD North York made me comfortable. They really took the time to explain everything that they were doing and what the expected outcome would be.”
“Amazing experiences from start to finish, every employee that I had an interaction with was very professional and answered all of my questions. The lense exchange was easy peasy and so far all I can Say is WOW I can see better than when I had glasses and I am told it's just going to keep getting better . Thanks to everyone at LASIK , oh and DR Tam was super fast at performing g the surgery...... I say spend your money here and you won't be disappointed. Cheers”

2. Herzig Eye Institute

Herzig Eye Institute
The goal of the doctors at The Herzig Eye Institute is to give you back what your eyes gave up by restoring vision that was lost. Their mission is to provide you not only a vision correction technique but also an experience unlike any other in order for you to have better sight than what glasses or contacts could give alone! Herzig Eye Institute is located in one of Toronto’s most elegant shopping and dining areas. Bloor-Yorkville’s designer boutiques, antique shops or galleries are absolutely first class!

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“The staff were well trained and motivated to optimize my experience. The facility was convenient to access, clean, and appeared technically advanced. It was a pleasure to meet Dr Herzig himself. He patiently answered all my questions as he explained the procedures in terms I could understand and mitigated any worries I had. My new eyes are fantastic as I am now free of corrective lenses that I have worn for 65 years. The world is a much brighter place and my golf and woodworking and hiking activities are much more enjoyable.”
“Received an excellent care from this location. Dr. Herzig was amazing. My surgery was done in just 5 minutes, and I now I have a 20/20 vision. I had very high short-sightedness, to do a perfect surgery I needed someone experienced like Dr. Herzig. The moment he started the surgery I could feel how experienced and knowledgeable he was. Now I can see better than what I used to see with my glasses. My optometrist also confirmed the surgery was perfect. It is amazing how Lasik changed my life, life without glasses is a blessing. All the office staffs are very friendly and helpful. They have kept in touch and helped in my recovery phase. I am very grateful to Dr. Herzig and his staffs. Whoever is planning to do a Lasik, I would recommend Dr. Herzig's Institute without a second thought.”

3. Clearview Vision Institute

Clearview Vision Institute
Clearview Institute is an independent clinic that offers both vision correction and laser eye surgery in Toronto. They are committed to honesty, transparency, caring for all patients’ needs as best they can with the resources available. Clearview Institute has an established history of introducing the latest procedures to Canada. For example, SMILE and Blended Vision PRESBYOND techniques as well as PiXL laser therapy. From knowledgeable staff to your personalized vision correction plans, Clearview will surely make you feel at home.

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“I was initially reluctant to have cataract surgery out of basic fear to be awake while someone is operating on my eyes. I can assure you I am the biggest chicken out there. The staff at the Institute reassured me completely about the process. They are efficient and professional, and I must say. compassionate. I particularly want to mention how much I appreciated the concern of the pre-op nurse about arranging for me to get home after the surgery, when my ride home fell through. Dr. Kranemann was terrific, and although very busy, displayed a great sense of humour to reduce my stress. The results of my surgery are fantastic. I am still amazed at the clarity and quality of my vision, I opted for the 'upgraded' lenses, and can honestly say I have the eyes of a 16 year-old! I just wish I could say the same about the rest of me....”
“Very happy with my lasik experience. The consultation was the most detailed one out of all the ones I went to. Very patient when answering questions. They include all eye drops and lifetime guarantee in the price which is what I looked for. I did have to have a follow-up surgery due to some problems with healing, and everything went super well. So happy without glasses!”

4. Goldberg Centre Vision Correction

Goldberg Centre Vision Correction
Your eyes are precious, and Goldberg Center takes care of them with modern technology. Goldberg Centre Vision Correction’s highly respected surgeons have over 30 years’ experience treating patients.
The Goldberg Centre is committed to your health and the protection of your precious eyesight. We put you first by scheduling an initial consultation with the same doctor who will perform any surgery, not just cosmetic procedures! You can be sure that at every step in our process – from pre-surgery care all the way through postoperative follow up visits.
From your initial consultation to post-surgery care, Goldberg Centre promises to put you and the protection of your precious eyesight ahead. Your assessment for this procedure is done by the same doctor who will perform the procedure in their own office instead of an assistant or technician.

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“I had my lasek surgery done in August and now am free from my glasses/contacts. The staff at Goldberg centre are all very efficient, attentive and friendly. Same with Dr. Goldberg. He calls to check up on you regularly after your surgery. While the couple of days recovery right after surgery are extremely uncomfortable, within a few days I could see and go about life as normal again. My family member also had lasek done here a year prior. We would both recommend Dr. Goldberg and the vision centre to anyone without hesitation!”
“I had vision correction surgery in May 2021. I chose the "mono vision" correction because at one time I had natural mono vision. The first few weeks after surgery were challenging due to my brain taking its time to make the adjustment, but after about 8 weeks, I am happy to say that my close and distance vision is as good as it was 30 years ago without needing any glasses. I can now read, watch TV, drive, play golf etc without glasses. The Goldberg Centre was very supportive through every step and Dr. Goldberg is a pleasure to work with. I unhesitatingly recommend the Goldberg Centre for vision services.”

