The 11 Best Roller Skating Locations in Toronto

Roller skating is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. It can be recreational, used as a fitness routine, or even turned into a competitive sport. To get started, find a local rink – there are many in the Toronto area with different prices and hours of operation – best of all some of these locations are free!
We compiled a list of the best 11 roller skating rinks in Toronto so you can check them out!


How Much Does It Cost to Roller Skate in Toronto?

Depending on the rink you choose, roller skating is typically around $15-30 for a full hour. Skate rentals are separate – however, most places do have deals where they include skate rental in the entry price.
This option tends to be more expensive, but spending another $10-18 on rentals may not be feasible for some people.
For a more budget-friendly option, you can skate at one of Toronto’s many public parks that have skating loops around them – these rinks are usually free to use when there is no hockey game or show taking place!

The Top Roller Skating Locations in Toronto

Now that you know what rink is closest to you and how much it will cost, plan a visit! Below is a list of the top 11 best roller skating locations in Toronto.

1. Scooter's Roller Palace

Scooter's Roller Palace
Scooter’s Roller Palace is one of the best indoor roller skating rinks in Toronto. It will take you back to your childhood with its 90s vibe and friendly environment that has plenty of room for everyone who wants fun times!
The Scooters skating rink has a lot of variety in terms of people and events. Weekend nights are most popular, but beware you may have to wait in line for a bit. There’s nothing better than skating along with some 90s retro music, and you can even ask for your favourite song when you’re at the counter.
There are also many regulars that come here for their favourite spot on the floor–they’re very friendly so don’t be shy when stopping by or asking them about where everything is located around town
This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience! If you feel like a fun night out or not-so-serious type of atmosphere for kids, this is the place to go.

Business Information:

Address: 2105 Royal Windsor Dr, Mississauga, ON L5J 1K5
Phone: (905) 823-4001

Customer Review Highlight:

What a ton of fun!!! Everybody should do this at least once. The staff are super friendly and inviting and the other skaters are fun, helpful, careful not to hit you, and they offer advice if you want it. Try it for an evening of exercise and entertainment. Five stars
- Mandy Epprecht

2. Retro Rolla

Retro Rolla
Google/Retro Rolla
Retro Rolla is the perfect place to enjoy roller-skating this summer. You can rent colourful shoes and safety equipment by the hour, so you’ll be able to stay on track with your date while skating around Toronto’s Bentway path in style!
If you are new to skating, they offer beginner roller skating lessons where you can learn the basics before you rent. For just $40, it will include the lessons, as well as all mandatory protective equipment.
If you don’t have your own skates, you can rent one of their CHAYA Melrose Deluxe roller skates starting at just $18.
Retro Rolla is a community based on inclusivity and transparency. They want you to have an opportunity for meaningful connections, new experiences with other Roller Skaters alike- all while getting outside & moving your body!

Business Information:

Address: 250 Fort York Blvd, Toronto, ON M5V 1A9

Customer Review Highlight:

"Had the BEST TIME at Retro Rolla! Not only did I get the cutest pair of roller skates, turquoise with bright pink laces, but enjoyed meeting new people while flying around the track. And what a beautiful space to skate in. Highly recommend going. And bring your friends, even those who don’t skate will have a blast! Mine did, amd I didn’t even mind helping her around until she got the hang of things."
- Sherri B

3. Underpass Skatepark

Retro Rolla
Google/Chris Shin
The Underpass Skatepark is a perfect spot for all types of skating. The smooth, clean concrete provides great traction and there’s even some interesting spray paint art located nearby!
Though you will mainly see skateboarders here, if you’re a roller-skating pro, join in! Many people customize their shoes here with any type of wheels to provide the best slides and tricks. Take advantage of the well-lit park and connect with other skaters if you enjoy a fun, casual environment.
Located under the Bloor Viaduct, this skatepark is free to use and perfect for roller-skating! With its open space design, there’s plenty of room to move around–you never know what tricks or interesting places you will come across.

