Best Ski Resorts located near Toronto + the GTA

Do you have a passion for snowboarding, skiing or other winter sports?
You’re in luck. There are plenty of ski resorts located near Toronto and the GTA that offer fantastic opportunities to enjoy this great sport all year long. The best ski resorts will provide natural snow as well as artificial snow, so you can experience the thrills no matter what conditions Mother Nature provides.
And don’t forget about those amenities: most ski resorts also include lodges with restaurants, shops and entertainment options. So if you need a break from the slopes, there’s always something fun to do at these destinations.


How Much Does it Cost for a Trip to the Ski Resorts?

Prices for a ski trip can vary depending on the resort you choose, the time of year and whether you’re looking for a package deal or not. Generally speaking, expect to pay around $150 per person for a day visit to a ski resort. If you’re looking to stay overnight, expect to spend anywhere from $200 to $1,500 per night. This includes access to the slopes, as well as equipment rental, food and drink, and other amenities.
Of course, there are ways to save on your ski trip.
Here are some cost-saving tips for a ski trip:
Pack Your Own Lunch – If you’re going to be staying at a ski resort, consider packing your own lunch each day. This will allow you to purchase a single package deal instead of multiple meals from the restaurants, and it can help you save as much as 50%.
Buy Ski Gear & Clothing on Sale – Ski gear and clothing can be quite expensive, but you can often find good deals if you’re willing to shop around. Check out local sporting goods stores and online retailers for the best prices.
Stay in a Nearby Town – If you’re not looking to spend a lot on lodging, consider staying in a nearby town instead of at the ski resort. Many ski resorts are located in picturesque villages that are great to visit, but not necessarily ideal if you’re looking for low-cost accommodations.
Take Advantage of Discount Tickets – If you’re planning on skiing at a popular destination, order discount lift tickets in advance through group deals offered through sites like . You can save big by purchasing tickets via this method.

​​The Best Ski Resorts Near Toronto

Now that you understand some of the costs associated with a ski trip, it’s time to choose your destination!
Here are some of the best ski resorts located near Toronto:

6. Dagmar

Dagmar is a ski resort that offers a variety of hill types for different age ranges and skill levels. Located in Uxbridge, Dagmar offers 17 different runs that range from beginner to advanced difficulties. The resort also has four chairlifts and two carpet lifts for skiing during the day or the nighttime. It also has a coffee lounge and restaurant for if you get hungry at before, after or during your session.

Business Information:

Address: 1220 Lake Ridge Rd, Uxbridge
Phone: (905) 649-2002

Customer Review Highlight:

"I’ve been riding dagmar parks for almost 10 years now. The staff is always incredibly friendly, the features are always built really well which is very important. For example, there’s a hill in the same area (who will remain unnamed) where I felt unsafe in the terrain park.
Dagmar is all around a great resort, from their delicious poutine to their very technical terrain park features, I will forever call dagmar my home hill!"
- markis sarkis

5. Brimacombe

Blue Mountain
With a unique selection of slopes, Brimacombe is another strong choice if you want to go on a ski or snowboarding run. The resort offers 23 different slopes for various difficulties and skill levels and 11 of them are open for skiing after dusk. Brimacombe also offers two chalets, four quad chair lifts and a ‘snow school’ if you require skiing or snowboarding lessons.

Business Information:

Address: 4098 Regional Road 9, Orono, ON
Phone: (905) 983-5983

Customer Review Highlight:

"Awesome ski hill! Close to Durham Region, Peterborough and Port Hope areas, great terrain and awesome for families and kids. They offer night skiing through the week and Saturday nights, ski school, terrain park (plus beginners park) and on hill rentals and ski shop. There are two chalets and the food is good, especially for a ski hill. The food is also fairly priced. Poutine is great, lots of cheese curds! Knowledgeable people working in the store and they do ski/snowboard tune ups. You won't find any huge mountains in the area, but this little hill offers a great variety of terrain for all levels and lift lines are never longer than a few minutes. I find this to be a larger hill than others in Durham (not sure about height,but certainly more area), which offers more variety in your choice of trails and terrain."
- Kathryn McGill

4. Glen Eden

Glen Eden
Glen Eden is one of the ski resorts that is closest to Toronto. Although it may not be the biggest among the other resorts, it offers 12 different trails, a terrain park and dining options. It is also a cheaper ski resort with prices ranging from $30-$42. If you are not looking for a large ski resort or if you are just starting out to ski or snowboard, Glen Eden is a solid choice.

