The Best South Indian Restaurants in Toronto

South Indian cuisine is known for its spicy hot flavours and a variety of dry spices including coriander, garlic, onion, ginger, mustard seed, cinnamon, cardamom pods. Mustard oil is also very common in this region’s cooking.  Here in Toronto, there are many great South Indian restaurants that serve authentic South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli Sambar and Vada Pav. In this article, we will explore some of the best South Indian restaurants which Toronto has to offer.
Here are the best South Indian restaurants in Toronto:

10) Annapurna

Annapurna is a relaxed South Indian restaurant with a wide variety of vegetarian South Indian dishes. This restaurant is great to go to with friends or family because of its beautiful dining atmosphere. The food here tastes fresh, well-seasoned and spicy. Try their Idli Sambhar for an appetizer along with the Dosa which are similar but thinner crepes made from rice batter and ground lentils. You’ll love it!

Address: 1085 Bathurst St, Toronto
Phone: (416) 537-8513

9) South Indian Dosa Mahal

South Indian Dosa Mahal
Yelp/ Dinika A.
South Indian Dosa Mahal is a family restaurant on Roncesvalles Ave that’s known for their vegetarian South Indian foods such as dosas, samosas, and curries. Their dosas (thin crepes made from fermented rice and black lentils) are their most popular menu item. Try the Mysore Pizza Masala Dosa, it’s a thin crispy dosa filled with spiced potatoes and served with sambar and chutney. Your tastebuds will thank you!

Address: 9 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto
Phone: (647) 341-8553

8) Kothur Indian Cuisine

Kothur Indian Cuisine
Yelp/ Daniel N.
Kothur provides a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere with great service. The food is very tasty and reasonably priced. The menu offers a variety of dishes from South India. They serve an excellent South Indian lamb biryani which has a nice kick of spiciness to it. Also, recommend the chicken korma which is cooked in a cashew nut sauce with cream and tomatoes.

Address: 649 Yonge St, Toronto
Phone: (416) 926-0953

7) Madras Masala

Madras Masala
Yelp/Kin K.
Madras Masala offers South Indian dishes at affordable prices. This restaurant serves delicious dosas, idlis and uttapams which are crispy rice lentil cakes. The dosa comes with several different types of fillings including potato masala, peas masala, onion masala and more. Also, try their Badami chicken which is spiced with cardamom, cumin, onion and topped with mint. You won’t regret it!

Address: 796 Bloor St W #1, Toronto
Phone: (647) 342-4359

6) Udupi Palace

Udupi Palace
Yelp/Amar M.
Udupi Palace primarily serves vegetarian South Indian dishes. Their Dosas are definitely the stars of the show here and you can get them with various fillings. The Masala Dosa is the most popular one where they stuff masala potatoes inside the dosa. Other recommended dishes include the Pongal (a South Indian dish made of rice, lentils and spices) and Rava Onion Dosa (a thin dosa stuffed with onions).

Address: 1460 Gerrard St E, Toronto
Phone: (416) 405-8189

5) My Dosa Place

My Dosa Place
Google/My Dosa Place
This is a South Indian food chain found across the GTA. They serve a large variety of dosas, uttapams and biryanis. Try the Mysore Masala Dosa which is stuffed with spiced potatoes or the Peas Uthappam which is crispy and soft at the same time. They also serve fried rice which is very close to Indo-Chinese fried rice.

Address: 12 Queens Quay W, Toronto
Phone: (647) 350 3672

4) Karaikudi Chettinad Indian Restaurant

Karaikudi Chettinad Indian Restaurant
Karaikudi is the best place to go for Chettinad dishes. This cuisine comes from South India and is known for its spicy, hot flavours. Try their Chettinad chicken curry which has a delicious, tangy flavour to it which you wouldn’t want to miss. Also, do forget to try the mutton dishes here as the mutton is very tender and well-marinated.

Address: 1225 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough
Phone: (416) 701-0003

3) Saravanaa Bhavan

Saravanaa Bhavan
Yelp/Biyu X.
Saravanaa Bhavan brings traditional South Indian dishes to Toronto. The restaurant serves authentic food from Southern India at reasonable prices. They are known for their delicious dosas, idlis and uttapams. Highly recommend the masala dosa which comes stuffed with spiced potatoes. Also, try their Sambar Vada (lentil donut with sambar) and Rasam Soup.

Address: 4559 Hurontario St #12B, Mississauga
Phone: (905) 290-0769

2) Subiksha Foods

Subiksha Foods
Yelp/Shogo F.
Subiksha is the best place to go for authentic and delicious South Indian cuisine. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that your tastebuds will thank you for. Highly recommend the Vada Sambar. This dish is a donut-shaped Indian fritter served with sambar and chutney. You can also try the Rasam Soup or Cheese Uttapam. The food is rich in flavour, spicy and delicious!

Address: 2633 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough
Phone: (416) 264-2221

1) Leela Indian Food Bar

Leela Indian Food Bar
Leela has two locations in downtown Toronto ( one on Dundas and the other on Gerrard) that serve delicious South Indian dishes. Their lasooni cauliflower is one of the best ones you will ever try. It’s spicy and has a hint of sweetness to it. Also, do not miss out on the paneer tikka masala which is a paneer cheese marinated in spiced yogurt and cooked on a tandoor.

Address: 3108 Dundas St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 769-7777

If you’re looking for authentic South Indian food in Toronto, the restaurants mentioned above are definitely worth visiting. These spots offer all kinds of delicious dosas, idlis, uttapams, and other South Indian dishes that you are craving. And if you want more recommendations on other cool spots to visit, be sure to check out our other blogs on all things Toronto.

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