The 6 Best Sunflower Fields and Mazes Around the GTA [2022]

If you’re looking for a fun day trip that is both family-friendly and outdoorsy, consider visiting one of the many sunflower fields or mazes around the Greater Toronto Area. There’s something for everyone in these destinations, from young children who just want to run around in the open space to adults who crave a good challenge. So pack a picnic lunch and get ready to have some fun!

Walk through a sea of sunflowers and mazes to immerse in, or buy a specific gift from an on-site store to memorialise your summer experience. These flowers only bloom for about two weeks in Ontario, from early to late August/early September.

If you’re searching for a sunflower field to visit this summer around the GTA, consider one of the farms mentioned below.


How We Chose the Best Sunflower Fields and Mazes around the GTA

We picked the best sunflower fields and mazes around the GTA based on their popularity and the diversity of choices they can provide that will fit your needs. These are the criteria we followed to choose the finest ones in Toronto.
  • Selections: We chose sunflower fields and maze spots that offer an extensive selection of activities to do!
  • Price: We included farms with reasonable prices that are worth what you’ve paid for! 
  • Customer Reviews:  We included what past visitors had to say about their experience, and if they have a positive experience there.

The Best Sunflower Fields and Mazes around the GTA

1. Lakeview Village Sunflowers

Every summer for the past three years, one million sunflowers have been planted at Lakeview Village to provide a shared experience to please, and to urge the community to get outdoors.

Every year, this field of sunflowers attracts natural species such as butterflies, bees, and beetles, and it contributes to the creation of deep relationships with the environment.  This summer, the sunflowers return to Lakeview Village amidst various works of public art. The best thing is that it is free to visit! 

Business Information:

Address: Lakeshore Rd E At, Hydro Rd, Mississauga, ON L5E 1E8

Customer Review Highlights:

“This garden is huge.. I regret I didn't know about the place in early July, now the sunflower season is over, so the garden is pretty dead now. But I will definitely visit this place next year when the flowers will be blooming again.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
There are easy walkways between the flowers! There is ongoing construction nearby. I had to park near the boardwalk. Area is a bit dusty.
If you’re from Toronto you can take the line 5 or line 23 bus or by train lakeshore west.

2. The Sunflower Farm

The Sunflower Farm is popular for photo shoots, with sunflower items and a maze across the field. This is a multigenerational family farm that opened its gates for visitors to explore agriculture. It is also the first sunflower farm and even Canada’s only sunflower-shaped maze.

Their path is designed like a sunflower and winds among hundreds of flowering sunflowers! It has two mazes, a 500m one and a 150m where there are even props like vintage cars along the way to take pictures. Check out their Instagram for videos too!

This is a must-see if you want to experience farm life in this gorgeous 20-acre sunflower field in Durham Region’s first and largest sunflower farm. You should take a walk along the sunflower route to get that ideal shot of the tractor.

You can arrange your visit to The Sunflower Farm online before you arrive and show your QR code on your cell phone. Tickets may also be purchased at the gate. Each day, a limited number of tickets are available for guests. The price is between $10 to $15 and opens at the end of July.

Business Information:

Address: The Sunflower Farm, B24430 Sideroad 17, Beaverton
Phone: (416) 316-9543

Customer Review Highlights:

“My friends and I had a great experience at the sunflower farm. It was fun walking through the sunflower shaped maze and even though we didn't go during peak bloom there were lots of sunflowers to see. Everyone got a free flower to take home…”
“Such a beautiful place! 100% worth visiting! We had a lovely time and took some great pictures. The place is not too crowded which allows for social distancing, and staff is always ready to help you take a beautiful photo for your social media.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
You can also book slots for professional photoshoots. Details about the same are posted on the website. May experience longer line ups during the weekends.
Everyone gets a free flower to take home
There are nice refreshments, honey and other sunflower merchandise to purchase if you want
Feel free to visit on 50% off days (Every Monday & Tuesday)!

3. Andrews Farm Market

Andrew’s Farm Market is spread over 165 acres of countryside. They have their very own Sunflower Kingdom with a variety of sunflowers from 3 feet to 12 feet tall and it is re-opening in late August where you can also experience the magic and delight of 150,000 sunflowers in bloom!

You can pick your own sunflowers, berries, currants, dahlias and apples, and sweet corn. They offer walking trails, maze, wagon rides, playground for kids and many other fun activities to try!