Business Information:

Address: 5234 Kelso Rd, Milton, ON
Phone: (905) 878-5011

Customer Review Highlight:

"Had an amazing day! The weather was all sorts but it was not bad at all. Perfect for beginners as well as pros. Went skiing and I’m only learning but getting better (hopefully). The staff are very friendly and they answered all my questions and didn’t hesitate to help me and my friends with finding the perfect boots! It’s not expensive since the tickets last the entire day. So many hills to choose from and a very systematic lift system. Again, very friendly staff. Parking lot is not too far either but they have a truck to take you back and forth, fun! Bathrooms are dry and clean. Also, the rental equipments are well maintained and they didn’t have any smell on them. Will definitely recommend! 🙂 See you again next season."
- Ojashri Basnyat

3. Lakeridge

One of the bigger ski resorts in the GTA, Lake Ridge offers a variety of hill sizes. Located in Uxbridge, the resort offers 23 different runs which are spread over 70 acres of land. On top of this, the resort also offers hills with varying skill levels such as black diamond trails and bunny hills for new learners. They even offer snow tubing, if you are looking to try that out following your ski/snowboard session.

Business Information:

Address: 790 Chalk Lake Rd, Uxbridge, ON
Phone: (905) 649-2058

Customer Review Highlight:

"DON’T GO HERE, unless you’re looking for a lot of FUN!!! This resort is well maintained and the staff is great! This was our first time and we only tried Tubbing! It was a blast! The staff working the runs are great and we’re always whiling help out our big group and allow us to race against each other! If you’re looking for some this fun to do in winter, try this place!"
- Gian Barzellotti

2. Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Mount St. Louis Moonstone
With millions of dollars invested into new equipment, a high-speed chairlift and new lighting for skiing in the nighttime, Mount St. Louis Moonstone is a ski resort that offers a large selection of hills for skiers and snowboarders. It is approximately over an hour’s drive from Toronto but it offers over 35 trails and 12 lifts for all skiers and snowboarders. Its longest run goes for over 2 kilometres and the resort covers 180 acres of skiable land.

Business Information:

Address: R.R.4, 24 Mt St Louis Rd W, Coldwater, ON
Phone: (705) 835-2112

Customer Review Highlight:

"Hills are tall enough for you to enjoy a good ride. Parking is pretty convenient. Lady at the store selling gears is friendly and she gave us good instruction of how to use and client feedback of the instant wax we bought there. Food is of fair price. Lodge is of good size. Not too busy on the Sunday we went. Lifts are wide. If you go after 1230, you'll be buying afternoon ticket which is $62 as opposed to the regular ticket at $71, wonderful for me who don't leave home early… I love the experience there!"
- Yuk Yu, Alison LEE (Alison)

1. Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain
Although it is a bit of a drive (2.5 hours northeast of Toronto), Blue Mountain is the largest ski resort in Ontario. The resort offers over 40 trails, 14 lifts and a variety of routes. The resort also has three terrain parks to put your skiing or snowboarding skills to the test. It is slightly pricier than other resorts, however, you are getting access to the largest ski resort in Ontario, so it is worth it.

Business Information:

Address: 190 Gord Canning Dr, The Blue Mountains, ON
Phone: +1 833-583-2583

Customer Review Highlight:

"Great spot for years round activities. In the summer there is access to a private beach if you buy a play all day pass, there are beautiful hiking trails, rock climbing walls, adventure park, plunge aquatic centre, golf, tennis. Obviously a great spot for winter activities as well. On any given weekend there is usually live entertainment in the centre of the village. Absolutely love it here! "
- Jen B

FAQ About Ski Resorts

There are a few ski resorts within a few hours of Toronto. The furthermost is about 3.5 hours away.

Yes, most resorts allow snowboarding. Be sure to check with the resort before you go to make sure they have the equipment you need.

Be sure to take a lesson or two before hitting the slopes. Skiing can be a dangerous sport if you’re not familiar with the proper techniques.

Yes, most ski resorts have a lodge where you can purchase food and drink, as well as find entertainment options.​


Now that you know all about skiing near Toronto, it’s time to start planning your trip! You can’t go wrong at any of the resorts mentioned on our list, so be sure to do your research and choose the one that suits you best.
After you choose a resort, remember to purchase the necessary lift tickets in advance to save yourself some money.
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