The 6 Best Smoothie Shops in Toronto [2022]

If you enjoy a smoothie for breakfast or any other time of the day, Toronto has a range of choices at your fingertips. Smoothies are nutritious, filling, and excellent for detoxing. 

Even if you have trouble getting inspired to eat your vegetables, this is a healthy way to do so. We’ve put together a list of smoothie shops that you can visit today.


How we chose the best smoothie shops in Toronto?

We chose the smoothie shops based on popularity and the important factors and information to consider:
  • Price Point: We made sure to include the price range for you to be prepared.
  • Ingredients: We made sure to include the smoothies that are made with healthy and organic ingredients.
  • Selection: We ensure that these shops offer a multitude of innovative ingredients mixed with exotic toppings! 
  • Customer Reviews: Some of the shops have multiple locations so we included the most popular location with great service and reviews. 

Best Smoothie Shops in Toronto

Here’s a list of the best smoothie places in Toronto to visit! Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

1. The Organic Press

The Organic Press

The Organic Press opened in 2015 in Kensington Market where their aesthetically pleasing shop offers a variety of drinks made from fresh organic fruits. This is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys smoothie bowls. All of their juices and smoothies are produced using organic and locally sourced ingredients.

They have an excellent selection of smoothies, cold press drinks, and smoothie bowls with tasty toppings that are both filling and nutritious. 

In their smoothie menu, if you want a bowl you get to choose 3 toppings. They also offer protein shakes, green hulk (green apple, hemp, mango, kale, banana, house apple juice), acai power, Kensington crush and more!

The favourite at this spot is the passion fruit smoothie, that is added with passion fruit, banana and mango. Also, blue velvet (blueberry, lavender, mango, flaxseed, banana, almond butter and house apple juice).

You can buy their juices and smoothies ranging from $5.00 to $8.00. You can also buy cute plants while you’re there!

Business Information:

Address: 257 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2M1
Phone: (416)-593-6666

Customer Review Highlights:

“The best place hands down for juices! Not watered down, very potent and very affordable. I’ve been going here for years and this is the only place I buy juices. I have been disappointed every time I buy elsewhere. The owner is super kind and helpful! The smoothie bowls are fantastic as well. Definitely recommend.”
“Best juice and smoothie in the city hands down. You can't miss this experience.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
They make smoothies with high quality ingredients in an inviting space! A few of their smoothies are priced in a higher range.
Amazing portion size where a small size can feel like a large. Can be shared between two people!
Plenty of vegan options!

2. Marouf Tochal

Marouf Tochal

Marouf Tochal  serves a range of drinks and fruit rolls, but their pomegranate-themed items make up the majority of their menu. 

They include pomegranate smoothie, pomegranate ice cream, and sour fruit. Anyone who enjoys sour flavours should try it. 

Their ingredients are used with pure freshly squeezed pomegranate added with pomegranate gelato, jelly, and lavashak (sour fruit roll ups). They also include pomegranate mixed with orange ($8 to $10). Other than pomegranate, they have pure cantaloupe drinks, and Nutella milkshake smoothies. 

In addition, they have fantastic pomegranate Lavashak designed in the form of flowers using saffron and rolls that are visually appealing, good for the gram! Don’t miss out on this hidden gem!

Business Information:

Address: 7368 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON L4J 8H9
Phone: (905)-707-0075

Customer Review Highlights:

“Loved the textures, flavours and variety of everything here. Appreciated the recommendation for half sweet half sour pomegranate juice!”
“This place has a amazing customer service with the best ice cream in town and Awesome pomegranate juice 👍👍”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Fresh organic ingredients used  This spot might not be the ideal place for those who don’t like sour and super sweet drinks.
Has many toppings and treats available for you to try!

3. Plant Lyfe

Plant Lyfe

Plant Lyfe is a  Vegan that offers a variety of entirely plant-based options as well as exclusive teas, smoothies and pastries. 

Their smoothie and smoothie bowls are both delicious. Some of the thirst quenching smoothies included in their menu are banana buzz, strawberry swirl, avo green, mucho mango and many more!

The ingredients are very fresh and organic using fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. Their smoothie bowl menu even includes nutty caramel, dragon bowl, blue zone and bliss bowl!

One of the favourites is their start up smoothie ($11.00) which includes banana, brewed coffee, housemade almond butter, ground espresso beans, chocolate powder, date, and almond milk.

The prices range from $10.00 to $12.00 and have a fantastic vibe that radiates peace and calm since the store has a meditation studio.

