The 9 Best Modelling Agencies in Toronto [2023]

Are you ready to take the modelling world by storm in Toronto? Want to know the secret to getting your foot in the door and making a splash in this glamorous industry? Look no further! 

We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the nine absolute best modelling agencies in Toronto. From catwalks to commercial shoots, these agencies are the gateways to your modeling dreams. 

Get ready to strut your stuff and discover the perfect agency to kickstart your journey to the top!

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Modelling Agency in Toronto?

Before you can even think about signing with a modelling agency, it’s important to understand how much it costs. Most agencies require that you pay a commission – typically around 20% – on all work that you book. For example, if you earn $1,000 for a job, the agency would take $200 and leave you with $800.
There are also often agency fees to consider. These range from around $100 to $1,000 and cover such things as administrative costs and the cost of casting directors, photographers, and other professionals who work with the agency.
In some cases, you may also be required to pay for your own headshots, comp cards, and other promotional materials.

The Best Model Agencies in Toronto

With an idea of the costs involved, the next important step is selecting the right agency. Among the nine listed below, all are excellent choices, so choose the one that best suits your needs and goals. Your path to a successful modeling career starts now!

1. M Models and Talent

M Models and Talent is a Toronto-based modelling agency with offices in Toronto, Mississauga, and Calgary. They specialize in commercial print, main acting, and highly professional models and talents. Their seasoned agents have been in the business for several years, ensuring that clients get only the best models.
The help talents of all age groups from children to adults, as well as beginners to pros who have been in the industries for years.
If you are looking for an agency that will help you in all areas of your career, M Models and Talent is a great choice.

Business Information:

Address: 330 Bay St. Suite 1400, Toronto
Phone: (416) 613-7906

Customer Review:

"I have been with M for 7 months now. My experience has been great with agents and the staff. I made a mistake by signing with another agency 2 years ago. Don’t make the mistake I made. M models is the best agency that actually work to get you auditions."

2. TN Model & Talent

TN Model & Talent
TN Model & Talent is a full-service agency that represents both male and female models for fashion, commercial, and catalogue work. They have a large roster of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping their models succeed.
What’s great about TN is that they focus on developing long-term relationships with their clients. This means that they work with you to help you achieve your goals and then stick around to help you build on that success. They will make sure you are paid as much as you can be but never at the expense of your well-being.

Business Information:

Address: 90 Winges Rd #205, Woodbridge
Phone: (905) 850-9858

Customer Review:

"Ever since I joined TN Model & Talent back in 2018 Marie and everyone else, (Aaron and Anna) have been wonderful to me. I have a great experience with them! When I first started I got many auditions but since I was still in school, it was hard to go to them on date and time. I asked Marie If I can help her with her business in any way, since I want to feel that I’m doing something after signing the contract. Marie was so nice and understandable that she had me at her front desk, teaching me how to make appointments, answer calls, categorize her files and so on! She also has me as her vendor in every event. Gaining experience and getting paid at the same time. She’s like a second mom who wants to make sure that you succeed in everything. "

3. Minor Details Model & Talent

Minor Details Model & Talent
Minor Details Model & Talent is a small, boutique agency that focuses exclusively on children and teen models. They are passionate about helping young people break into the industry and have a wealth of experience in doing so.

What’s great about Minor Details is that they provide a lot of personal attention to their models. This includes everything from mentorship and personal coaching to health and wellness, fitness, nutrition advice, and more.

Business Information:

Address: 20 Bay St. #11, Toronto
Phone: (416) 405-8755

Customer Review:

"We have had a lovely experience with Minor Details! My son has already booked a national commercial as his first job. The team work so hard to ensure everything is in your child's best interest and are very responsive and prompt in answering any questions you may have. We highly recommend Minor Details for anyone looking to get their children into the industry, they are wonderful! "

4. Sutherland Models

Sutherland Models
Sutherland Models is another top Toronto modelling agency that represents both male and female models. They boast a huge roster of talented individuals, including some of the biggest names in the industry, while also representing up-and-coming talent.
Sutherland Models represent talents from both Canadian and international markets. They have experience helping talents be on the cover of Vogue Magazine, commercials, and even movie roles.

Business Information:

Address: 90 Sumach St #403, Toronto
Phone: (416) 703-7070

Customer Review:

"Sutherland has been an amazing family to sign with. As a trans model, I feel so well taken care, and so accounted for. Everyone has been extremely respectful and kind to me from my first interview. They have always insured I’m comfortable with anything I get offered. Brandon has been very hands on with me and it’s been an incredible honour. He is working so hard to get my name out there, and it never goes unseen! The rest of the crew Prima and Daisy have been so magnificent to work along side as well! It is a dream to be signed with Sutherland and they definitely live up to their name and brand! Would not want to be anywhere else."

5. Next Models Toronto

Next Models Toronto
Next Models Toronto is a high-profile agency that represents both male and female models for fashion, commercial, and catalogue work. They are known for their strong connections to the industry and for consistently securing top jobs for their models.
What’s great about Next is that they offer a wide range of services, from contract negotiations to image consulting. They also have a great team of professionals who are passionate about helping their models succeed.

