The 13 Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto [2024]

Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto

If you’re a food enthusiast looking to savour the authentic tastes of Mexican cuisine, you’ve come to the right place. From zesty tacos to savoury enchiladas and everything in between, prepare to indulge in a delightful fusion of traditional Mexican cuisine and modern twists.

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So, buckle up your seatbelts, bring your appetite, and join us as we take your taste buds on an unforgettable fiesta!


What are the Most Popular Mexican Dishes?

To truly gauge the skills of any Mexican restaurant, you must savor their most popular dishes. That includes.

  • Tacos: Corn tortillas filled with meat, veggies, and cheese – a true classic.
  • Enchiladas: Rolled corn tortillas with meat, cheese, and beans, baked to perfection.
  • Burritos: Flour tortillas filled with meat, rice, beans, and cheese – a delicious bundle of goodness.
  • Quesadillas: Grilled flour tortillas stuffed with cheese, meat, veggies, and salsa – a tasty delight.
  • Nachos: World-famous chips covered in cheese, meat, beans, and salsa – pure joy.
  • Pico de Gallo: Fresh blend of tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, and cilantro – the perfect taco topping.
  • Guacamole: Creamy dip made from avocados, onions, chili peppers, and cilantro – ideal with chips or tacos.
  • Salsa: Zesty sauce of tomatoes, onions, chili peppers, and cilantro – a dip or taco topping favorite.
  • Chimichangas: Deep-fried burritos served with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole – a crispy delight.
  • Flautas: Fried tacos filled with goodness, accompanied by sour cream, salsa, and guacamole – yum!

Ready your taste buds for a friendly gastronomic experience as you explore the hidden gems of Mexican cuisine right here in Toronto. 

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Toronto

Whether you’re a seasoned Mexican food lover or a newbie eager to dive in, these top-notch restaurants will leave you smiling and craving more. So, let’s embrace the warmth of Mexican hospitality and embark on a flavorsome journey together. Let’s taco ’bout it!

1) Fonda Lola

Neighbourhood: Queen West
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Shop here for: Authentic Mexican recipes with a health-conscious twist

Fonda Lola is where traditional Mexican flavours meet Toronto’s health and wellness trend. Serving up dishes prepared with locally sourced, organic ingredients, this Queen West gem offers a guilt-free way to indulge in your Mexican cuisine cravings. Their weekend brunches are a local favourite, transforming classic Mexican dishes into morning delights.

Business Information:

Address: 942 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G8
Phone: (647) 706-9105

2) Como En Casa

Neighbourhood: Downtown
Price Range: $ – $$
Shop here for: Homestyle Mexican dishes in a cosy setting

Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s bustling downtown, Como En Casa offers a taste of home with its warm, inviting atmosphere and comfort food reminiscent of a Mexican grandmother’s kitchen. Specialising in dishes like tortas, enchiladas, and churros, dining here feels like a hearty meal shared with family.

Business Information:

Address: 565 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z2
Phone: (647) 748-6666

3) Mad Mexican Restaurant

Neighbourhood: Etobicoke
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Shop here for: Bold, authentic flavours using artisanal Mexican techniques

Mad Mexican Restaurant is a celebration of vibrant Mexican culture through food. Known for its artisanal approach to traditional dishes, the restaurant boasts an impressive selection of salsas and guacamole, made fresh daily. Their signature nachos are a must-try, loaded with house-made ingredients that pack a flavorful punch.

Business Information:

Address: 405 Jane St, Toronto, ON M6S 3Z6
Phone: +14169075787

4) Campechano

Neighbourhood: Fashion District
Price Range: $$
Shop here for: Taqueria-style dining with a focus on simplicity and flavour

Campechano redefines the taqueria experience in Toronto’s Fashion District, offering a concise menu where each item shines through simplicity and freshness. With tortillas handcrafted from Mexican maize, Campechano delivers an authentic taste of Mexico with tacos and generous portions plates that focus on the purity of their ingredients. They even offer patio dining!

Business Information:

Address: 504 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1T4
Phone: +16473502800

5) La Carnita

Neighbourhood: Multiple Locations
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Shop here for: A street art-infused atmosphere serving inventive Mexican street food

La Carnita blends the vibrant energies of street art and street food, creating an electric dining environment. Known for their creative tacos and a wide range of tequila, the restaurant channels the spirit of Mexican street markets through its inventive menu and urban aesthetic.

Business Information:

Address: Multiple Locations
Phone: +16473481166

6) El Charro

Neighbourhood: The Danforth
Price Range: $$
Shop here for: Classic Mexican cuisine with a side of lively entertainment

El Charro stands out not just for its delicious fare but also for its vibrant fiesta-like atmosphere. Traditional dishes and margaritas are enjoyed to the backdrop of live Mariachi bands, offering a slice of Mexican festivity in the heart of The Danforth.

