The 10 Best Live Music Venues in Toronto [2022]

Best Live Music Venues in Toronto

If you’re a music lover, then Toronto is definitely the place to be. The city has an incredible selection of live music venues, ranging from small and intimate clubs to massive stadiums. Whether you’re into rock, pop, hip hop, or anything in between, there’s sure to be a venue that’s perfect for you. And if you’re not sure where to start, then check out our list of the 10 best live music venues in Toronto!

We chose these venues based on a number of factors, including the quality of the sound system, the size and layout of the venue, the diversity of musical genres that are hosted, past reviews, and of course, the overall atmosphere.

From the world-famous Air Canada Centre to the historic Massey Hall, these are the spots where you can see some of the best live music in the city. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring Toronto’s live music scene!

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What to Expect at a Toronto Live Music Venue

Toronto is known for its vibrant live music scene, and there’s no shortage of great venues to catch a show. However, before you head out for a night of fun, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

First of all, most venues will have a strict age limit, so be sure to check before you buy your tickets. Secondly, many shows will require you to have a valid government-issued ID, so don’t forget to bring yours! 

And finally, be prepared to pay a cover charge at most venues – this is just a standard fee that goes towards the cost of running the venue, and it’s usually very reasonable. So now that you know what to expect, go forth and enjoy some great live music in Toronto!

The Best Live Music Venues in Toronto

Now that you know what to expect at a Toronto live music venue, it’s time to start exploring the city’s incredible selection of venues. Here are 10 of our favourites:

1. Danforth Music Hall

The Danforth Music Hall is an event venue that has welcomed guests since 1919. It started operations under the name of Allen’s Danforth Theatre as a movie theatre. The venue’s name changed to Music Hall in 1979. The long-vacant theatre was acquired by new owners in 2004. 

They renovated and restored it to include a sound system upgrade. The Music Hall’s name remained intact despite the renovations which were made in order for this historic building not only to retain its history but also to continue providing quality entertainment space that’s open year-round! 

In 2011, the venue changed ownership again. Since then it  has hosted some of today’s top music artists, including Rihanna and Justin Bieber. The list goes on to mention other famous names like Lorde or Father John Misty before ending with St Vincent! 

When these special events occur and the venue is usually packed, shows still feel small and intimate.  Definitely choose the Danforth Music Hall if you are looking for a place with a character of historical buildings and the energy of live music events. 

Business Information:
147 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1N2, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“I saw mxmtoon here and she slayed! I’ve also been here to see Tiffany Young and I think overall the venue is pretty good in comparison to others in Toronto like Rebel. My only thing is when they’re checking your bag, they barely look in which I guess is good for convenience but can definitely be a safety issue. Overall, the staff are pretty friendly and efficient and the venue itself is great if you bought GA/floor tickets to your show!”
“I visited this center to see the live show of a podcast my friends and I listen to (And That's Why We Drink), first time seeing them live and first time visiting Toronto, so first time visiting Danforth Music Hall. It still has an older-classy building vibe that the owners and employees have maintained, and inside the theater can still house an impressive number of people and the bars on the main floor and upstairs can keep up with a crowd that can drink! 😉 Had no problems with audio or lighting while at the venue, I did visit in the Spring so no problem with heating or a/c either, it was very comfortable. Only thing about the seats is they are a bit small, but considering when this theater was built, and how much/how long it takes to renovate and upgrade the seats, it's understandable. I didn't get uncomfortable during my viewing of my show (although tall ppl should beware of knee space lol). Other than that, I would definitely recommend shows here and would visit again! 💜 Thank you very much Danforth Music Hall!”



2. Koerner Hall

If you’re looking for a classy evening out, there’s no better place than Koerner Hall. This world-renowned concert hall is home to some of the best classical music performances in Toronto. Famous musicians from all over the world come to this venue to showcase their talents. And trust us, they always bring their A-game. 

So if you’re a classical music lover, you definitely need to check out Koerner Hall. But that’s not all! This venue also offers many musical educational services. So if you want to learn more about the music you love, this is the perfect place for you. So what are you waiting for? Come dressed up and prepared for a truly unforgettable experience.