Business Information:

Address: Lower River Street, Toronto, ON

Customer Review Highlight:

"Solid little park. On a bit of an incline but nothing that should bother too many people. One of the few skateable spots when snow and salt kill any other flat spots. Some small ramps and wide open flatground. Dry and clean this visit."
- Kevin Thurber

4. Riverdale Park East Outdoor Rink

Riverdale Park East Outdoor Rink
Google/Will Lau
Riverdale park east outdoor rink is an ideal place to skate during the summer when it’s transformed into a roller-skating rink. But come wintertime? You’ll find yourself at one with nature on its beautiful ice skating floor!
his haven for athletes offers various attractions including swimming pool access and tennis courts right outside; so whether you’re looking forward to exercising or just want some time outdoors – Riverdale has what your heart desires.
This park offers a serene environment that is perfect for a night out or a simple date with your friends. The rink is equipped with lighting and security cameras to ensure its safety. Closed in by tall trees, there’s no entry fee to enjoy this lovely place!

Business Information:

Address: 610 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 2N9

Customer Review Highlight:

This is a great outdoor facility. I went with 2 boys 10yrs old for p/u hockey. The city staff are amazing, gave us pucks very friendly. Hats off to the CofT. Place is very well lit, ice was good condition. The equipment nets etc was well maintained. The change rooms where very spacious with lots of benches, lockers and we'll heated. Really have to say it is a great place.
- aleks

5. Martin Goodman Trail

Martin Goodman Trail
Photo Credit: Maury Markowitz
The Martin Goodman Trail is also another great outdoor skating rink for you to enjoy. It’s open throughout the year, which makes it perfect for roller-skating in the summer!
This trail has a lot of things to offer all year round including biking & walking paths, benches and viewpoints that are perfect for taking pictures. There are even some great spots along the path where you can stop and skate with a view of Lake Ontario!
This is one of three outdoor skating rinks that are free to use. There’s parking nearby as well as bathrooms, but no snack bar or food vendors – so be sure to bring your own water bottles and snacks if you plan on staying for a while.

Business Information:

Address: 1095 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 2R5

Customer Review Highlight:

No negative issue whatsoever, we need more ways like this to see our beautiful city whilst getting exercise. A win, win.
- Stephen Allen

6. Vanderhoof Skatepark

Vanderhoof Skatepark
Google/Nathanael Cor
Vanderhoof Skatepark is a great place to skate if you crave those smooth concrete walls and vertical skating. Located at Leonard Linton Park, it’s an outdoor skatepark open for use to roller-skating enthusiasts.
The park provides a variety of features including ledges, rails and stairs that offer fun obstacles to overcome! It’s a great place for all sorts of skates; with ramps perfect for grinding or jumping into the air.
Meet with local skaters and ask about their favourite tricks! Everyone is friendly and helpful, so come with a positive mindset and you’re sure to have a great time.

Business Information:

Address: 60 Research Rd, East York, ON M4G 2G8

Customer Review Highlight:

"One of the best bowls in the city. A fantastic destination for anyone on wheels. Can get busy in the afternoons and on weekends but that is just a chance to meet new people! "
- David Nichols

7. Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands
The Toronto Islands are a great place to relax and enjoy the summer sun. But did you know they have an outdoor skating rink as well? Be sure to head out over the bridge for some fun on this vast, natural skate spot!
This is also the ideal spot for a sunrise skate, especially on the weekends when the traffic is less. It’s an excellent place to exercise and connect with nature: even birdwatchers and dog walkers come out here to experience what it has to offer!
With its beautiful views of Lake Ontario and the city skyline, there’s no better place to enjoy a nice skate with your friends. Grab your skates and head over to the island for a nice day of skating among natural scenery.

Business Information:

Address: 9 Queen’s Quay West, Toronto, Ontario

Customer Review Highlight:

"Great paths for running, biking, rollerblading for fitness and of course tons of space for picnic-ing or group events."
- P. Ducusin

8. CJ's Skatepark

CJ's Skatepark
If you’re looking for a great place to skate this summer, look no further than CJ’s Skate Park. This indoor rink is located just minutes from downtown Toronto and has everything that any visitor might desire in their experience of roller skating!
Here you can enjoy different ramps, rails and obstacles in a great, secluded setting. It’s an ideal place for practice or just having fun with your friends.
This park has an excellent atmosphere because it was designed with skaters in mind. You can be sure that you’ll have a great time skating around its many corners and ramps!
Grab your skates, lace them up and head out to CJ’s Skatepark today. You’ll be so glad that you did!

