The Best 10 Places to Get Milkshakes in Toronto

When life gives you milk, shake it! If you have a sweet tooth like us, we are about to put you on one of the top places where you can get the creamiest and delicious milkshakes in the city. Whether you like your milkshake simple and sweet or creatively decorated with extra toppings, we have made a list where you can enjoy one this summer. Check out the best 10 places to get milkshakes in Toronto.

10) Roll Me Up Ice Cream and Desserts

Roll Me Up Ice Cream & Desserts provides one of the best Thai rolled ice creams and cheesecakes from the Cheesecake Factory, which are tasty, creative and visually beautiful. This dessert shop is located in Thorncliffe and has bright and colourful interiors with a good selection of desserts, including one of the tastiest and creamy milkshakes. If you like Nutella, try their Nutella milkshake, which has the perfect balance of chocolate and cream and looks like an iced coffee (but better). Another must-try is their mango shake which has a natural mango flavour and is perfect for summer cool-off.

9) Booyah

Stop by Booyah for a cold and delicious milkshake this summer. This ice cream shop in Vaughan near Saint Clair West station offers ice cream scoops, hot beverages, funky ice cream tacos, and even vegan cookies! With its simple appearance and limited dining area, this shop is famous for its top ice cream destination in Toronto, but trust us when we say their milkshakes are top-notch. For about $6.25, you can have any flavour scoop of milkshake; you can’t miss this!

Address: 16 Vaughan Rd A, Toronto, ON M6G 2N1 
Phone: +16473472001 
Instagram: Booyah Inc. (@booyahinc) 

8) Holy Chuck

Holy Chuck is the place to go if you want your milkshake with a side of a mouthful of excellent burger and fries. This burger joint has a cow print on its storefront, which is difficult to miss! For $8.99, they provide a nice range of unique hand-spun milkshakes, such as apple pie, Reese’s piece and banana, and strawberry cheesecake. Bacon, fudge, and sea salt milkshake is one of their unique milkshakes that you must try. You would not think the two would mix together, but it’s a work of art. Everything on Holy Chuck’s menu is filling and delicious so make sure you go hungry.

7) Ozzy's Burgers Toronto

Another burger spot that has mastered the art of milkshake is no other than Ozzy’s Burgers. This burger joint is located in the heart of Kensington Market. It features wood-panelled interiors, a warm ambiance, and an outside patio with picnic tables perfect for this summer and well-lit at night. This restaurant serves hand-spun milkshakes at affordable prices, such as old-school milkshakes for just $5.99, Brownie milkshakes for $7.99, topped with brownie and Reese’s pieces. And our favourite pretzel milkshake, loaded with glazed chocolate pretzels, chocolate sauce, and vanilla whipped cream, is a must-try.

6) Tom's Dairy Freeze

Tom’s Dairy Freeze is located in Etobicoke, right beside Queensway hotel, just a half-hour drive from downtown Toronto. This is one of the local go-to places for delicious ice cream shops, but we absolutely love their milkshakes for the best price. Here you can get different flavours of milkshakes such as root beer, sarsaparilla, mocha, blueberry, and so many more, with prices ranging from $4.35-$6.20 depending on the serving size. This shop is a window serve, but it has a huge bench seating area directly in front of it where many people prefer to gather during the summer; it’s a summer tradition. For such prices, no travel is too far for delicious milkshakes.

5) The Big Chill

The Big Chill is the place to go if you want a retro atmosphere with brilliant neon lights. This ice cream shop has a lovely sage green painted storefront with benches just outside the door, where you can sit and enjoy the summer weather while watching people go by. This shop’s interior is also decorated with cow ceramic pottery, checker floors, blush pink walls and mini stools that are perfect for hanging out with your friends and family. This ice cream shop is also one of the best places to enjoy delicious milkshakes that come in different flavours such as chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla or where you can also customize your own for just $7.95. This shop even has an old-school arcade; nothing can be better than this!

Address: 566 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A1 
Phone: +14169602455 
Instagram: The Big Chill (@thebigchill_to)

4) Sweet Jesus

If you’re craving a tasty milkshake, Sweet Jesus ice cream store has numerous locations in Toronto, so you’ll be able to locate one close by. The shop has a distinctive mint blue colour that makes it simple to notice from afar. Even though this shop is known for its creative ice cream, they also serve one of the best milkshakes. You can try their “BANGIN’ BROWNIE”, a chocolate soft serve topped with whipped cream, brownie and chocolate cookie and “OH HUNGRY,” a Vanilla soft serve topped with whipped cream, peanut butter, chocolate sauce, and chocolate peanut crumble that will fill you up instantly without being too sweet. If you want a milkshake created with fresh, high-quality ingredients that taste so wonderful, you’ll say, Sweet Jesus, this is the place to go.

3) Nanashake

If you love bananas in your deserts, you should visit Nanashake. Nanashake is located in North York close to Sheppard Yongestation and offers banana-based vegan desserts that are absolutely delicious. Their banana-based milkshakes are equally outstanding with various flavours that are handcrafted and prepared with quality and fresh ingredients. You can try their shake prepared with their signature banana bread and strawberry topped off with some pistachios. They also offer unique flavour combos that you will not want to miss. What could be better than this?

2) Dutch Dreams

Dutch dreams will definitely make your dreams come true. Their storefront is decorated with big toys, balloons and the bright red paint that makes you feel like you are entering candy wonderland. This family-owned business was founded 41 years ago and has been serving one of the best homemade desserts that are perfect for everyone. You can get waffles, cakes, ice creams, Dutch candies and milkshakes that are suitable even for vegans. You can’t go wrong with Dutch dreams; their flavours and colours are so vibrant that they will make you feel like a kid again. Their milkshakes are surreal and delicious, plus they have an unbeatable price. For $8.0, you may enjoy milkshakes made with fresh ice cream flavours from over 30 options, all of which are kosher and presented beautifully.

Address: 36 Vaughan Rd, Toronto, ON M6G 2N3 
Phone: +14166566959 
Photo credit: Sam P. (@samperrier)

1) Peace Treats

Peace Treats is located near Trinity Bellwoods Park and offers one of the funkiest milkshakes that are equally delicious. This dessert shop is freshly decorated with modern furnishings, white ceramic walls that reflect light which makes the room brighter and a large white sign that reads “Home is Toronto.” Peace Treats isn’t only a dessert shop; half of the store is devoted to clothes, with quality shirts and crewnecks for sale. This store has one of the most aesthetically pleasing milkshakes that are massive and sweet. Their toppings especially can’t be compared. If it’s your birthday make sure to get their “ Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday,” where you can get a milkshake topped off with a small size cake with a birthday candle! Their menus change frequently, so you can always try something new. They also provide meals to five schools for every client to buy, so you’re not only getting one of Toronto’s greatest milkshakes, but you’re also supporting a good cause.

The best places to get milkshakes in Toronto are:

That’s it for the best milkshakes in Toronto. We hope you enjoyed this blog and hope you will be able to find one of the funkiest and tasty milkshakes near you. And don’t forget to check out our daily updates for more gems in Toronto.

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