The 6 Best Malls in Toronto [2022]

Toronto and the GTA have some of the country’s largest malls, with over 200 stores, services, easy access to subways, different events, and much more! Not to mention, the architecture of these malls is spectacular, with modern design and fresh renovations, as well as new businesses arriving every year.

We understand it’s been difficult for you to figure out where to go for your next sweet spot during the previous several months. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best 6 malls in Toronto and the GTA for you to visit on your next shopping spree. Each of these spots are great for finding all sort of goodies or simply taking a stroll around the mall for some window shopping.


How We Chose the Best Malls in Toronto

We picked the best malls based on their popularity and the diversity of shops and other alternatives they provide. As well as what makes them stand out. These are the criteria we followed to choose the finest ones in Toronto.
  • Variety: We made sure that these malls have a variety of affordable to high end retailers, technology stores, services, and events!
  • Accessibility: We ensured that these malls are all easily accessible with multiple doorway entrances, large parking spaces, as well as TTC and subway access.
  • Customer Reviews:  We included customer reviews to see that they enjoy going to these malls, when the parking can get difficult, recommendations, and picture worthy holiday decorations.

The Best Malls in Toronto

1. CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Located at 220 Yonge Street, Toronto, in the heart of downtown, here lies the CF Toronto Eaton Centre: one of the most, if not the most populous mall visited by Torontonians and nationalities from all across the globe! 

Toronto’s Eaton Center has four levels of retail space and is ideally placed between the Dundas and Queen subway stations on Yonge Street. The first three levels are dedicated to retail shopping, while the fourth is mostly dedicated for parking. 

Many of North America’s most prominent retail stores are located at the Eaton Center, which is conveniently accessible by subway, streetcar, bus, or walking. Although it is not recommended, driving to the Eaton Center is possible, and there are various parking lots in and around the mall. Nordstrom, Uniqlo, Indigo Books, and H&M are among the most popular retailers in the Eaton Centre. 

Not to mention, the Eaton Center’s inner passages connect to Toronto’s PATH subway system. It also has various pathways connecting to the Hudson Bay, and the Atrium right when you get off the Dundas subway station There are also two huge food courts and several kiosks and booths around the property.

Visit this shopping centre today if you’re in the need for some extensive shopping, enjoy the architecture and its urban atmosphere!

Business Information:

Address:  220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1
Phone: (416) 598-8560

Customer Review Highlights:

“I absolutely love this mall. I love how it's decorated each year during Christmas. All the stores I need to visit can be found here. I also love the food court! Highly recommend visiting Eaton centre”
“What's not to love about this mall? Maybe the size, but that's also a benefit. You can definitely do all your shopping here if you're looking for a shopping weekend away in TO. The store selection is unreal. The restaurants are fantastic, direct access to the PATH system and subway. Central location makes it very easy to get to from most downtown hotels, Marriott being the closest though. Beautiful mall, especially at Christmas time. 5/5”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Direct access to the subways (Queen and Dundas) and the PATH system. Parking can be hard during busy streets
Connects to Ryerson business building
Connects to the theatre and food court at Yonge and Dundas.
Phone charging station

2. Square One Shopping Centre

Square One is the largest shopping centre in Ontario and the 2nd largest in Canada. It has over 360 services and stores and the mall holds an estimated 24,000,000 customers per year!

In fact, this is one of the safest malls to be in as the mall added a police substation next to the Indigo books store. There’s also a private security office at the end of the mall.

Square One offers everything you could want, from the greatest trends, the hottest home style, the newest tech, and the best finds from Holt Renfrew to Whole Foods, Crate & Barrel to Hudson’s Bay, Apple to Rolex, and more.

This shopping centre has about 95 restaurants at their food court and throughout the mall. It includes restaurants like Basil Box, Blackjack BBQ, La Carnita along with cafes, coffee shops and much more!

