The 10 Best Spinning Classes in Toronto [2022]

Best Spinning Classes in Toronto

Like any good workout,  spinning classes will make you sweat. What you shouldn’t sweat is finding a spin studio that will meet all your needs. We chose these spin studios based on atmosphere, packages offered, and inclusivity. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a spin studio that meets all your needs.

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What is the Average Cost of a Spin Class?

A single class typically costs between $10 and $30, although the price can fluctuate depending on your location and whether you’re buying a single class or a class pack. Some other factors that can affect the cost of a spin class include the instructor’s experience and whether the studio offers amenities like lockers, showers, and towel service.

Still, it’s worth it to get your heart rate up and your endorphins flowing. Plus, you never have to worry about weather conditions or traffic when you’re indoors on a spin bike! So next time you’re feeling the urge to get active, consider heading to your local spin studio for an invigorating workout.

The Best Spin Studios in Toronto

Now that you know the average cost of a spin class, it’s time to find a studio! Here are our picks for the best spin studios in Toronto.

1. Torq Ride

Torq Ride is a great indoor cycling studio emphasizing performance, high-quality studio sound, and a sense of community. Their primary location is in Leslieville at 536 Eastern Avenue. With their state-of-the-art Stages bikes, riders can see their ride performance on an attached console.

You can order a session chosen based on room, ride, or instructor, or choose individually from their bundles. They even offer a free introduction class to anyone who wishes to try out their service.

If you don’t have the appropriate attire, you can easily purchase something from their great line of products.  If you are looking for a chill cycling studio with great music playing in the background while you ride, Torq is the place!

Business Information:
536 Eastern Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 1C7, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Best spin in the city. Great instructors who put together actual rides and not just a bunch of jumps up and down. Torq has an amazing facility and hopefully when the weather turns better we can once again do outdoor spins. Yes, outdoor spin, in the covered, lit and wired for sound Torq Alley is awesome. A totally unique experience.”
“Absolutely love the spinning classes at Torq! Jill’s class was amazing and her energy was so great! Music was awesome too and the faculty was clean with great equipment. Such a friendly and helpful studio for new and experienced cyclist. Highly recommend checking them out!”

2. 6IX Cycle Spin Studio

6IX Cycle is a highly motivated cycling studio that provides its riders with a place to leave everything behind and become the strongest, most fantastic versions of themselves. Their professional spin cycles are an innovative tool that allows them to achieve their goals. 

6IX Cycle is not your average cycling class; they take more pride in the way of vibes. They describe themselves as a Las Vegas nightclub for a cycling class. They provide a highly atmospheric area with addictive beats to the activities performed, which makes exercising an overall enjoyable experience!

Join them by either joining a monthly subscription with specific exercises or purchasing a standalone package that gives you access to several activities and machines. Alternatively, you can purchase unlimited access to all their services for 2 weeks.

If you want a cool, visually-stunning place to cycle your heart out, then visit 6IX, as they surely won’t disappoint!

Business Information:
1163 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J4, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“I just started cycling here in November and really enjoying the studio and the variety of spin instructors. I'm a beginner and their staff are so nice, it's welcoming environment, and there was even a 101 foundation class to get me going. Would recommend to anyone who is trying spin for the first time!”
“INCREDIBLE gym!!! I wanted to try something new and was referred here by Ayshta! She is very passionate about what she does and motivating and challenging a room! 6IX spin is now a huge part of my routine. It's great cardio and I love the light weights we use in the middle of the workout!”

3. RISE Cycle

RISE Cycle is a studio where you can discover an exciting 50-minute class. Their classes use personalized playlists and are led by motivational instructors. Each beat-based type is a full-body workout designed to improve your heart’s speed, lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and energize and invigorate your mind.

You can join these amazing cycling sessions by buying a booked, pre-selected package of rides or a premium membership; you will have access to a certain number of rides per month. These memberships come in tiers. Obviously, the higher the membership tier, the more rides you will have.

Overall, RISE is a very stylish and modern cycling studio which should attract anyone’s attention. Riding with them is a blast so make sure not to miss them!

Business Information:
171 E Liberty St #149, Toronto, ON M6K 3P6, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Really love RISE. I’ve been to a couple different instructors and they were all phenomenal— super approachable vibe, bangin playlist and a killer workout. I’m still pretty new to spinning so I appreciate the extra bits of care with helping me feel welcome. Oh yeah, and the space is gorgeous! Thank you Andy and Justine and team!”
“Had an amazing experience here! The space was so clean and cute, plus the studio itself was beautifully lit. The bikes were easy to control and clip into + I loved my instructor Daysha's choice of music and style - her cues were consistent and easy to follow. Great vibes all around, highly recommend.”