Business Information:

Address: 777 Richmond St W Suite 2029, Toronto
Phone: (416) 603-4807

Customer Review:

"Very professional with a comfortable feel. I respect the privacy they give you and the fact they pride themselves so much on their work. They show you in a beautiful and fashionably modern way and are extremely creative. It is extraordinary working with them! "

6. Morgan Model Management

Morgan Model Management is a full-service modelling agency in Toronto. They represent both male and female models from all ethnic backgrounds.
One thing that makes Morgan stand out is its commitment to training and development. They develop, guide, and groom their models, while also providing ongoing support throughout their careers.
They are known not only for their strong roster of both up-and-comers and established names but also for the diversity of experience that they offer.

Business Information:

Address: 348 Oakwood Ave, York
Phone: (647) 478-0784

Customer Review:

"I am grateful and blessed to have found Morgan Models 3 years ago. Janelle has taken my career all over the world and has fully supported me and believed in me since our first meeting. Janelle is professional, reliable, kind, caring, and very understanding. I highly recommend Morgan Models for any models in Toronto that want to take there career to the next level!"

7. Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency

Carolyn’s is one of the Premier Toronto Modeling & Talent Agencies. They are a professional agency with over 30 years of experience, and they represent union and non-union members including A.F.T.R.A, U.D.A, and S.A.G . Their connections allow them to work closely alongside agents worldwide who call back from major modelling centers when booking international assignments!
Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency represents babies, children, teens, adults, and seniors alike. They are constantly looking for new talent to join their ever-growing roster of models! They represent people of all shapes and sizes, from the fashion runway to your average street corner. You don’t have to be a stereotypical model to pursue modelling or acting.
If you enjoy performing and would like to see your picture in magazines or on the big screen, then look no further than Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency!

Business Information:

Address: 1965 Britannia Rd W #210, Mississauga, ON L5M 4Y4
Phone: (905) 542-8885

Customer Review:

"I have been with Carolyn's since 2009 and have had nothing but amazing experiences with them! My agent Carly is a gem! She is hard working and always willing to take my calls! From Joanne in Accounting, to Carolyn herself, I feel valued, respected and appreciated with this agency! Thank you to the Team at Carolyn's for keeping me #BookedBusyandBlessed"

8. Icon Model Managment Inc.

Icon Model Management Inc. (ICON) is a Toronto-based agency that has become respected and recognized worldwide for its roster of top models. ICON represents men, women and children of all ages and ethnicities, and their models have graced renowned fashion publications, television and movie screens, music videos, prestigious ad campaigns and ultra-chic catwalks around the world.

As a full-service agency, they offer a wide range of services to clients, including bookings, castings, portfolio development and more. They are dedicated to helping models reach their full potential and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed in the competitive world of fashion. If you’re looking to take your modelling career to the next level, ICON is the agency for you!

Business Information:

Address: 477 Richmond St W #310, Toronto
Phone: (416) 504-4266

Customer Review:

“I've had the pleasure of being represented by Icon for a few years now and frankly, am thrilled with what they've done for me and my career in modelling/acting. Riz and the team (Maya, Denise, et al) are attentive to detail, bring more opportunities than I thought possible and overall do a fantastic job on my behalf. Specifically, if you're a male model, this is the place you want to be....”

9. Massardo Model Management

At Massardo Model Management, you’ll find a team of professional and fabulous models ready to conquer the world of fashion and entertainment. With a track record of achieving every goal set since 2018, Massardo Model Management has earned a reputation for placing models with top-notch commercial firms and agents in Toronto, Montreal, and even New York City. 

Not just loved by its models, Massardo Model Management’s talent has impressed professionals in various industries, including fashion and weddings. From editorial shoots to projects of all kinds, the agency’s models shine with their easy-going, friendly, and hardworking attitudes!

Business Information:

Phone: (647) 720-6277

Customer Review:

“A career changing agency! Massardo Model Management provides their models with a personalized plan to ensure each model reaches their greatest potential. Not only do they cater to the needs of each model, they also CARE enough to ensure both agency and model's goals are achieved. Christopher Massardo has the KNOWLEDGE and PASSION for the fashion/modelling industry to ensure the success of any model he takes on. A total GEM in what can be a sometimes scary and/or intimidating industry. 10/10 AGENCY!!”

FAQ About Model Agencies in Toronto

As long as you have the right look and the proper training, you can get representation from a modelling agency no matter where you live. However, agencies typically require that you travel to their office for castings and meetings.

Models don’t just get paid for jobs that they book through agents – they are also paid for everyday expenses like meals and transportation on shoots. However, some models are required to pay their own makeup artists or hairstylists.

Yes, a model can work with more than one agency. However, this can often lead to confusion among clients and photographers who may not know which agency to contact for a job.

No, there are no restrictions on what types of jobs a model can book. However, it’s important to be aware that some agencies may not want their models to work for certain types of companies.

When looking for a modelling agency, it’s important to consider the type of work you want to do, the size of the agency, and their experience in your desired field. You should also ask to see a list of current and past clients to get an idea of the types of jobs they have booked. Finally, it’s important to feel comfortable with the agency and their staff – after all, you’ll be working with them for years to come.


In the glitzy world of modeling, success begins with the right agency. Now armed with our top picks for the 9 best modeling agencies in Toronto, you’re just a step away from making your mark in the industry. 

Whether you’re dreaming of strutting down runways or starring in captivating campaigns, these agencies hold the keys to unlock your full potential. So go ahead, seize the opportunity, and let your modeling journey take flight with the agency that’s tailor-made for you. The spotlight awaits!

Veronika Zotova

Veronika Zotova

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