Best Parks in Toronto by District

Parks in Toronto are the perfect getaway for those who need an escape away from the city. Here in Toronto, you will find many wonderful parks across its many districts. Each district has its own unique traits, so you can expect something a little different from each of the parks mentioned on this list.

Here are the best parks in Toronto by the district:

Centennial Park (Etobicoke)
Photo by Winston M. Yang
This is one of Toronto’s busiest parks, as it’s not only large but there are plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed with the many sports facilities available here. This park features a number of sports fields including baseball diamonds, soccer fields, BMX parks, and even an Olympic size swimming pool. If you’re not a fan of sports, there are also playgrounds, a wading pool, as well as massive fields of grass with plenty of shade that is perfect for picnics. This park literally has everything you need for a nice family outing! Make sure to visit during the spring, as that’s when you can see its beautiful Japanese cherry blossom trees in full bloom.

Earl Bales Park (North York)

Earl Bales Park (North York)

Photo by Mhsheikholeslami

This is a huge park in North York with 127 acres of land. This has a bit of something for everyone with its scenic trails, natural scenery, a diverse population of wildlife, and playgrounds for the kids( or adults). There are even barbeque areas equipped with fire pits that are perfect during the summer. And during the winter, you can even ski and snowboard on the beginner-friendly ski routes that you’ll find here. With so many fun activities to enjoy all year round, it comes as no surprise this is one of the best parks in North York.
High Park (Toronto)
If you’re from Toronto you’ll know about High Park. High Park is the largest public park you will find in Toronto, with 161 hectares of land. This park has many features including several hiking trails, sports facilities, a dog park, a zoo, you name it. Not to mention, the iconic cherry blossoms trees which fully bloom during the spring. This park is easily accessible by car with plenty of parking spaces available. Or you can take public transport like the TTC Subway or streetcar. When you visit, be sure to pack some food as there aren’t many food options available here.

E.T. Seton Park (East York)

E.T. Seton Park (East York)
E.T Seton Park is a public park located not too far away from the Ontario Science Centre. This park is also connected to many of the smaller parks within the area, so there’s plenty of parking even during the busier times of the week. What’s special about this park is the free archery range which you will find here. There are several wooden targets set up and you can shoot as much as you like. However, you will need to bring your own equipment. This park is also great for jogging or biking as there are many beautiful trails here with a scenic view of the river as you travel by.

Scarboro Crescent Park (Scarborough)

Scarboro Crescent Park (Scarborough)
Located on top of the famous Scarborough Bluffs, your eyes are in for a treat as this place offers an unrivalled vantage point that is perfect for catching sunrises, sunsets, and the stars. Stunning views aside, this park also features a playground, splash pads, and tennis courts, which are great for some outdoor activities. Being so close to Lake Ontario, this is also an ideal spot for a nice picnic by the water. However, it’s important to note that some areas of the park are fenced for safety purposes. So don’t go trespassing for a quick photo op as this could result in a hefty fine. Overall, this is a great park to visit even just for its beautiful cliff-top views.
That’s it for our list of the best parks in Toronto by the district. Hope this list was able to help plan your next weekend getaway to one of many parks available in Toronto. If you want to learn more about other fun things to do in Toronto, be sure to check out our other blogs for more ideas.

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