11 Best Restaurants near Woodbine Beach

With a hot summer comes trips to cool beaches. If you’re planning to go for a swim in one of the beaches in Toronto we recommend stopping at one of these restaurants to get some food. They were picked because of their great service, excellent food, and close proximity to the beaches. You can’t go wrong with any of the restaurants on this list. Whether you’re craving sushi, burgers, desserts, etc. The list has it all.

11) Limon

This is a middle eastern restaurant that offers takeout and delivery near Woodbine Beach. If you’re tanning or just having a lazy day on the shore, you should come to Limon and try their amazing food. Customers especially rave about the falafels served here because its crispy on the outside and warm and flavorful on the inside. It comes with pickled vegetables as well. Limon really brings out the flavours of Israeli cooking. This is the best place to get takeout if you’re near the beach. There are brewed beers available for purchase as well. If you’re looking to share food with friends try the baklava. This pastry dish is filled with nuts and sweetened with honey.

Phone: (416) 901-3440
Address: 1968 Queen Street E Toronto, ON M4L 1H8
16 min walk from Woodbine

10) Kyouka Ramen

This restaurant is known for its chicken ramen. Their food tastes like authentic Japanese cuisine. Kyouka ramen gives you your choice of spice and amount of fat in any meal. So the dish is personalized to your tastes. This restaurant opened in 2015 and continues to serve food with amazing flavour profiles. The portions here are huge and the food here is worth it for the price. The broths here are made carefully with many different portions of meat to give them a rich taste and aroma. They have different types of flavours from seafood to vegetarian.

Phone: (647) 748-6288
Address: 2222 Queen St E Toronto, ON M4E 1E9
29 min walk from Woodbine Beach

9) Hogtown Smoke

This Southern barbeque restaurant serves a variety of meat marinated in some delicious sauces. Their sauces are homemade so you won’t get these flavours anywhere else. A customer favourite here is the beef brisket. The meat is tasty and tender. Every bite was mouthwateringly juicy. Another favourite here is the chicken and waffles. This dish is great because the two things complement each other so well. The chicken is crispy and has a slight tang from the buttermilk. The fluffy waffles drizzled with syrup make a pair.

Phone: (416) 693-8282
Address: 1959 Queen Street E Toronto, ON M4L 1H7
15 min walk from Woodbine Beach

8) Zane Patisserie

This is a bakery near the beach with a variety of desserts to snack on. It has everything: croissants, fruit tarts, danishes, etc. This restaurant is well worth the visit because the pastries are some of the best you’ll ever taste. This bakery doesn’t just focus on the sweet stuff they have savoury dishes to try from as well. A customer favourite here is the strawberry tart. It tastes fresh and decadent. A savoury thing people enjoy is the crock monsieur. Every bite comes with melted cheese, ham, veggies, and the right amount of mayo.

Phone: (416) 690-2813
Address: 1852 Queen Street E Toronto, ON M4L 1H1
2 min walk from Woodbine Beach

7) Green Eggplant

This family-friendly Mediterranean restaurant offers dishes including burgers, pasta, seafood, etc. A customer favourite here is the Lobster and Shrimp Angel Hair Pasta. The pasta was tossed lightly in a sauce to make it creamy. This dish has chunks of shrimp and lobster tossed in. Both the presentation and taste of the dish are wonderful. This dish comes with a side of salad drizzled with homemade dressing. The breakfast dishes are great here. We recommend you try it if you’re an early riser. The food quality is amazing.

Phone: (416) 913-3361
Address: 2022 Queen Street E Toronto, ON M4L 1J4
18 min walk from Woodbine Beach

6) Yumei Sushi Japenese Restaurant

This restaurant has the best sushi. Their handmade rolls are big and it’s always worth it to get a combo because the dishes are well priced. Their food is always a big hit because of the variety you get with their sushi. This restaurant also serves some high-quality wine that pairs perfectly with their meals. A customer favourite here is the dragon roll. The shrimp is seasoned well, the cucumber is crispy and the avocado is smooth. Together the dish comes out really well for an enjoyable meal.

Phone: (416) 698-7705
Address: 2116 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E 1G1
22 min walk from Woodbine Beach

5) Garden Gate Restaurant

This is an Asian fusion breakfast and brunch place. This is why they have a broad menu with a variety of options to choose from. This diner doesn’t disappoint whether it comes to food or service. A customer favourite here is the ‘Garden Gate’ Chicken Sandwich. This is a chicken club sandwich with cheese and mayo. It’s delicious because it’s simple and filling. The food is made to be fast and affordable one of the main draws to this restaurant. Since the portions are so big you can really get your money’s worth here.

Phone: (416) 694-3605
Address: 2379 Queen Street E Toronto, ON M4E 1H5
29 min walk from Woodbine Beach

4) The Stone Lion

This friendly local restaurant opened in 2014. They have 2 large patios with great views to enjoy your meals by. They are on a first come first serve basis so if you plan on outdoor dining it’s best to check the availability first. This restaurant is really close to Woodbine Beach. The Stone Lion offers pub-style food to enjoy with friends. They have some great vegetarian options as well. A customer favourite here is the black bean burgers. It is flavourful and decently sized. Both the atmosphere and service here are excellent.

Phone: 416) 690-1984
Address: 1958 Queen Street E Toronto, ON M4L 1H6
15 min walk from Woodbine Beach 

3) Thai House Cuisine

This restaurant serves classic and modern Thai food. They have a great deal where any order over $45 will get a complimentary set of chicken wings. The food here is really worth it. It can be a little spicy for some people so we suggest reading the menu carefully. A customer favourite here is the eschew Nut Chicken. This creamy dish has cashew nuts with every bite of chicken. You can always trust this restaurant with quick service and tasty dishes. If you’re looking for a deal we recommend ordering from the lunch specials. They have great dishes at low costs.

Phone: (416) 686-8541
Address: 2213 Queen Sreet E Toronto, ON M4E 1E8
21 min walk from Woodbine Beach

2) La Sala Restaurant

This is an Italian restaurant that serves some delicious pasta. A customer favourite here is the beef carpaccio. This dish is really fresh and pairs well with arugula and parmesan. A hearty meal is a perfect way to go with this restaurant. This restaurant has a nice patio and the environment is very relaxing. The pasta dishes are very filling here and the sauces are homemade. Since the prices are reasonable many people visit to try one of their piping dishes when they have the time. You can’t go wrong with any of the food here.

Phone: (416) 694-0004
Address: 1975a Queen Street E Toronto, ON M4L 1J1
16 min walk from Woodbine Beach

1) Green Basil

This restaurant serves Thai, Chinese and other Asian dishes from authentic family recipes. Their dishes are spiced with traditional herbs to make quality food. A customer favourite here is the mango chicken. It is the right amount of sweet and salty. The vibrant dish pairs well with anything rice, noodles, etc. This place is really close to the beach and they make their dishes really quickly so there isn’t much of a wait here. This place is worth visiting if you’re looking for some authentic food to eat with friends.

Phone: (416) 698-2120
Address: 2120 Queen Street E Toronto, ON M4L
21 min walk from Woodbine Beach

The best restaurants near beaches are:

With so many restaurants to choose from why wait, order today. You don’t need to visit the beaches to get some takeout from these places. The food served at these places is always raved about for their flavours and authentic cuisine. We recommend trying out the lunch and dinner specials in these restaurants as they have the tastiest dishes at the best price. Anything on the menu here would be a perfect meal for the beach though.

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