Business Information:

:788 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 2P7 
Phone: +16473585883

7) z-teca Mexican Eatery

Neighbourhood: Multiple Locations
Price Range: $ – $$
Shop here for: Gourmet burritos and tacos with customizable options

z-teca Mexican Eatery offers a fast-casual approach to Mexican dining, specialising in gourmet burritos and tacos with a plethora of fresh, customizable toppings. It’s a go-to spot for quick, satisfying meals without compromising on quality or flavour. 

Business Information:

Address: 175 Bloor Street E South Tower, Unit R2 Toronto, ON
Phone: +14169293336

8) El Nahual

Neighbourhood: Kensington Market
Price Range: $ – $$
Shop here for: Tacos al pastor and an array of vegan options

Set in the eclectic Kensington Market, El Nahual offers a traditional taco stand experience. It’s praised for its tacos al pastor, carved right off the spit, and its inclusive menu featuring an array of vegan options, embodying the diversity of Toronto’s culinary landscape. 

Business Information:

Address: 384 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X2 
Phone: +14169012988

9) Mexicados

Neighbourhood: St. Clair West
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Shop here for: Hearty Mexican dishes and handcrafted cocktails in a vibrant setting

Mexicanos brings a slice of Mexico City to St. Clair West with its lively decor and expansive menu. From moles that simmer for hours to handcrafted margaritas, dining here is an immersive experience that pairs bold flavours with equally bold cocktails. 

Business Information:

Address: 1022 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1K4
Phone: +14164662462

10) El Catrin Destileria

Neighbourhood: Distillery District
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Shop here for: An expansive selection of tequila and tapas-style Mexican fare

El Catrin Destileria, located in the picturesque Distillery District, impresses with one of Toronto’s largest selections of tequila and mezcal. Their tapas-style menu encourages sharing, making it an ideal spot for social dining amidst the area’s cobblestone charm. 

Business Information:

Address:18 Tank House Lane, Toronto, ON M5A 3C4
Phone: +14162032121

11) Playa Cabana

Neighbourhood: Multiple Locations

Price Range: $$ – $$$
Shop here for: A modern twist on Mexican cuisine in a chic, beach-inspired setting

Playa Cabana offers a contemporary take on Mexican dining, where innovative dishes are served in laid-back, cabana-style interiors. Their fresh ceviche and signature margaritas are perfect for those looking for a beach getaway without leaving the city. 

Business Information:

Address: 111 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M5R 1V4
Phone: +14169293911

12) Chula Taberna Mexicana

Neighbourhood: Leslieville
Price Range: $$ – $$$
Shop here for: A lively terrace and inspired Mexican tapas

Chula Taberna Mexicana enlivens Leslieville with its colourful terrace and menu bursting with Mexican tapas. Their shareable plates and inventive drinks make it an ideal spot for gatherings that extend late into the evening.

Business Information:

Address: 1058 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M 1Z8
Phone: +14169019859

13) MEXITACO Cantina

Neighbourhood: Little Italy
Price Range: $$
Shop here for: Authentic Mexican flavours with a Toronto twist

MEXITACO Cantina blends the authenticity of Mexican cuisine with the culinary innovation of Toronto. Nestled in Little Italy, it offers a unique fusion experience where traditional tacos meet local creativity.

Business Information:

Address: 1601 Birchmount Rd, Scarborough, ON M1P 2H5
Phone: (416) 750-9480

FAQs About Mexican Food

Mexican food can be spicy, but not all dishes are spicy. There are a variety of different flavours and ingredients used in Mexican cuisine, so there is something for everyone to enjoy!
Mexican food is known for being rich and healthy. Mexican cuisine is very heavy on vegetables and uses the freshest ingredients possible. It’s known for being filled with intense flavours like salty, spicy, sour, and sweet.
Mexican food can be healthy if you make smart decisions. Many dishes are meat-based, salty, oil, and fatty. Opt for meat alternatives like seafood or plant-based meats and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. In moderation, Mexican food can definitely be part of a healthy lifestyle.
Surprisingly, Mexican food can be very keto-friendly. If you’re on a keto diet, bite into carne asada, hard tacos, fajitas, taco salad, carnitas, and burrito bowls.

Final Thoughts

Toronto’s best Mexican restaurants are a must-visit, offering a vibrant, mouth-watering array of flavorful dishes from ceviche, to fish tacos, to quesadillas. With every bite, you’ll taste the essence of Mexico’s rich culinary heritage. 

So, don’t miss the opportunity! Come and indulge in the exciting, unique flavours that Toronto has to offer with this guide to the 13 best Mexican restaurants in Toronto.

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