5. Bochner Eye Institute

Bochner Eye Institute
For over 25 years, the Bochner Eye Institute has been a leading provider of laser eye surgery in Canada. Bochner Eye Institute surgeons have performed more than 400 thousand procedures and our patients come from all around the world to experience this life changing service. Whether you’re looking to get your eyes checked or want the best surgeon for cataracts, Bochner Eye Institute has a team of highly skilled professionals ready. With over 80 years of professional experience between them, our leading eye doctors will provide treatment that is second-to-none and guarantees 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Today Dr Raymond Stein ,Dr Albert Cheskes & Ms Fatimah Gilani carry on this proud tradition providing patients with high quality vision services for their entire life span across Toronto and the GTA.

Business Information:

Phone: (416) 960-2020
Address: 40 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto
Website: bochner.com

Customer Review Highlight:

“I am so grateful for this clinic and the amazing job they did with my corrective surgery. I had LASIK and ICL procedure done and they were all very accommodating and professional throughout my entire experience. I was always comfortable and felt safe during COVID. They took extra safety measure during this time and I have zero complaints. I'm still in awe with my results and I can't thank Dr. Stein enough for his impeccable skills and precision, that's why they've been the best for 90 years!! I highly recommend this clinic and will be referring all of my friends/family to get treated here. I've been wearing glasses since 6 years old and never thought in this lifetime I'd be able to wake and see perfectly. 100% would recommend! You will not be disappointed. The surgery itself was very quick, painless and the team really did an outstanding job at making me feel comfortable during every stage of the process. A huge thank you to the Bochner Eye Institute for giving me perfect vision.”
“Had my lasik done on April 16, 2021with doctor Raymond Stein. The entire process was super easy, comfortable and professional. They were on time with my procedure and all the staff were super friendly and informative from the start of the testing process to the end of the process of the surgery. They followed up later that night as well making sure I was ok. I can see 20/20 the day after the surgery and couldn’t be more happier and glad I chose bochner to do my lasik. Glad I don’t need to wear glasses or contacts for another 20-25 years from now. Thank you Dr. Raymond Stein. You are amazing and made my life a Lot easier.”

6. UELC- Laser Eye and Eyelid Surgery in Vaughan

UELC- Laser Eye and Eyelid Surgery in Vaughan
UELC is at the forefront of technology with their state-of-the art femtosecond laser. This allows them to offer precision and better safety profile for all LASIK surgeries (UltraView Lasik™). Studies show that creating flaps of corneal tissue using new bladeless, ultrafast lasers results in superior uncorrected visual acuity as well quicker healing time than blade cuts do; this makes UELC one step ahead from its competitors who still use blades!
The iDesign wavefront analyzer captures the unique thumbprint of each person’s cornea, which is then loaded into the laser systems for an unparalleled visual performance.
The UELC clinic has a range of laser eye surgery in Brampton, Vaughan and Toronto for those looking to improve their vision. Their expert surgeons include Drs Eric Tam & Sohel Somani who can help you prepare when it comes time for your LASIK procedure.

Business Information:

Phone: +14166538352
Address: 2180 Steeles Ave W, Concord, ON L4K 2Z5, Canada
Website: uelc.ca

Customer Review Highlight:

“After several consultations with different laser eye clinics, I decided to go with UELC for my PRK eye surgery. I am so happy I made this decision and highly recommend choosing UELC for your eye surgery. Franziska is incredibly knowledgable and thoroughly explained the entire process to me during my consultation. The clinic is very clean and organized. Appointments were always timely and efficient. UELC has completely exceeded my expectations. I went from very poor vision and wearing contacts and glasses for over 20 years, to 15/20 vision!”
“I had my lasik eye surgery done in June 2020, I had amazing service throughout my whole journey, from seeing Jenna for the first time at the consultation to my post op appointment with Dr.Tam. My eyes have fully recovered now and it was such an easy and quick process. I would do it all over again!! Highly recommend UELC if you're considering lasik!”

7. Skouras Eye & Cosmetic Centre

Skouras Eye & Cosmetic Centre
Whether it’s routine care or cosmetic treatment procedures, we’ll complete your visit with the highest standard of vision and aesthetic care in mind! We have easy access from Eglinton station on the TTC subway line which makes us easily accessible for any location within Toronto (and its surrounding areas).
Skouras Eye & Cosmetic Centre provides a full range of vision care services, including comprehensive eye examinations for both children and adults that can help diagnose complex medical conditions as well as manage them effectively.
Vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism can be a result of an irregularly shaped cornea.
LASIK laser correction changes the shape of your cornea to make it easier for you to see clearly. The surgeon first makes a thin flap on this surface, and only takes minutes! Most patients can start seeing well within hours after LASIK surgery – no more glasses or contacts necessary.

