10 of the Best Places to Get a Korean Fried Chicken in Toronto

Sorry KFC lovers, but the Korean fried chicken is hands down one of the best fried chicken you could ever have. If you are a fan of these crispy and mouth-watering street eats, then you’ve gotta try the saucy and spicy chicken from Korea. We have been looking here in the 6ix to get one of the top fried chickens, and we’ve found multiple restaurants serving authentic Korean-style fried chicken that you can visit right now. Check out our list, 10 of the best places to get a Korean fried chicken in Toronto.


JEON JU HYANG is a Korean restaurant located in Scarborough serving authentic Korean dishes at a reasonable price. This Korean restaurant specializes in Korean BBQ, but their fried chicken is what got us hooked. You can try their deep-fried chicken (8-9 pieces) for $15.99 and Boneless fried chicken for $14.99. Their crunchy and delicious chicken is served in their cozy dinner with big tables perfect for friends hanging out. Don’t forget to try out their Maneul Ganjang chicken for $16.99, a deep-fried chicken that comes with a garlic soy sauce that goes well with a bottle of Soju.

9) Mr. ChiMaek

Mr. ChiMaek has mastered the skill of creating excellent Korean fried chicken. This Markham restaurant offers a big dining area that can seat more than 25 people and a dim setting that is intimate and ideal for group hangouts. One of the exciting things about the restaurant is that they offer a wide variety of flavours for both bone-in and boneless fried chicken options. Their bone-in honey butter seasoned fried chicken and boneless cheese volcano fried chicken are a must-try! This hot spot for fried chicken gets so busy at night, so come early to save a seat.

8) The Fry

Another local restaurant where you can get delicious Korean fried chicken is The Fry. The restaurant has multiple locations in Toronto, so it’s not hard to find one nearby. They offer different flavours of fried chicken with generous portion sizes at a reasonable price starting from $12.99-$30.99. Here, you can get green onion chicken, soy garlic chicken, cheese seasoning chicken, and many more flavours. They are open from 3 pm to 12 am, so don’t worry if you crave spicy fried chicken late at night.

7) Don Chon Korean BBQ & Wings

Don Chon Korean BBQ & Wings is a Korean restaurant located in Etobicoke offering one of the best crispy and flavourful Korean fried chicken, among other authentic dishes. If you are coming from work hungry or don’t like to wait long for your food, this restaurant has both a speedy and friendly service. Their Korean fried chicken is crispy and juicy with generous portion sizes. They also have excellent packaging to keep your food fresh, hot and crisp, if you are ordering a take-out. Don’t forget to try their famous fried chicken, particularly the one glazed with sweet and spicy chicken, that’ll leave you speechless.

6) ONNURI Korean Restaurant

ONNURI is a Scarborough gem for fried chickens that taste home-cooked. They have a wide range of Korean fried chicken flavours with massive portion sizes perfect for group eating. This place has an outdoor patio to relax this summer while enjoying their delicious Korean dishes. You can order their Supreme fried chicken, which comes with a special sauce and garlic sauce, and the sauces can be ordered separately. You can also try their TokTok chicken and Black fried Chicken, which is fried chicken seasoned with special Onnuri black sauce and black sesame powder, which gives the chicken a burnt black appearance but not to worry, it tastes absolutely delicious.

5) Home of Hot-Taste

Another local Korean restaurant serving delicious Korean dishes is Home of Hot-Taste. Their fried chicken options also come with a roasted option which is perfect if you prefer less fat and oil in your food. Their Korean fried chicken option includes small spicy fried chicken wings for $13.20, small fried chicken wings with a special sauce for $14.85, and many more with a decent choice of sauces. If you like onions, don’t miss out on their onion-flavoured dry rub chicken.

4) KoSam Korean Restaurant and Bar

KoSam Korean Restaurant & Bar features modern interiors that are perfect for a cozy night in. Don’t underestimate their small room and limited sitting areas, their food is more than amazing and served with excellent presentation. You can try their boneless Kosam Honey Butter Fried Chicken, which is very Crispy sprinkled with honey butter seasoning for $18.99, and their Kosam Yang Yum Fried Chicken for $19.99, where you can choose between their homemade soy garlic pepper sauce or Korean BBQ sauce. If you like side dishes, every one of their fried chicken comes with pickled onions and spicy mayo sauce, which are a great complement to your meal.

3) Cheers Chicken and Beers

If you like having your fried chicken with beer, Cheers Chicken & Beers is the place to go. Before your meal, you get complimentary snacks like a side of popcorn. They offer delicious Korean dishes such as fried chicken, either as boneless wings or drumsticks where you can choose from their signature sauce such as soy, sweet and hot chilli where you can also add onion rings and rice cakes for extra charges. If you live in North York and are searching for a place near Younge and Shepperd to satisfy your fried chicken cravings, this is the place to go! They are also open until 1 a.m., making it the perfect spot for your late-night cravings.

2) Chicken in the Kitchen

Chicken in the Kitchen is one of the best places to grab one of the cheesiest fried chicken volcanoes. This restaurant is located just steps away from Finch station and offers Korean dishes with a good selection of beer, cocktails and other Korean alcoholic beverages. This neighbourhood eatery serves the crispiest and most delicious fried chicken you’ve ever tasted. If you like a spice flavour, you can order with a chilli sauce, but our favourite is the garlic and soy chicken. If you enjoy potato wedges as a snack, don’t miss out on this local delicacy served with your orders.

1) Mymy Chicken

This North York gem is one of the best locations to grab crispy and delicious Korean fried chicken in Toronto. This restaurant is well-known for its extensive selection of chicken food options, particularly their delicious fried chicken. You can try their small gold cheese chicken and small curry chicken for $19.00 and so many more flavour options you can experiment with. This neighbourhood hangout is open Monday through Sunday from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., making it great for late-night eats.

The best places to get a Korean fried chicken in Toronto are:

That’s it for our list of the best places to get Korean fried chicken in Toronto. We hope our list will help you locate your next favourite restaurant to grab one of the delicious and crispy fried chicken and be sure to keep up with our daily posts for more food recommendations.

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