Business Information:

Address: 998 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K1
Phone: (416)-462-0490

Customer Review Highlights:

“Everything's amazing and delicious here. From the smoothies to the toasts, I am so hooked!! Also quite affordable compared to other healthy eat places”
“Such a lovely addition to the neighbourhood! Super friendly folks, and great plant based options! The smoothie bowl was a generous portion and tasted amazing! Can’t wait to make this a regular spot!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Vegan smoothie shop that serves all vegan items (plant based) Price range of smoothies is higher than average. However, it’s worth it, to get rid of toxins in our body!
Includes a meditation studio and workshops

4. Booster Juice

Booster Juice

If you live in Toronto, you’ve probably heard of the well-known Canadian juice and smoothie chain, booster Juice. They make their tasty, healthy, and nutrient-dense drinks with fresh frozen fruit and yogurt. 

Booster Juice offers a wide range of smoothies mixed with delicious ingredients. Some of the cool ones include Canadian Colada (pineapples, bananas, vanilla frozen yogurt, and coconut), funky monkey (bananas, chocolate almond milk, vanilla frozen yogurt) along with strawberry sunshine (strawberries, bananas, passion fruit, guava, probiotic yogurt)

Their smoothie prices can range from ($8.00 to $15.00). So if you skip breakfast or lunch, you can still get a satisfying and filling drink by adding protein and vitamins to your smoothie. 

Don’t forget to try their mango hurricane (mango strawberries, guava, passion fruit, peach and yogurt) on your next smoothie visit which is one of the favourites!

Business Information:

Address: 20 Dundas St W Unit #F07, Toronto, ON M5G 2C2 (Multiple locations in Toronto)
Phone: (416)-598-9494

Customer Review Highlights:

“They make the best fresh juices! Friendly staff, great quality”
“I have the best service here. I'm a regular who barely has to wait because as soon as they see me they start making my drink.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
If you sign up to the subscription list, you can get a free Booster Juice drink on your birthday! Longer wait time
A huge selection of smoothies! Price range higher than average

5. Freshii


Freshii provides healthy wraps, salad bowls, and other fresh and tasty foods, as well as fresh and cold smoothies to enjoy this summer.

From kale, spinach, green apple, cucumber, and lemon to ginger and coconut milk, their Juices menu includes a wide variety of healthy ingredients. 

The favourite is the Freshii green smoothie which is avocado, banana, kale, spinach and pineapple. The price for the smoothies can range from $7.00 to $9.00.

Freshii also has a variety of juice cleansing plans available for those looking to detox their bodies.

Business Information:

Address: 525 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 2L3 (Multiple locations in the city)
Phone: (647)-748-1800

Customer Review Highlights:

“Great staff! Always willing to make modifications to orders. Very much enjoyed my smoothie bowl this morning, so much that I shared how good it was with my colleagues.”
“The staff here are so friendly! The meals are fresh and well made. Although it gets busy they do a good job at getting your order made quickly. My favourite freshii location by far.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Options for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians Longer line up around noon

6. Revitasize


Revitasize makes fresh cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies, acai bowls, baked goods, wraps, soups and salads  using fresh, raw organic ingredients. 

They have an amazing selection of superfood smoothies from berry blast, green mango, keto berry, cookies’n cream, hulk, super acai and lots more!

The favourite is the unicorn ($7.98) which is added with raspberries, beetroot, orange, banana, blue algae and agave. 

The prices range from $7.98 to $9.98. If you’re looking for some fresh organic smoothies with exotic ingredients, this place is out!

Business Information:

Address: 2631 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2J4
Phone: (647)-347-8050

Customer Review Highlights:

“Amazing experience! Always friendly and stocked with delicious juices ! The store looks so beautiful and they always know what to recommend based on your mood! Thanks Anna and Britney for your phenomenal service”
“I absolutely love coming to Revitasize. The ginger shots save me and my family any time anyone feels like they are getting sick. Every item is delicious, and the staff is incredibly friendly. Highly recommend it!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
They use fresh and healthy organic ingredients! Higher price range due to using organic, top quality ingredients that are also costly for the business to acquire.
Vegan options are available
Gluten free and dairy free

FAQs About Smoothies

A daily smoothie may be a highly easy way to get your fruits and vegetables in while also providing your body with many critical vitamins and minerals. The idea is to optimize those advantages by focusing on full, nutrient-dense meals and avoiding added sugars as much as possible.
You can have some plant based items such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, nut butters that have omega-3 fatty acids which is great for your heart health!
The notion of oxidation drives the idea that mixing kills nutrients. When fruits and vegetables are sliced into pieces and exposed to air, oxidation happens. When we cut into fruits, the cells are shattered, releasing the enzymes. Blending does not eliminate nutrients, oxidation does!
Blend everything well so that your smoothie is lump free. Use a blender for one to two minutes. Smoothies should be thick in texture, so use something that will thicken the mixture such as milk, almond milk, or yogurt.


Toronto has no shortage of smoothie shops around, the list above showcases some of the best smoothies made in the city! These smoothie shops offer a wide range of flavours added with exotic ingredients that will keep you coming for more! 

If you’re feeling guilty about indulging in sweets and junk food lately, trust us, we’ve all been there, be sure to check out these spots to detox and cleanse your soul! 

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