The 7 Best Psychics in Toronto [2024]

Ever feel like you’re standing at life’s crossroads, unsure about which path to take? Do you wish for a glimpse into what tomorrow might hold? If so, prepare to delve into the mystical world where the future is no longer a secret. Discover Toronto’s top 7 psychics that can guide you on your journey to self-discovery and beyond!

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How Much Does It Cost to See a Psychic in Toronto?

Psychics in Toronto charge anywhere from $50 to over $300 for a reading. The cost of your psychic session will depend on what you are looking for and who you choose.
For example, while some psychics offer packages that include things like tarot card readings, numerology analysis and astrology readings, others may only provide palm readings or tarot card readings. The price of your session will vary based on what you are seeking.
Payment is also a factor in the cost of a psychic reading. Most psychics will accept cash payments, but some kiosks may take only debit or credit cards. Again, this will depend on where you visit.

The Best Psychics in Toronto

Now that you have a better understanding of how much it costs to see a psychic, as well as what you can expect from your session, let’s learn more about the top 7 psychics in Toronto.

1. Psychic Amanda’s Studio

Psychic Amanda’s Studio

After an informative session at Amanda’s Studio, one of our team members sensed a personal and profound connection. Amanda demonstrated a deep understanding of various life spheres—from career to personal relationships.

Address: 818 Wilson Ave, North York
Phone: (416) 519-8055

Customer Review:

"Amanda's skill set for her age is extremely admirable I know psychics well into their sixties that cannot pick up on the information that Amanda does she is extremely talented and skilled and gifted for her age her ability does truly amaze me you would not be able to understand it until you meet her in person but she is the real deal "
- Felipe Kline

2. Psychic Ralph

Psychic Ralph

In a phone session with Psychic Ralph, our team found Ralph to be resourceful in using various methods such as tarot cards and numerology. His ability to combine life coaching with psychic readings sets him apart.

Address: 650 Parliament St, Toronto
Phone: (647) 874-6169

Customer Review:

"Psychic Ralph is just amazing!!. He is extremely punctual and professional. He makes sure you understand everything he says even if it passes the time. He doesn't care about what you paid, he cares about you and your life. He's definitely worth a try. He guided me thru every aspect of my career and made sure I knew what I'm capable of doing and not. Definitely a 5 star. Thank you Ralph."
- Kavitha Satchi

3. Tara Greene

Tara Greene

Attending one of Tara’s workshops, we found out that her spiritual, shamanic, and psychological approach helps clients understand their future and personal happiness.

Address: 1792 Dundas St E, Toronto
Phone: (416) 230-5347

Customer Review:

"I HIGHLY recommend anyone to get a reading from Tara. She is a natural teacher and sincerely has a spiritual divine gift to help others. Tara is knowledgeable and was very informative about my birth chart reading. She is patient, and I felt calm talking to her. I am grateful for such an inspiring experience. I will be back, and will also send my friends here. Genuinely appreciative for all her guidance. "
- Jessi

4. Best Astrologer Bhargav

Best Astrologer Bhargav

Our visit to Bhargav’s place was eye-opening. The calm aura of his space coupled with the glowing online testimonials affirms his mastered skill in giving life-changing advice. Bhargav’s blend of astrology and intuition assists many in charting their path and overcoming life’s hurdles.

Address: 875 St Clair Ave W, Toronto
Phone: (647) 764-0142

Customer Review:

"He was extremely helpful and was so spot on with numerous pieces of information. Specialist in psychic reading located in Toronto. I felt extremely comfortable in his presence and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. I look forward to She was extremely helpful and was so spot on with numerous pieces of information. I felt extremely comfortable in his presence and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone. I look forward to seeing you in the near future and honestly cannot thank you enough for your time yesterday."
- Luke

5. Psychic Visionary Gu

Psychic Visionary Gu

We read testimonials of Visionary Gu’s clients who had amazing experiences and were impressed by her intuition. Gu is known for making sense of life’s challenges and providing guidance for personal development.

Address: 9350 Yonge St, Richmond Hill
Phone: (289) 819-1233

Customer Review:

"Amazing experience. Gu really explains you and your reading in detail and what really is happening in the moment and the future. She knows who you are and why things are the way they are without you even having to tell her many details. She confirmed so many things for me and brought a lot of hope and joy into my near future. Even though I asked for a reading, she coaches and guides you in the current and predicted future that is explained during the reading. Amazing ability and kind at soul. I will definitely reach out to her again."
- Lee B

6. Julia Psychic Toronto Studio

Julia Psychic Toronto Studio

Julia offers a unique approach to dealing with life’s challenges. One of our team members had a session and was amazed by her insight, accurate vision, and refreshing optimism that made her future look brighter.