Business Information: 
273 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1V6, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“After two years of Covid, we got to go to a concert here. It was our first time there. What a place! OMG. We watched Angele Dubeau & La Pieta. I thought I died and went to heaven for 100 minutes. What an incredible evening. They did two encores. The hall, the performance - everything was simply spectacular. What an evening to remember.”
“A beautiful hall with historic hallways to walk through. Comfortable seats and quick service at the concession (drinks & coffee) and polite staff all the way through!”



3. The Cameron House

The Cameron House is one of Toronto’s most popular music venues, and for good reason! Located in the heart of the city’s music scene on Queen Street West, it provides musicians and audiences alike with an opportunity to perform or just meet up with community members that share their passion. 

The venue offers two areas – the front and back – each with its own unique ambiance. Clients often prefer one over another depending on their mood. Some like how spacious it feels in comparison with other live music clubs, while others appreciate the more intimate setting of the back room.!

More than anything else though? You’ll find that there are always amazing musicians playing here every time. The place is usually packed during peak hours, but that just goes to show you how popular it really is. You’ll never have any trouble finding a spot on the dance floor because there are plenty of open areas for movement 

Come grab a pint and have a great time at The Cameron House!

Business Information:
408 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A7, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Amazing place. The site says "this is paradise" and that's bang on . Every Thursday from 6-8 local musician Corin Raymond and the sundowners put on a top shelf show. If you like good music ( folk/ roots) , quality storytelling and some laughs then I insist you check it out.”
“Local stalwart Americana/cover band/some indie/some country bar music venue. You'll find all ages and genders of drinking traditional music fans here where the drinks are not fancy but affordable. Beautiful interior with paintings all over and a separate room and bar in the back, which is also where you need to go to use the loo. Like I said, gorgeous if nothing else.”



4. DROM Taberna

DROM Taberna is a pub restaurant located in the Queen West, with live music and menu inspired by Eastern Europe cuisine. Here you will find cultures from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia just to name a few. Drom means “safe journey” in Romani Latcho, and it is also a Slavic loan that means voyage, travel, adventure and the open road. 

Their menu has a great variety of food from Eastern Europe. No matter if you are vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free or meat lover, they have got them all. 

On their website, you will also find a calendar with all the live music line-ups for the coming days. If you would like to make a reservation during the busy season, you can do so on their website too. But keep in mind that they currently only accept reservations for groups of 6 or more people. 

If you enjoy live music and a vibrant bar with a great variety of Eastern Europe plates, this is definitely the place to check out. The authenticity of the Eastern European culture you will experience here also gives this place a unique atmosphere that no others have. 

Business Information:
458 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A8, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Went out for the first time with friends since the reopening and DROM was a great place to do it! With the busyness of the opening weekend, getting into the venue with reservations and service was a bit slow, but it was also nice not to be rushed out of the restaurant. The tables were very small and it was a bit of a hassle fitting all our food and drinks on the bar with a group of 7, but the jazz music more than made up for it. While the atmosphere and amazing music made you feel like you were in a music venue, the food made you feel like you were at home (comfort, homey food). We ordered a variety of things including the Cevapi, Buckwheat and Mushroom Salad, and of course the Goulash. Enjoy our experience here!”
“Very eclectic and cute space! Live music all week, and a food menu with Eastern European delights. I tried the Pelmeni, Siberian dumplings, and they were so good! Highly recommend it! I want to come back for sure”



5. Budweiser Stage

There’s something special about live music. The energy of the crowd, the anticipation of waiting for your favourite song, and the feeling of being part of something larger than yourself – it’s all-electric. And there’s no better place to experience that feeling than at Budweiser Stage. 

One of the grandest musical venues in the nation, Budweiser Stage is designated for large groups and solo performers alike. Whether you’re seeing your favourite band for the first time or catching a rising star on the come-up, there’s always an exciting act gracing the stage. 

