The Best Places in Toronto to Get Authentic Jamaican Patties

One of the city’s most heated topics is where to get the best Jamaican patties in Toronto. It’s difficult to pick because there are so many bakeries and restaurants selling authentic patties that leave you craving more. Don’t worry, we know it’s challenging to know where to begin looking for these wonderful delicacies but we did our homework and prepared a list for you to visit right now. Take a look at our list of the best places in Toronto to get authentic Jamaican patties.

12) P Jays Take-Out

P Jays serve the perfect crispy and delicious patties, among other excellent Jamaican meals. Their shop is simple and small, yet they don’t skimp on their tasty and high-quality Jamaican dishes. They have a variety of patty alternatives, including vegan and beef patties, that are reasonably priced. Don’t forget to stop by early in the day as they’re only open till 6:00 p.m.

11) George's Tastee Foods

George’s Tastee Foods offers authentic Jamaican dishes in North York. You can’t go wrong with George’s beef patties, which comes in spicy or mild variations, where the meat is perfectly cooked with just the right amount of spices, and the crust is to die for. Their freshly baked patties are available in a variety of flavours, including beef, chicken, and veggie all for $1.66, stuffed burger for $3.99, and patty with coco bun for $2.87. Don’t forget to stop by; once you taste this treat, you won’t be able to resist coming back for more.

10) Patty Time

Patty Time is another Scarborough hotspot for patties. This restaurant offers a dozen baked Jamaican patties for just $19.00 and unbaked patties for $18.00. For $1.99, you can get chicken or beef patties that are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. If you like your patties not too spicy, this is the place to go!

9) Albert's Real Jamaican Foods

This Jamaican restaurant is just steps from St. Clair West station and serves one of Toronto’s finest patties. Delicious meals like oxtails, curry chicken, and jerk wraps are offered in their colourfully painted dining rooms, but don’t forget to try their patties. Their classic patties are $2.15 each, and a patty box (12 pieces) is $19. Stop by Monday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; we promise your first visit will not be your last.

8) Fahmee Bakery

For years, Fahmee bakery has been providing excellent patties at a reasonable price. A half-dozen patties here cost $8.85, and a dozen patties cost $14.99; that’s a steal! Try their beef, chicken, or vegetable patties, which are packed with flavour and made with well-balanced spices. Their store has exposed concrete walls, and free parking on the spot. Their beef patties with coco bread are to die for. Don’t forget to grab yours today and check out their new location in Little Portugal.

7) Randy's Take-Out

This Caribbean eatery is a 10-minute walk from Eglinton West subway station. Their patties are always hot, fresh, and flaky, with delicious fillings. Just be careful not to get your hands burnt! They have a clean and bright atmosphere and serve delectable dishes such as curry goat and oxtail in generous portion sizes. You can try half a dozen of their beef, chicken and veggie patties for $14.50. There might be lines sometimes that go quickly, but nonetheless, don’t forget to get there early and bring cash as they are cash-only.

6) Caribbean Queen of Patties

Caribbean Queen of Patties is located between Lansdowne and St. Clarens Ave, only a 2-minute walk from Lansdowne Station. They feature a cozy space decorated with plants and exposed brick walls with interesting artworks. You can try their curry goat, jerk pork, and sandwiches here, but don’t forget to taste their patties. Their patties are prepared from scratch and only cost $4 each. You may choose beef or veggie patties that taste homemade and flavourful.

Address: 1294 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N9
Phone: +14165381732 
Photo credit: KitchenRobbery (@kitchenrobbery)

5) Patties Express

Patties Express is one of the best places in Toronto to grab authentic Jamaican patties that will tickle your taste buds. This spot is located at Yonge and Elm St, just 2 minutes walk from Ryerson University. This small but friendly business serves the flakiest and most delicious patties with fillings such as ground beef, curry chicken, and spicy mixed veggie patties, perfect for both vegan and vegetarian. For $2.19, you can have a single patty. This is the spot to go if you like a lesser filling.

4) Golden Patty

Golden Patty is a Jamaican and West Indian restaurant in Kensington Market. Their storefront is brightly decorated with paintworks and cozy interiors where you can try a good selection of patty flavours at a reasonable price, such as curry shrimp, callaloo, ackee and saltfish, and many more. For $3.75, you couldn’t go wrong with their excellent beef patty with coco bread and a can of pop. If you visit on a nice summer weekend, there may be small lineups, but trust us when we say their patties are worth the wait.

3) Crumbs Gourmet Patties

Crumbs Gourmet Patties brings a taste of Jamaica to Chinatown. This patty shop only offers delivery and pick-up. You can try their delicious fresh patties from their small store which the locals rave about and stroll around Kensington market while enjoying your food in this nice summer weather. Their patties shell are all egg washed to prevent the patties from drying up, and you can have flavours like beef or curry chicken stuffings that are reasonably priced. If you’re throwing a party and want to treat your guests to some delectable patties, try their crumbs box, where you get a remix of all flavours delivered to your door.

2) Allwyn’s Bakery

Allwyn’s Bakery is located on the first level of Donwood Plaza. Here you can get fast service and tasty Jamaican food such as jerk chicken for $6.25, curry chicken For $11.99 and Oxtail for $8.45. One of their dishes that we recommend you to try is their patties, which are excellent for the price. You can try their beef and chicken patty for $1.42 each. Don’t forget to try out their beef patty with coco bread and coleslaw; you won’t be disappointed!

1) Patty Stop Inc

This Scarborough gem is one of the best places to get authentic Jamaican patties. Drake’s favourite, Patty Stop, offers a classic patty for $2.75, stuffed patty (chicken or beef) for $5.25, and stuffed veggie patties for $7.25. Their patties are freshly prepared on-site and are ideal for light snacking, or you can order the loaded patties, which are quite filling. If you decide to visit their shop, don’t forget to grab the patties with special sauce, which nicely complements these flaky treats.

The best places to get authentic Jamaican patties in Toronto are:

That concludes our list of the best places to get authentic Jamaican patties. We hope you enjoyed this post, and be sure to check out our daily updates for more gems in Toronto.

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