Business Information:

Address: 560 Hensall Cir, Mississauga, ON L5A 1Y1
Phone: (905) 272-6888

Customer Review Highlight:

"very spacious place filled with many ramps and pipes for any skater to enjoy! both my sons love coming here specially after its been renovated. lots of space for riders to enjoy with an open concept. overall great experience here specially with the friendly staff that they have! enjoy at your own risk "
- Brianna W

9. Trinity Bellwoods Park

Trinity Bellwoods Park
Trinity Bellwoods Park is a great place to enjoy some outdoor skating on the weekends. It has a main rink, with another smaller one located just south of it! You can lace up and head out for a fun time at either of these two places.
Enjoy the beauty of the park as well as its many walkers and bike riders. The rink is surrounded by tall trees, so you can peacefully skate around with a view of the lush scenery all around you.
This rink has a great atmosphere because it’s an open park that visitors from all walks of life come to enjoy. You’ll have a nice time skating around with a view of the city skyline as well!
This park has everything you need to have a nice experience: benches, public restrooms and even a snack bar! So bring your skates and make the trek out to Trinity Bellwoods Park for some fun in the sun.

Business Information:

Address: 790 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3
Phone: (416) 338-2614

Customer Review Highlight:

"Very nice medium sized park, includes skating rink, baseball diamond, dog park and other fields for sports. Its surrounded by a very nice neighbourhood and is close to Bellwoods Brewery in case you'd like to share a beer in the park!"
- Florjan Gjolaj

10. High Park

High Park
Google/Saheed Jameer
High Park is a great place to enjoy some outdoor skating on the weekends. You can lace up and head out for a fun time at either of the two rinks that are available here.
This rink is located in a secluded area with lots of trees around it, so you’ll have a peaceful experience as you skate around enjoying nature. There are no major roads leading here, so you’ll get a peaceful view of the surrounding area as well.
Roller skating here is great because the rink has a nice vibe. It’s also well-maintained and perfect for any level skater.

Business Information:

Address: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3
Phone: (416) 338-0338

Customer Review Highlight:

"Classic park. Top spot in the 6ix. Crazy big, everything you could want in a park from skating rinks to a petting zoo home to celebrity animals, clubhouses and courts for whatever you wanna play, trails, playgrounds, bridges over ponds, weird sculptures, private sheltered picnic spots, playgrounds, bike paths, hills for sledding, giant tree forts, and permanent all-season bathrooms Don't get lost! "
- Danielle Sue

11. Edward Gardens

Edward Gardens
Google/Amer Kasim
Edward Gardens has a lot to offer and is well worth the trip. This arena has an excellent design and great amenities like benches, ramps and even a snack bar! Here you can roller skate, play hockey or even enjoy other activities like street hockey.
The atmosphere here is great because it’s a well-kept trail for skating. You can be sure that you’ll have a great time as you skate around the park!
With so much to offer, Edward Gardens has something for everyone. Whether you’re an experienced skater or just starting out, this is the place for you!

Business Information:

Address: 755 Lawrence Ave E, North York, ON M3C 1P2
Phone: (416) 392-8188

Customer Review Highlight:

"Beautiful gardens and nice location to take a walk and be surrounded by nature. Visited on a Saturday afternoon and found it a bit too crowded. It has a nice network of trails that connect to other smaller parks. Some really great spots to go for a picnic as well. "
- Pierre-Luc

FAQs About Roller Skating

Quad roller skates typically have four wheels, while inline roller skates use three. Quad roller blades usually offer more stability for beginners but offer less maneuverability than inline blades. Inline skate wheels are set slightly wider apart due to their design which provides greater balance and allows for straighter lines and more speed.
Typically, roller skate sizes match shoe sizes. If you are planning to use your skates on an outdoor rink or smooth surface you should go with the lowest size possible that would be comfortable for your foot. For any other skating surfaces, you will want a slightly larger size that is more stable and can maintain its shape.
The best type of skating surface is one that provides lots of traction. Smooth surfaces like indoor rinks are not the most ideal because they do not provide enough grip and can cause you to fall more often. For a smoother surface, look for an outdoor rink with a gravel base. This will provide more traction than a smooth surface.
Roller skating is an excellent outdoor activity in the spring and summertime. You’ll be able to enjoy nice weather while you skate around with friends!


Roller skating is a great sport that can be enjoyed by anybody. It’s also a fun way to get some exercise while socializing with friends and family!
The locations mentioned above are some of the best spots for you to go and have a great time on roller skates. Whether you’re looking for an old-fashioned rink or a fun outdoor spot, these locations will fit your needs nicely!
locations will fit your needs nicely! For other fun activities to enjoy in Toronto, check out these articles for more ideas:

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