4. Kardia

Kardia is a unique fitness community in Toronto that offers a variety of enjoyable and challenging classes. Their skilled teachers and coaches are considerate and non-competitive, fostering a positive environment for all. Their classes include yoga, indoor cycling, fusion HIIT biking, and coached runs. They also offer a variety of health services. 

Kardia is open to everybody and their courses are enjoyable, challenging, and open to everybody. On top of that, their teachers and coaches are considerate, non-competitive, and skilled in fostering a positive environment in the Kardia community. 

First-timers and returning customers alike can purchase different plans that come at varying price points. They also offer on-demand sessions, so you can exercise with them any time, any day.

If you wish to find out more about them, then visit their website, which features a lot of helpful guides and other information that will introduce you to KARDIA and its community!

Business Information:
10 Lower Spadina Ave #100, Toronto, ON M5V 2Z2, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Heather and team provide outstanding classes. HIIT, Spin, Yoga, Meditation, and more. Great instruction for all levels. So much fun! Welcoming and friendly to all members. An amazing community. Definitely an asset to the Waterfront Community, and members who are signing in virtually. My favourite gym in Toronto!”
“Heather is the best! The classes are always challenging yet entertaining. There’s a variety of classes in terms of endurance vs. speed, timing, and duration. I never thought I’d be doing spin classes, but here I am 2 years later going 3-4 times a week. Thank you Kardia!”

5. Loft Cycle Club

Loft Cycle Club’s studio is where you and your family can enjoy a good, wholesome loft cycling experience. Not only does it offer a great workout, but it also provides an inclusive environment for everyone. You’ll have access to different rides, whether you want a short 50-minute ride or a longer 75-minute ride. 

And if you’re looking for something even more relaxing, they offer optional yoga classes as well. The best part is that booking a session only requires an account on their website – and creating one takes hardly any time at all. 

So why not come check them out today and see what all the fuss is about? You won’t regret it.

Business Information:
452 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1P4, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Brett’s classes are out of the world. There are no words to describe how amazing and energizing the experience is. You can tell how passionate he is about his job and making it an incredible time for everyone! Will never take a different spin class again.”
“I enjoyed their outdoor classes this summer and what struck me the most about this studio is how friendly, accommodating, accountable and responsive were ALL the staff that I communicated with. The classes were very well organized and managed during COVID and all the safety protocols were observed so you could ride with peace of mind. The instructors and equipment are also great. I really recommend this studio and wish them the best.”

6. Spinco

SPINCO provides a private fitness studio for people of all ability levels. SPINCO focuses on letting anyone work out while upholding the tenets of health and fitness through full-body workout routines on stationary bicycles.

Whether you’re a novice or an accomplished cyclist, their bike workshop will make your fitness and leisure goals a reality.

Also, their stationary cycles are outfitted with top-of-the-line bikes, a great sound system, and complimentary towel and shoe service. They are known to offer a radically different approach to conventional fitness.

If you are interested in SPINCO, then feel free to drop by their website. You can read about them in more detail, as the above is only the surface of what these guys have to offer you.

Business Information:
1220 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1W1, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Went to SpinCo Summerhill today and had an amazing experience, because of the instructor. Our instructor was named Max Carnella, and he was so inclusive, positive and motivating. A great class with a great playlist, and I will be definitely going back on a Tuesday night!”
“I am in love with this place! I have been riding there for years. Always left it feeling great and energized. very clean and organized. Friendly staff and great instructors overall. Amanda, Justin and Mat are next level instructors. Take a class with one of these guys and you will fall in love with spinning too!”


SPOKEHAÜS is another amazing cycling studio that offers its clients a kick-ass, low-impact, high-intensity full-body cardio party on a bike. They promise you that within 45 minutes, they will transform your body and mind into something unique. You will move those pedals so fast that you won’t even notice the exhaustion.

This is a primarily appointment-based cycling studio where they have several sessions throughout the day with specific instructions. When booking a spot, you will be able to choose the bike location in the studio.  To proceed further, you will have to register with them on their website.

So if you are looking for a cool and decked-out cycling studio look no further since SPOKEHAÜS has what you are looking for!

Business Information:
70 Dan Leckie Way, Toronto, ON M5V 2V6, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Spokehaus is the Canadian SoulCycle, with some of the most challenging high-intensity full-body workouts we’ve ever taken in TO. If you’re looking for a high calorie burning, incredibly challenging, 45-minute class in an environment that’s gorgeous, energising and the epitome of a boutique fitness studio, then this is for you.”
“Spokehaus is my favourite spin studio in Toronto! I only go there! The spin instructors are amazing and the music is super fun to bike to. If you love spinning, you NEED to try out Spokehaus! Highly recommend all classes and instructors - I love them all!”

8. Shape Fitness

Looking to get fit in the new year? Spoke Fitness is the perfect place to start! This brand new fitness cycling center is renovated and ready to welcome new members. They describe themselves as a judgment-free space where you can be yourself and explore healthy living habits, both old and new. 

