The 8 Best Micro-Wedding Venues in Toronto [2023]

Step into the world of big love in a smaller package! In the heart of Toronto’s enchanting urban landscape, a new trend is casting its spell: micro-weddings. Also known as intimate weddings, mini weddings, or petite weddings, these gatherings are all about magnifying moments over numbers. 

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As we unveil the 8 best micro-wedding venues in Toronto, prepare to embark on a journey where grand dreams find their perfect cozy corners. Join us in celebrating the beauty of love, where less becomes so much more!


What Are The Ways To Trim Down A Wedding Budget?

Here are some ways to trim down your wedding budget:

  • Reduce Guest List: Invite fewer people to save on catering and venue costs.
  • Choose Affordable Venue: Opt for a smaller or less expensive venue.
  • Off-Peak Season: Consider getting married during non-peak times for cost savings.
  • DIY Decor: Create your own decorations to cut down on decor expenses.
  • Simple Menu: Choose a simpler menu or go for a buffet instead of a plated meal.
  • Second-hand Attire: Buy second-hand wedding attire or rent instead of buying.
  • Digital Invitations: Send digital invitations instead of printed ones.
  • Smaller Cake: Choose a smaller wedding cake or alternative desserts.
  • Non-Traditional Music: Opt for a DJ or small music ensemble instead of a full band.
  • Day-of Coordinator: Hire a day-of coordinator instead of a full wedding planner.
  • Limit Alcohol: Offer a limited selection of drinks to reduce the bar cost.
  • Cut Extravagances: Trim unnecessary extras from your plans.

Remember, adjusting these aspects can help you have a beautiful wedding without overspending.

The 8 Best Micro-Wedding Venues in Toronto

Armed with budget-savvy tips, let’s now dive into Toronto’s finest micro-wedding venues!

1. Bellamy Loft

An ideal venue for couples desiring an intimate wedding with a small guest list, offering all-inclusive and à la carte wedding packages. Bellamy Lofts aims to provide stress-free wedding planning services and helps couples with everything from decor to catering. Simply say “I do” amid beautifully decor, or customize your ceremony with seated reception with a 3-course meal, photography, DJ, bar services and more.

Business Information:

Phone: +16479955414
Address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W Unit 4, North York, ON M3K 1Z9

2. VintageBASH

An event planning and venue company with elopement and micro-wedding packages for couples seeking to simplify their wedding. VintageBASH has a team of stylists, wedding designers, and florists to help make the bride and groom’s dream come to life. Both private elopements and micro-weddings with petite guests lists offer bespoke add-ons to personalize the special day and include a venue, decor, catering, photography, and beyond.

Business Information:

Phone: +16478607401
Address: 1230 Sheppard Ave W Unit #5, North York, ON M3K 1Z9

3. The Love Shack

A wedding planning service and venue for unconventional couples to tie the knot in a disco themed wedded bliss. The Love Shack provides partial or full-service planning, and day-of coordination services. They also offer add-on services such as vendor recommendations, budget management, and timeline creation. Their goal is to make the wedding planning process stress-free and enjoyable for the couple!

Business Information:

Address: 1289 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, Ontario, M6E 1B8, Canada

4. Berkeley Events

This event planning team executes marriage ceremonies from start to finish, with 7 different venues to fit a variety of personalities, themes and visions. Berkeley Events’ micro-wedding package allows couples to celebrate with a maximum of 50 people on site and includes a private 4-course meal with dessert, an open bar, full staff, and a venue coordinator. Couples can also add on flowers, officiant services, and other upgrades.

Business Information:

Phone: +14163619666
Address: ‘1871’ Berkeley Church: 315 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1S7

5. Speedy Golf

This venue ensures that all wedding elements in their all-inclusive 3-hour wedding experience are curated and designed by local artists. Toronto Micro Weddings can accommodate up to 50 guests in a 3,000 square foot wheelchair accessible space with historic charm. The package can be customized to each couple’s preferences, including additional guests, décor, digital invitations, cocktails and other considerations.

Business Information:

Address: 213 Sterling Rd, Unit #107B, Toronto, ON M6R 2B2

6. The Loft on King

Located in the heart of downtown in a historic building, this venue caters to micro weddings with up to 30 guests. The Loft on King’s customizable package options include an officiant, a photographer, and floral arrangements. Catering partners offer fully customized menus on request, and can provide everything from family-style dinners to four-course plated meals to late-night food stations.

Business Information:

Phone: +16476966740
Address: 485 King St W Floor 3, Toronto, ON M5V 1K4

7. Mirage VR

This team of event planners, graphic designers, fabricators, and artists offers a range of services to bring each couples’ unique visions to life. Mad Bash Group can independently design a gorgeous wedding based on individual tastes or work alongside existing planners. They specialize in packages and custom touches, like destination weddings, multicultural ceremonies, and non-religious marriage celebrations.

Business Information:

Phone: +14167921263
Address: 1444 Dupont St, Unit #6, Toronto, ON M6P 4H3

8. Orchid Event Venue

Orchid Event Venue offers intimate wedding packages suitable for various budgets that can include florals, reception options, decor, and officiant services available in English, Ukrainian or Russian of up to 30 guests. Clients can opt to arrange catering or bring their own food, as well as rent or bring their preferred table settings. Orchid Events is pet-friendly upon prior arrangement.

Business Information:

Phone: +14165225354
Address: 4000 Steeles Ave W Unit 44L, Woodbridge, ON L4L 4V9

FAQs About Micro Weddings in Toronto

The venue and catering tend to be the most expensive aspects of a wedding, often making up a significant portion of the overall budget.
A micro wedding usually consists of around 20 to 50 guests, keeping the event intimate and personal.
Generally, weekdays (especially Mondays through Thursdays) and off-peak months like January, February, and November are more likely to offer lower-cost wedding venue options.
Micro weddings typically include the closest family members and friends, maintaining a small and close-knit guest list.


As we wrap up our journey through Toronto’s best micro-wedding venues in 2023, we see that love shines brightest in cozy spots. From city nooks to nature spots, these venues remind us that small can be just as special. Cheers to couples finding their perfect ‘I do’ spot in the heart of Toronto!

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