The 10 Best Parks in Toronto to Have Your Own Barbeque [2022]

Best Parks in Toronto to Have Your Own Barbeque

At the best parks in Toronto to have your own barbeque you can have an amazing meal all while taking in nature!

There’s nothing quite like barbequing in the great outdoors. You can enjoy the smokey meats you cooked, the sunshine, good company, and cool summer breezes.  It’s really an experience like no other, but finding a great spot that allows it in Toronto can be tough. That’s why we did it for you. 

Several large parks in Toronto offer ideal barbeque spots for you to enjoy with your family and friends. All that’s left for you to do now is bring your spatula and grill with your favourite iced drink!

We chose these parks based on their barbeque equipment, beautiful landscapes, huge space, and whether or not they allow barbequing. Whichever of these parks you choose to go to, you’re sure to have a wonderful time!

There are two things to love about barbequing in the park, delicious meats on the grill and serene views of nature. For more, check out the best lakeshore parks and the best Korean bbq in Toronto!


1) G Ross Lord Park

G Ross Lord Park is one of the best places to enjoy a barbeque this summer. This park is in North York, near York University. This park offers a full range of facilities, including a football field, walking, cycling pathways, and a playground. It’s a wonderful big park to stroll around with your family or friends to explore the area and choose the ideal location to set up your barbeque and start grilling. Keep in mind that while gas grilling is permitted throughout the park, there are just a few approved areas for charcoal grilling. There are also restrooms and plenty of parking, so you won’t have to worry about bringing your entire family to your barbeque.

Address: 4801 Dufferin St, North York, ON M3H 5T3 
Phone: +14163384386
Photo Credit: Michael Hornall

2) Centennial Park Picnic Area 8

This location is in Etobicoke’s Centennial Park. The park is big and offers opportunities for walking, baseball diamonds, a beautiful small pond, picnics, and barbecuing. The park is also convenient, with free parking, washrooms, and picnic tables that can get crowded depending on the hour. The park is well-kept, and it is a great place to host a BBQ and have fun with your friends and family. It’s best to arrive early on weekends because it becomes busy starting at 2 p.m.

3) Milliken District Park

This is the ideal park to visit if you love animal-watching. Here you will find all kinds of wildlife, including ducks, swans, and turtles. This Scarborough park includes a lot of facilities that you can enjoy, such as a playground, splash pads, picnic spots, trails, shaded benches, and a lot of green areas where you can have your own Barbeque with friends and family while enjoying the lovely scenery and weather. The view by the pod is nice while grilling. Furthermore, there is parking and washrooms on-site. You can also meet other Barbeque mates and share an iced beverage.

4) Earl Bales Park

This park in North York is well-known for having summer barbecues. This park has facilities such as an amphitheatre, picnic seats, a large play area, restrooms, a dog park, and a pond that is beautiful to look at and relaxing to sit by while grilling your meal. The park includes plenty of green space for your barbeque, as well as fixed charcoal grills placed around the area, although we suggest that you bring your own grill. If you are a nature enthusiast, there are additional trails that are covered with trees and are pleasant to wander around. Because the park is so large, there is plenty of room for you and your guests to gather, as well as plenty of parking space. We recommend arriving early in the day to choose a place that is ideal for you.

Address: 4169 Bathurst St, North York, ON M3H 3P7 
Instagram: GTA Trails (@gtatrails)

5) Sunnybrook Park

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Sunnybrook Park, located near Lawrence Ave E and Leslie St, is another great place to host your own barbeque this summer on the large and beautiful green field. This park has sports grounds, large walking paths, an off-leash area, vast open green space, a bridge, several picnic benches, a Sunnybrook stable, and more. The park includes a well-kept and spacious green space where you may have a wonderful barbeque, but don’t forget to clean up after yourself. When the sun shines through the trees, the park becomes a very peaceful place to go and have a delicious grilled dinner with friends or family, perfect for a getaway from the busy city.

Address: 1132 Leslie St, Toronto, ON 
Phone: +14163384386 

6) Toronto Island Parks

When the warm weather hits, it’s a ritual to head straight for Toronto Island. Not only do we enjoy riding the ferry there for a change of scenery, but there is also an open grass area around the island’s parks where you can have your own barbeque. The park features a large grassy area with fixed BBQ stations for visitors to use. Although propane or gas barbecues are not permitted on the island, you are welcome to bring your own charcoal BBQ. The park also doesn’t permit the use of alcohol or firewood. Olympic, Center Island, and Hanlan’s Point are the best parks in Toronto islands for having your own barbeque.

Address: Toronto, ON 
Photo credit: Toronto (@toronto_314) 

7) Ashbridges Bay Park

Near Martingoodman Trail and Woodbine Beach, Ashbridge Bay is a large green park that is pretty wonderful in the summer because it provides a wide space for social events. This park is ideal for a barbeque since it provides access to the beach, where you can play volleyball or simply sunbathe, which is enjoyable during the warm weather. There are also beautiful picnic areas and a skateboard park where you can relax.

8) High Park

High Park is one of Toronto’s largest and most popular parks throughout the summer. This park includes several facilities, including playgrounds, sports fields, splash pads, an outdoor swimming pool, a dog off-leash area, washrooms, and even a zoo. This park includes a huge green space where you can enjoy a picnic or grill a delicious lunch with your friends and family. The park is also enjoyable to explore, and the hiking trails are ideal for outdoor activities and a stunning view of the cherry blossoms.

9) Trinity Bellwoods Park

Trinity Bellwood Park is another spot where you can grill your own meal. This park is near Dundas St W and Crawford St. This park is enormous and has several recreational spaces, including a hockey rink, a dog park, numerous picnic tables, tennis courts, and many others. The park also includes a number of grassy fields that are ideal for a picnic and barbeque while enjoying the wonderful weather and view of the CN Tower.

10) Bluffer’s Park and Beach

Scarborough Bluffs, or the “Little Caribbean” in Toronto, as we like to call it, is a great place to have your own barbeque while admiring the water attraction and the lovely multicultural neighbourhood. The park offers a bike route, restrooms, a beach, a lookout point, walking pathways, and a big green space for picnics and barbecues; either you can bring your own or use the park’s charcoal grills. The park is a fantastic location to relax with your friends and family, and you can also enjoy the beach by swimming and playing volleyball. The park also offers a lot of parking space with a prepaid cost of $1.50 for 30 minutes. However, you can obtain access to free parking on weekdays before 5 p.m.

FAQs About Barbequing in Toronto Parks

Yes, you can barbeque at Toronto parks. Many parks have their own grills free for you to use and designated grilling areas. In some cases, like if you have a large group or want to bring your own grill, you will need to get a permit.
If you have a group of 25 people or more or want to bring your own portable grill you will need to get a permit. If you would like to book a space for a party, of any size, you will still need to get a permit.
If you want to bring your own grill to a Toronto park, you will need to get a permit. This kind of permit costs $92.02 for one day. However, some parks have a designated portable grill area.
Yes, you can host parties at Toronto parks, but you will need to reserve a spot and in some cases, obtain a permit. Regardless of attendance size, you will need to obtain a permit.

Final Thoughts

Barbequing in a beautiful Toronto park is a must for every great summer! Take time to reconnect with loved ones, nature, and your master grilling skills. Whether you enjoy a barbeque with a beautiful view of the lake at “Bluffer’s Park and Beach” or a relaxing day with a beautiful sunset and view of the city skyline at “Toronto Island Parks,” there is something for everyone. 

If you’re looking to barbeque outdoors, you can’t go wrong with any of the best parks in Toronto to have your own barbeque.

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