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“Amazing doctor and staff at this clinic. Dr. Skouras took the time to fully examine me and answer all of my questions after being told I was not a candidate for LASIK by another doctor. Turns out, I was a candidate. The results still thrill me to this day and I am thankful for his professionalism and ongoing care.”
“Dr Skouras performed my lasik and I am beyond thankful for this knowledgeable doctor who was able to get me great vision!! And, he is the only doctor in Toronto who actually meets his patients prior to the laser eye surgery to evaluate the situation and discuss the best course of action. Three words: go to Skouras!! You won't regret choosing him as your surgeon. The office staff are also very friendly, helpful and organized.”

8. North Toronto Eye Surgery Centre

North Toronto Eye Surgery Centre
North Toronto Eye Surgery Centre has been certified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario to provide out-of-hospital procedures.
With three locations across the GTA, we offer flexible scheduling and faster access to surgeons who are experts with leading-edge technology for all your needs relating to ophthalmic surgery. The North Toronto Eye Surgical Center has established itself as one of Canada’s best practices when it comes down selecting an eye surgeon because not only do they have multiple offices throughout Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but their team also works hand in glove so no patient goes uneducated before undergoing any procedure related matters regarding eyesight correction surgeries.

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“So far so good its been 5 weeks on the left eye and one week on the right eye for my mom all is good. The clinic is clean and processing is smooth and efficient. Staff is excellent, kind and soft spoken. Thank you for making my mom comfortable during her visits.”
“I was quite nervous before attending my appointment some weeks ago. I can say based on the experience and the outcome I’m beyond thrilled. My eye had been somewhat unsightly and had been quite red for a couple of years before going to see Dr Hess. My eye has not looked this good in many years and I’m sorry that I waited so long to get this corrected. I highly recommend this doctor and will not hesitate to refer her to friends and family. Very efficient and an excellent result, perfect!”

9. Stouffville Family Eye Care

Stouffville Family Eye Care
Stouffville Family Eye Care provides comprehensive care to meet the vision needs of patients. Their doctors offer pre- and post-operative LASIK eye surgery for those undergoing this procedure or other surgical procedures on their eyes in order to help them attain clearer sight using modern technologies like laser eye correction surgeries that are more advanced than ever before!
Stouffville Family Eye Care provides evaluations and referrals for patients interested in LASIK surgery. They perform a complete review of your patient history as well as an eye health examination to determine if you’re healthy enough or stable enough based on current prescriptions before considering surgery.
If you’re tired of wearing glasses and contacts, LASIK may be the perfect choice for your vision. Advantages include not having to deal with lenses or frames while also being able see in all lighting conditions without problems!

Business Information:

Customer Review Highlight:

“I'm so happy to have found Dr. Agarwal and her team here in Stouffville. Since my first visit, she has been professional, patient and thorough, always taking the time to walk me through and explain everything she's doing. She also referred me to a great clinic for LASIK eye surgery, with Dr. Agarwal herself seeing me through the after care appointments. I also appreciate how easy it is to communicate with her receptionists on the phone and by email. Highly recommended.”
“The staff at Stouffville Family Eye Care were very welcoming as soon as we walked in. This was our first visit and it was a great one. So glad we chose them to take care of our eye needs. Highly recommend”

Things to Consider When Choosing a LASIK Clinic

Not all clinics are created equal. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a clinic for your LASIK surgery:
Experience: The more experience a clinic has performing LASIK procedures, the better. Look for one that has been in business for many years and has a high success rate.
Laser Technology: The type of laser your provider will use is an important consideration when choosing a clinic, as it affects the results you’ll get. Make sure the clinic you choose uses FDA-approved lasers with only minimal side effects like dry eyes and night glare.
Doctor’s Credentials: A highly trained doctor who has performed many surgeries is essential for a successful outcome. Ask to see the doctor’s credentials and reviews from past patients to get an idea of their experience.
Location: You’ll want to choose a clinic that is close to you, or offers convenient transportation options. If you have any questions or concerns about the procedure, you’ll want to be able to easily reach your doctor.

FAQ About LASIK in Toronto

While the risks associated with LASIK increase with age, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good option for those over 40. Speak to your doctor about your specific situation to see if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

Around 90 percent of people who undergo LASIK see their desired outcome for five years or more, but there are other options if it doesn’t last. Re-treatment is usually less expensive than the initial surgery. Contact your clinic for more information about what they offer in terms of follow-up care.

Most people report that LASIK is not painful. You may experience some discomfort during the surgery, but most people find this to be minimal.

As with any surgery, there are risks associated with LASIK. These include infection, dry eyes, night glare, and a loss of vision. However, the good news is that most people who undergo LASIK do not experience any of these things.


If you’re considering LASIK in Toronto, be sure to do your research and choose a clinic that is right for you. The nine clinics listed above are a great place to start. You can also find more information on the laser technology each provider uses, as well as their doctor’s credentials. Have any other questions? Be sure to ask your doctor during your consultation.

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