They even hold multiple events from The District Kitchen Pop-up series showcasing new food menus. Also, festivals during fall like the Harvest Festival with food trucks and pumpkin patches that are worthy picture to share on social media!

Business Information:

Address:  100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 2C9
Phone: (905) 270-7771

Customer Review Highlights:

“One of my best malls in Ontario, you can shop anything you want, also I like the food court, which contains many restaurants. It’s easy to find a parking spot.”
“One of the best and busiest malls in Ontario, you can shop anything you want, and also You have a large food court, which contains many restaurants with different cuisines and It’s easy to find a parking spot . You can spend a whole day with your family and friends.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Lots of parking space! Plus, valet parking. Security guards are strict with mask policies. Although, the mask mandate will change soon!
Large food court
Electric vehicle charging ($2 per hour or $5 or a full charge)
Open during holidays too!

3. Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Yorkdale is a significant retail shopping centre in Toronto’s North York region, Ontario, Canada. It opened in 1964 at the crossroads of Highway 401 and Allen Road. It’s now one of the most visited places for its brand name apparel and featuring over 270 stores. 

Yorkdale has a variety of food upstairs, you just need to take the escalator and it’ll lead you to over many restaurants! It has Chick-fil-A, Hattendo, Big Smoke Burger, Manchu Wok and many more!

This shopping centre has some of the finest stores with all classic luxurious brands and vintage names. These include Louis Vuitton, Guess, Ted Baker, Balenciaga, Versace, Dior, Burberry, Moncer, Valentino and much more! 

They also have your regular retailers and athletic stores from Aritzia, Zara etc. Plus, the new Nike store has expanded to three levels and the interior is amazing to see with its chroma glass look.

There is also a Chapters bookstore in the mall, if anyone is interested in a quick read! Plus, they also have a Cineplex too! Not to mention, Yorkdale is famous for its Cheesecake factory offering an elegant dining experience with a variety of cheesecakes available from strawberry to caramel chocolate.

Business Information:

Address:   3401 Dufferin St, Toronto, ON M6A 2T9
Phone: (416) 789-3261

Customer Review Highlights:

“Just walking around the Mall isn't just another Shopping Mall District but a work of beauty in my point of view. Just don't want to leave, I can be there all day. So pretty to look at 😊 Always good to come around while in the neighbourhood.”
“Well organized, clean and lively. You'll find different shops to buy various things. Food, essentials, grocery, clothing, decor and much more is available. I was a little stunned by the ambience at first.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Lots of parking available over 3607 spaces plus huge underground parking which is free after 9:30AM with a 5 hour limit. Parking traffic can get busy during peak times.
Connected to subway station 
Multiple events happen throughout the year
Phone charging station

4. Sherway Gardens

Located on 25 The West Mall, Etobicoke, Sherway Gardens is a large retail mall in Toronto. It was opened in 1971 and after much reconstruction and revaluation; the mall now holds 215 stores and has become the 8th largest mall in the Greater Toronto Area. 

In the upper level they have a huge H&M store, Sporting Life, and Indigo as well as the food court which includes restaurants like chipotle, Thai Express, McDonalds, Szechuan Express and more!

Their main level includes high end brands and retailers from Nordstrom, Hudson Bay, Sport Chek, Tory Burch, Boss, Harry Rosen and much more! They even hold events throughout the year like the holiday drive thru which is 35 minutes featuring beautiful christmas themes decorations and entertainment.

Sherway Gardens is Toronto’s only large shopping mall that is not served by the subway. Kipling is the nearest subway station, and the 123 Sherway bus will take you there. Sherway is reachable by private car and public transportation.

Business Information:

Address:  25 The West Mall, Etobicoke, ON M9C 1B8
Phone:  (416) 621-1070

Customer Review Highlights:

“Always a great mall to come into if you want to take your time and not get bothered by the crowds of people. This mall always has the best deals, and the best variety in shops as well.”
“All outlets at one place, what more do you want!! Choices galore if you have time to choose. Must visit for all your shopping needs.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
There’s lots of seating areas with closeby coffee and snacking places. Parking distance to the mall can be longer
Valet parking
Wheelchair accessible 

5. Scarborough Town Centre

Scarborough Town Centre, more commonly known as STC, is one of the most visited malls in Toronto. STC is one of the most largely visited malls by ethnically and racially diverse people, located within one of the most diverse communities. 