If you want to work out with them, book a group session workout which you can see in their weekly schedule or you book an appointment through their system. Additionally, they offer commitment and no-commitment plans with different price ranges but are basically an all-inclusive fitness center that has something for everyone. 

So come on down and explore all that Spoke Fitness has to offer! You might just find your new favourite workout spot.

Business Information:
1156 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6E 1B3, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“Shape Fitness is definitely our gym of choice!!!!! Not only is every staff member friendly and helpful, but the services they provide are stellar. Starting from the up to date equipment, to the variety of different classes being offered and the knowledge the personal trainers provide result in a fantastic experience. Both my husband and I have been working out for years, trying out different establishments and no one compares to this place! We highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great workout along with a great experience”
“Very impressive and affordable gym. Nice, friendly and very helpful staff. The gym is always very neat and organized. Variety of equipments (industry standard), whatever your fitness goal is, they can help you achieve it. The fitness classes are also great, they have something for everyone. Overall it is a great gym, you will get value for your money and it is highly recommended.”

9. Conquer Fitness

Conquer Fitness is a gym for people like you who want to get results without spending hours and hours at the gym.  So they welcome all, no matter their level of fitness, at Conquer Fitness. 

They offer a highly specialized and adjusted fitness specialist who will help you set some personal goals and create an action plan for you to work towards. They also book you in for a cardio and strength training workshop to get you feeling confident on the gym floor.

Access all this and more through their triple membership plan, which all offer different benefits. They also offer additional bundles with discounts from time to time if you are interested in that.

If you want to find out more about them and their intense style of workouts, check out their website, you’ll surely get pumped up for a workout after seeing it!

Business Information:
2100 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1M7, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“After years of going to Goodlife this gym is a breath of fresh air! It has all the machines you want/need AND has a very welcoming environment. Everyone is friendly and accepting of all fitness levels. The woman’s only section is a huge bonus!”
“I have been a member of this gym for 19 years. It's like a second home. Lots of equipment, classes, and services. Staff, trainers and owners are always welcoming and helpful! Phil really puts his heart and soul into making this gym the best there is.”

10. Ride Cycle Club

RIDE is an innovative boutique concept that is challenging the status quo of indoor cycling. Each RIDE is a full-body workout designed to reboot and strengthen both your mind and body. RIDE combines an intense cardiovascular sweat, micro bike movements and full-body toning reinforced by the authority of music. 

Classes are set to unique playlists and each instructor is different – keeping you energized, inspired, and challenged. RIDE believes in the power of music and its influence on your workout.  Each RIDE studio offers multiple classes a day, seven days a week. RIDES can be booked a week in advance or as little as 30 minutes before the start time. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunchtime sweat or a weekend warriors’ ride, there’s always a class for you at RIDE. Come see what all the hype is about and experience the RIDE difference!

Business Information:
2 Humbert St, Toronto, ON M6J 2Y7, Canada

Customer Review Highlight:

“This is the best spin class in town! The energy in that dark room really pushes you to leave it all on the bike and you're guaranteed to be dripping in sweat from a stellar workout. The instructors are super cool, the music is energetic and the change rooms are always spotless. 5/5 stars and would recommend to ALL my friends!”
“This place is fantastic. The class schedule is awesome, even if the only time you can attend is 6am. Classes fill up fast, but it's nice that you can reserve your bike up to a week in advance. The instructors are great. Sometimes the music can get a bit too loud to hear the instructor, but it depends on the class. The facilities are exceptionally clean; shampoo, face wash, styling products, hair dryers and fresh towels are all provided. The staff are always friendly and available to answer any questions you have. Thumbs up.”

FAQs About Spin Classes

All you really need for a spin class is yourself and a water bottle. Most studios will provide you with a bike and shoes, although you’re welcome to bring your own. Some studios also offer lockers, showers, and towel service for an additional fee.
You’ll want to wear comfortable, breathable clothing that won’t impede your movement. Avoid loose-fitting clothes or anything too constricting. You might also want to bring a change of clothes if you plan on showering afterwards.
There is no magic number when it comes to how often you should take spin classes. It really depends on your fitness goals and schedule. If you’re just starting out, we recommend taking one or two classes per week. As you get more comfortable, you can increase the frequency of your classes.
In addition to getting a great workout, spin class can also help improve your cardiovascular health and stamina. It’s also a great way to relieve stress and boost your mood.

Final Thoughts

Exercising is vital for staying healthy, but unfortunately, many of us simply forget. By booking a spin class, you not only dedicate time to your health but experience a change of scenery. With knowledgeable and welcoming instructors, and atmospheric music and lighting, your spin classes are guaranteed fun. Make spinning a part of your routine by going to any of these Toronto spinning classes!

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