The Best 11 Nail Salons in Toronto

We all can relate; nothing beats a new set of manicures. Whether you like shellac, an acrylic set, or a classic manicure, Toronto has a plethora of nail salons that offer amazing work and keep up with the newest trends. If you’re planning an outing and need nail salon suggestions, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our selection of the best 11 nail salons in Toronto.

1) Shika Did It

Shika Did It is, without a doubt, one of the top nail salons in Toronto. Their work is immaculate, and they follow the current design trends. If you have a birthday coming up and want to try something unique, they will make you look like a million-dollar. You need to check out their Instagram feed to see their fantastic work. It is impossible to go wrong with their Shika Did It. On your next visit, check out their freestyle; it will leave you stunned. They also have press ons and tooth jewels, so don’t forget to check out this location for all of your beauty needs.


If you, just like us, have been into the colourful French tips or the minimalistic swirls, we have just the place for you. Nail God salon offers these cute and clean nail sets that you see on Instagram models. One of their most popular and unique designs is the bio gels, which you can have in any shape. Their work also has a retention period of up to 9 weeks, so you don’t have to worry about your favourite set falling apart too soon. They also sell their own brand of gel nail paint, so pick one up if you want to do your nails at home.

Phone: 6479865064

3) TNA Nails

When we say TNA makes one of the best nail arts that should be in a gallery, we are not exaggerating. They take their time in creating the designs you want, leaving you speechless. Check out their Instagram page for nail inspo. Their salon is well-known for its cleanliness, and they follow the proper covid guidelines to keep everyone safe and comfortable throughout their visit. TNA is located in the beach area, which is ideal if you are planning a beach day and want to have a new set of nails that will make your beach photos ten times better.

Address: 2094 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1E1
Phone: +14166912333 

4) Nail Goddess

Olivia is a certified nail technician as well as an instructor. Her designs include classic and short yet stylish nails, as well as boujee, and everyday nails. Whether you are requesting your own design or from one of her designs that caught your eye, Olivia will deliver just what you have in vision. Her designs are still intact after a month, so don’t worry, you are getting your money’s worth. You won’t regret choosing Olivia as your go-to nail specialist, and you can make your appointment through her Instagram DM.

5) The Tip Slayer

Their business name says it all. If you want your French tips done to perfection this summer, The Tip Slayer is the place to go. With over 5k followers on Instagram, the business is growing in popularity. You know their work is quality just by the look of it. Their sets have 4-week retention and sometimes even longer. Whether you want a short coffin or a crazy long stiletto, they have it all here. Don’t forget to deposit a non-refundable $25 before you book your appointment.

6) Naked Beauty Bar

Naked Beauty Bar is one of Toronto’s top nail salons, notably for its gel manicures that last a long time. Naked Beauty Bar is where you go if you want to make a fashion statement without breaking the budget. Their salon is clean and beautifully decorated, with comfortable seating and white paint finishings making the space feel even more clean and relaxed. Their service includes gel art and removals for Mani and Pedi. You can purchase their body scrubs, cuticle oil, and especially If you don’t have time to get your nails done, their nail press ons with cute trendy designs are very handy. They also come in different shapes, including oval and coffin that you can get delivered right to your door.

Address: 889 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1V9

7) OXO Beauty Studio Nails

Despite the fact that OxO beauty studio nails has only been in business for 9 months, they have mastered the art of acrylic designs. Their designs follow the trends but with their own twist. Whether you’re looking for XXL Stilettos or boujee sets with Swarovski crystals, this beauty salon will make you look and feel fabulous. Some of their services include a medium set (a solid tip with gel coat) for $40, an Extendo set for $90, and a Freestyle level one for $65 with $10 add-ons for 3D art (two fingers) and cuticle gems ( two fingers). They also offer henna designs for a minimum fee of $15. Don’t forget to complete the consent form and pay a non-refundable $10 deposit for booking your session.

8) K Nails and Spa

K Nails and Spa is located in Cumberland Terrace, directly across from Bay Station. They take the time to create your chosen design to perfection. The salon is well-kept and offers comfy seats. You can also get a massage chair in while you are getting your nails pedicure done. If you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by this spa to have your nails done by professionals.

Address: 2-124 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R 1A6

9) CoCo Nail Bar

Coco Bar is located in North York inside Bayview Village Mall. At Coco Bar, you get what you pay for. Their salon is clean and relaxing, and they provide a variety of nail services, including a 10-minute chair massage for the neck and shoulders. Their services include bio gel, all types of waxing, facials, kid care and more. Stop by Cocoa Bar; you will be impressed with the services you will receive, and they are conveniently located feet away from Bayview Station, where there is also a large free parking lot.

10) Kcc Nails

Kcc Nails is another one of our favourite nail salons. The majority of their work involves the iconic coffin long nails style, but if you have something else in mind, they can make it happen. You can also purchase their nail charms, including the popular gummy bears. Before making your appointment, you need to pay a non-refundable deposit of $10. Whether it’s your birthday and you want to try something new or simply enjoy getting your nails done, don’t forget to make your appointment with Kcc; you won’t be disappointed. 

11) Tips 2 Toes Nails and Spa

Tips 2 Toes Nails and Spa is one of the best places to get your nails done in Toronto, especially for the deals for shellac. If you want to get a shellac and manicure it’s just $25, which is a price you can’t miss. The inside of the store is nothing extra, only the essential equipment, mani/ Pedi chairs and sofas. They usually don’t have a line, and even if they’re busy, you won’t have to wait for long. They also offer waxing services. Stop by this spa if you are planning to get your nails done within a budget and still look fabulous.

Address: 1070 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1M6 
Phone: +14165881070


That concludes our list of the best nail salons in Toronto. There are so many fantastic nail businesses in Toronto to select from, whether you want luxurious and dazzling acrylics from Shika Did It or classic shellac at an affordable price from Tips 2 Toes. If you like this post, be sure to check out our daily updates for more hidden gems around Toronto.

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