Plus, as part of Live Nation, Budweiser Stage is equipped with all the resources you need to make your concert-going experience seamless. So go ahead and snag those front row tickets – we promise, it’ll be worth it.

Business Information: 
909 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 3L3, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“I was blown away when I saw this venue and Maroon 5. Seriously exceeded my expectations. The process to enter the doors was quick and very organized. Security does a quick check of your vaccine passports & ID and you're on your way… (Ahmad was very kind, outgoing, informative, and made the process quick). Then once in the venue there were so many options. Food, drink, merchandise stands, & even a pop up hair barber. The seats were amazing as well & the view of the stage was great from all areas. The 200’s section provides a great view as they’re higher up above. 10/10 experience.”
“This is one of my favorite concert venues. It's in a great location, if you're looking at taking the subway, you can transfer to the 509 streetcar from Union and it's only about a 5 minute walk from Exhibition Loop. I've seen Black Keys, Twenty One Pilots, Green Day and Arkells here, amazing views from the 100s all the way to the lawn. The acoustics are fantastic, the restaurants and washrooms are clean and accessible, if your favorite band is playing here, definitely visit!”



6. Horseshoe Tavern

The Horseshoe Tavern is one of the most iconic music venues in Toronto and has been hosting performances since 1947. The venue is renowned for its eclectic mix of performers, and its front patio and bar are open seven days a week. The Horseshoe Tavern is the perfect place to enjoy a drink and some live music, whether you’re looking for a laid-back atmosphere or an energetic night out. 

You can also find a variety of merchandise for sale on the website, so you can deck yourself out in your favourite band’s merch before heading to the show. Whether you’re a seasoned concert-goer or just looking for a new place to explore, the Horseshoe Tavern is sure to have something for everyone.

Business Information:
370 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A2, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“I love the intimate atmosphere of the venue. I have always had a good time every time I've gone there. I've always had great service in getting my drinks. There's a coat check for winter months. I've seen some excellent shows there.”
“The horseshoe tavern is a Toronto staple with great historic significance in the local music scene that continues to this day. If you can make it past their knuckle-headed bouncers who may shake you down to buy a hot dog before entering you will enjoy your stay. Pro tip: there is a small window in the horseshoe connecting to the A&W next door where you can order burgers without leaving the bar!”



7. Lee's Palace

If you’re looking for a-rockin’ good time in Toronto, then you need to check out Lee’s Palace. This retrofitted concert venue and nightclub is situated in The Annex neighbourhood on Bloor Street West and features some of the best live music in the city. 

They have tickets for several everyday concerts that they offer coming from distinctive performers, but they also have provided an area that’s called “The Cave” that is located on the second floor that is ideal for dancing.

Here, people can generally have a good time and vibe to the music they’re listening to while also possibly grabbing a couple of drinks. So whether you’re looking to just listen to some great music or bust a move, Lee’s Palace is the place to be.

Business Information:
529 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1Y5, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Good size venue. great sound. if you get here early you can snag a seat. bar doesn't take debit, ATM on site if you need cash. I don't know what the fees are because I don't use these machines on principle as the fees are always outrageous, and I also take credit at the bar. washrooms are upstairs so don't think this venue is accessible, unless they have an accessible washroom I didn't notice. if you want to get up close to the stage you will need to go down two steps twice, so def a no go for someone using a wheelchair."
"Last point and reason for the start off is they state that masks are required in the venue on their website (now changed), then they sent an email blast day before stating this but then didn't even pretend that they were requiring them inside. people walked in unmasked, and bartenders were also unmasked. Most patrons were unmasked even while not drinking. Fair enough masks are not mandated anymore and they did check vaxx passes on entry which is also not a requirement so that's cool. But then, why SAY you are requiring them when in fact you are not. It's deceiving to people weighing the risks of attending this venue. Maybe its not an issue for folks but if it is just known that just because they say masks are still required doesn't mean anyone will be wearing them. That said, Lee's is a great smaller capacity venue. "



8. Massey Hall

Massey Hall is a world-renowned concert hall in Toronto that is operated by a primary nonprofit organization. The hall benefits from hosting live performances by some of the world’s most famous entertainers. Over the years, the hall has regularly hosted performances by Justin Bieber, who was one of the fastest ever-selling performers at the venue. 