The mall has two floors where the upper level contains many branded apparel like Coach, Aritzia, Zara, Roots and many more! It also has a movie theatre, and a the newly opened Jollibee. It even has many athletics stores from Adidas, Footlocker, and Champions. Not to mention, a smoothie shop and starbucks. 

The second floor has a food court that includes Jimmy the Greek, Biryani, Naan and Kabob, Bourbon and much more! There is also a Saint Germain’s Bakery shop, a wide variety of bubble tea stores, and a Timothys. 

Also, they have major retailers like Walmart and the Hudson Bay which are connected on both floors. Outside the Civic Center, you can also can skate during winter and they hold multiple events and festivals like Nuit Blanche to food trucks.

Business Information:

Address:  300 Borough Dr, Scarborough, ON M1P 4P5
Phone: (416) 296-0296

Customer Review Highlights:

“Huge shopping mall with lots of shopping outlets.. Food court area is also big with lots of dining space.. Just connected with the TTC stop so it's very easy to get a bus from here which I think is a good part of this centre.”
“A very huge mall with outlets for all popular stores. There is a connection to the subway too so people can directly enter the mall. It is a little bit confusing to search a place inside but there are maps installed in every corner so we can find the location of the store we are looking for easily.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Has an RT to take you from Midland, Ellesmere, Lawrence East and Kennedy station. Parking can get full and traffic during peak hours.
Multiple parking spots around the mall
Connected to Movie theatre

6. CF Fairview Mall

Fairview Mall is a big 80,000-square-metre shopping mall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The shopping centre, first opened in 1970, which comprises about 180 retailers, offices, and a movie complex today.

The mall has two floors that run east to west, with an empty area on the west end and Hudson’s Bay on the east end. Its retailers include a variety of high-end clothes boutiques, specialty shops, and kiosks. This mall features popular brands from Apple, Nike, Zara, Hollister, and much more! 

This mall has a large food court offering multiple restaurants from A&W, Bourbon Street Grill, Cinnabon, Jack Astor’s, Pi Co. Pizza Bar, Umi Sushi and many more!

What’s great about Fairview is that it’s accessible by TTC, connected to Donmills Station and even has an electric vehicle charging station.

Visit Fairview mall today to see the stunning modern interior and the check out the various shops they offer!

Business Information:

Address:  1800 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M2J 5A7
Phone: (416) 491-0151

Customer Review Highlights:

“I really like this mall. It has good stores, a big variety of brands, it is spacious and the food court is amazing, especially the restaurants that has a patio area in summer! I like to shop at this place because it is not too busy!”
“Varieties of store, all organized and in a perfect layout. Most of the products are affordable. Ample of parking spaces and Don Mills subway station is just two minutes walking distance.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Don mills subway station connected Parking lot can get full easily during week hours
Multiple events 
Free public wifi for guests
Wheelchair and wheel trans stops

FAQs About Toronto Malls

For most malls, they have both free and paid parking. Free parking is usually available at their outdoor parking lots, whereas, paid parking is often situated underground.
All of these malls in Toronto and in the GTA open from 10am to 8pm on Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays it’s from 11am to 7pm.
Except for properly identifiable and/or approved assistance animals, no animals are permitted within the mall.
Unfortunately, bicycles, scooters, skateboards etc, are strictly prohibited at the malls.


If you are looking for a great shopping experience, any of the malls on this list would be a good choice. However, each mall has its own unique features that may make it more appealing to certain shoppers. So, take some time to consider your needs and preferences before making a final decision. We hope you enjoy your visit to Toronto’s best malls!

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