Address: 63 Keele St, Toronto
Phone: (416) 769-6266

Customer Review:

"Absolutely fabulous reader who made me feel very much at ease. Super friendly and welcoming. My phone reading last Wednesday was totally accurate with respect to what is happening in my life right now. I will definitely call back to consult her again. Thank you so much as I feel so much less anxious today"
- Nina Aronova

7. Michaels Visions

Michaels Visions

Taking a closer look at Michael’s Visions, we found out that Michael’s personalized consultation helps clients find a balance. Speaking to one of his clients, we realized how his tools for manifesting positive change resonated deeply with them.

Address: 592 A Yonge St, Toronto
Phone: (416) 732-4543

Customer Review:

"I just had my first reading with Michael and it was such a delight! He could really read my energy and told me exactly what I needed to know. Everything he said profoundly resonated with me and he told me most of it even before I opened my mouth! It was really incredible. He also went passed the time because he wanted to tell me everything he was receiving. I never write reviews but I couldn’t not write one for him. Thank you Michael, you are so gifted! Many blessings!"
- Milena Fernandez

How to Prepare for Your Psychic Reading?

To get the most out of your psychic reading, it is important to prepare. There are many different ways you can prepare for your psychic reading. While some psychics may require you to do things like cut your nails or trim your fingernails, others may not ask anything of you beforehand.
Here are some things you can do to prepare for your psychic session:

1) Write down any questions you want to be answered.

There are many different types of questions you can ask a psychic. Most people choose to receive information about their love life, health or career, but there is no limit to what you can find out from a psychic.
For example, some psychics may be able to tell you how many children you will have in your lifetime, while others know if it’s worthwhile to buy a house or car. You can also ask questions about specific people, like your spouse, parents, children or friends.

2) Do your own research so that the psychic only have to focus on your questions.

The more questions you ask a psychic, the less they will be able to focus on your inquiries. Additionally, if you do some research and find that there is already an answer (e.g., How many children will I have?), it can help them provide a more accurate reading for you.

3) Prepare for tough questions or issues you may not want to hear about.

It’s perfectly normal to feel skeptical about psychics, but our suggestion is to keep an open mind and simply enjoy what the psychic has to offer. If you are not satisfied, ask for your money back.

4) If you know what type of psychic you're looking for, such as tarot card readings or numerology analysis , do some research on that topic and remember it.

As previously mentioned, there are many types of psychics and services out there. Remembering what kind of service they provide can help you determine whether they are the right one for you.

5) Decide if you would like to see your psychic in person or through email.

If you choose to see your psychic in person, make sure you arrive on time and meet at their office. If you decide to communicate with your psychic online, make sure to check the place where they are located (Just be aware that some psychics may not

FAQs about Psychics in Toronto

One of the most common questions regarding psychics relates to their abilities or skills. The majority of Canadian psychics claim to be mediums, meaning they communicate with spirits from the spiritual realm. A small percentage of psychics also claim to have the ability to read auras, cards or palms.

The most common Toronto psychic services include psychic phone readings, mediumship readings and astrology readings. Many Toronto psychics practise numerology, palmistry or Tarot readings as well. Additionally, there are other services you can inquire about such as crystal ball readings and aura cleansings.

We suggest mentioning anything that is on your mind or heart, including issues involving current or previous relationships, career changes or financial concerns. Your psychic will go into detail about those topics during the reading, so it’s important you bring them up to make sure nothing is left out.

Psychics do not predict the future and they cannot read minds. However, they can answer general questions about your current life situation and provide guidance on how to handle it. If you’re interested in receiving guidance for the future, you may want to schedule a psychic phone reading with a Toronto clairvoyant.

Psychics use their natural talents and abilities to connect with your energy, but they also go into a trance-like state to connect with spirits from the other side. You can expect to receive information delivered through images and words during a reading. This psychic information can be quite vivid and evoke strong emotions and realizations about your life.

Clairvoyants can see or perceive things that others cannot, which is why they are often considered as the most accurate psychics. However, the accuracy of other psychics depends on their level of intuition and how connected they are with spirit guides or angels. Your best bet is to find a psychic that comes recommended by someone you know.


Ready to uncover what the future holds? With Toronto’s top 7 psychics, you’re just a step away from stepping into your tomorrow with confidence. Begin a new, insightful journey today. The answers you seek are within reach!

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