The hall is also responsible for hosting renowned theatrical productions. In addition to Bieber, the hall has also hosted events for solo performers and other groups who desire to display their abilities. Massey Hall is truly a world-class venue that provides an incredible experience for all who visit.

Business Information:
178 Victoria St, Toronto, ON M5B 1T7, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Incredible remodel while keeping the old world charm of the place. Much easier to get around especially to the back bar areas directly from the balconies without needing to go to the basement. The stained glass windows are all now visible inside and all the systems have been modernized to make this a much more flexible performance space.”
“Incredible remodel while keeping the old world charm of the place. Much easier to get around especially to the back bar areas directly from the balconies without needing to go to the basement. The stained glass windows are all now visible inside and all the systems have been modernized to make this a much more flexible performance space.”



9. The Opera House

The La Plaza Warner was once a vaudeville venue that has now been turned into the Opera Theater. The theatre has been in business for over 100 years and has gone through many changes. The theatre is now a fully licensed venue with sound, lighting, amplification, video, audio, and video production. 

They also have security guards, coat checks, and bartenders on staff. The Opera Theater now offers various performances from different musical performers who bring enjoyment to their fans with their form of art. 

Besides enjoying a music concert, they also offer a grill & patio for its customers to enjoy. The Opera Theater is a great place to visit for a night of entertainment.

Business Information:
735 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1H1, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Wonderful venue. They have sweet balconies. Two coats check: one upstairs one down stairs. The top floor bar is the best and has great air vents that blow cool air. The stairs were a little slippery. So be careful if you go upstairs. The bathrooms got pretty slick by the end of the night. Security was fast and did their job well while not being intrusive.”
“Had a very great experience here. Sound was excellent and seating on the balcony was easy to find. I would definitely attend another concert here. However, I would not recommend checking in your coat. For two coats it cost roughly ten dollars and the wait time after the concert was nearly over an entire hour and really unorganized and left everyone confused.”



10. The Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues Bar

The Rex is one of those places that you walk into and immediately feel at home. The first thing that strikes you is the spaciousness of the place – it’s not crammed full of tables and chairs like so many other bars in Toronto. Instead, there’s a sense of openness that makes the whole place feel more relaxed. 

The decor is also quite unique, with a mix of vintage chic and modern touches. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into creating a really beautiful space. And of course, the music is excellent. The Rex has a great reputation for live jazz, and they always seem to have amazing local and international acts performing. 

It’s the perfect place to enjoy a craft beer or wine with friends while listening to some truly brilliant music.

Business Information:  
194 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z1, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“The show was fantastic! The servers were nice and attentive, and the overall atmosphere was bustling and loud. The food had generous servings and the drinks were well made. Definitely coming back here again!”
“The rex is the best live music bar in the city hands down. I love it here and I've never had a bad time. Food is also really good for a pub style menu.”



FAQs About Seeing Live Music in Toronto

There is a wide range of musical genres popular in Toronto, from rock and pop to hip hop and everything in between. However, some of the most popular genres include electronic dance music (EDM), punk, and indie rock.
The average cost of a ticket to a live music show in Toronto is $30. However, prices can vary depending on the venue, the artist, and the demand for tickets.
The best way to buy tickets to a live music show in Toronto is online through a ticketing service such as Ticketmaster or Eventbrite. You can also sometimes find tickets at the venue box office, but it’s usually best to buy them in advance to avoid sold-out shows.
Yes, you can still go to live music shows in Toronto if you’re under the legal drinking age. However, you will likely be restricted to the balcony or mezzanine level at most venues.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a great place to see some live music in Toronto, then you’ll want to check out one of these 10 venues. From small and intimate settings to larger rooms that can accommodate more people, there’s something for everyone when it comes to live music in Toronto. So if you’re looking for a night out on the town, be sure to check out these outstanding music venues in Toronto.

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