The entrance to the sunflower kingdom is $5 per person for ages 3+, together with the regular farm admission is $11 on weekdays, and $17 on weekends. For all season passholders, the entrance is free!

Business Information:

Address: 9365 10 Side Rd, Milton, ON L9T 2X9
Phone: (905) 878-5807

Customer Review Highlights:

“Professional and friendly staff. Had a wonderful afternoon picking raspberries, choosing sunflowers and admiring the bee collecting pollen. Would highly recommend a visit here.”
“Sunflowers, berries, animals, tractor rides, freshly made pies and pastries, ice cream...what more do you need. Nice people and nice country setting.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Unlike other places, you do not need to buy advance ticket online to see the sun flowers The website says no flower picking which is misleading. However, their intention is to first fully grow out the sunflowers, then it’ll be available for picking and instagram ready.
Epic photo opportunities with 12+ photo stations and look out points.
Walking trails through the bloom
Straw mountain climb
Tractor ride into the field

4. Pingle’s Farm Market

Pingle’s Farm Market is a 6.5 acre sunflower field, where each summer the farmers plant over 100,000 sunflowers, so visit during summer season to soak up beautiful blooms!

When you arrive at the farm, you’ll have a scenic wagon trip across the property, passing through the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, and strawberry field! The wagon will leave you off at the field’s entrance, where you will begin your journey along their meandering Sunflower Trail (consisting of numerous one-way & extra wide pathways).

The route will lead you past 25 – 30 additional species that highlight a wonderful variety of sizes and colours in the field, in addition to the ‘typical’ yellow sunflower that grows to roughly 5ft tall! Giants (over 10ft tall! ), Dwarf Teddies, Ring of Fire, Starburst, Branching Yellows, Jokers, and Sun Brights are just a few of the species you may expect to see.

Depending on how fast you walk and how many pictures you snap, the route takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. If you have little children with you, there are shortcuts available.

After your walk, take a pair of shears and choose your own sunflowers, then stop by one of their sweet or savoury stations for a bite to eat! You can book your tickets in advance in June and it opens in August. 

Business Information:

Address: 1805 Taunton Rd, Hampton, ON L0B 1J0
Phone: (905) 725-6089

Customer Review Highlights:

“Had a great time visiting with my family! A nice outdoor activity we got to enjoy together. The flowers were nicely bloomed and there was plenty to see. Love the various props that are interspersed along the path."
"The pick your own sunflower experience was fun and took home some beautiful rays of sunshine. I Will certainly come again next year and make sure I carve out some time to check out the food and treat vendors.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
They have a yearly sunflower festival with live music and amazing food booths! The sunflowers can sometimes be in bad shape due to extreme heat.
You won’t see just the typical sunflowers, there are huge varieties and different sizes!
Even if the sunflower field is opening late, the market itself is open everyday from 9am to 6pm!

5. Hanes Corn Maze

Hanes Corn Maze is well-known for their 20-acre corn maze, but they also have an 8-acre sunflower maze with gorgeous blossoms for you to explore. If you’re looking for a lovely view of the sunflowers, the Hanes Sunflower Maze will not disappoint! 

Their 5 acre sunflower maze offers a fun and instructive game for kids and adults alike, as well as the opportunity to admire nature in all of its grandeur. It has a variety of sizes and colours of Sunflowers from two to twelve feet tall in yellows, oranges, and reds. Prepare your cameras. The pricing for the maze admission: 13+ is $15, seniors 60+ is $14, big farmers (8-12) is $12.50 and little farmers (3-7) is $9.50 all including HST. 

Business Information:

Address: 1001 Highway #5 West, Dundas, ON L9H 5E2
Phone: (905) 628-5280

Customer Review Highlights:

“This is a must go place! Sunflowers are kind of like us! They look for the sun as we look for ... When I walked through the maze, I saw life! Life is full of small decisions and no matter what you decide, you will get to the end! But the point is you have to enjoy it in between. Try this place and walk through life in a short amount of time! Also the staff are really amazing! Try it, you won't regret it!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Perfect for Church Youth Groups, Scouts, Brownies, Cubs, Guides, Office Team Building, Family Get Togethers or any club or group up for a challenge. If you go during the colder season the sunflowers can be dead, making the maze creepy and disappointing.
Includes mini mazes for kids!

6. Dixie Orchards

Dixie is well-known for offering 20 types of pick-your-own apples throughout the season, as well as pick-your-own pumpkins, squash, plums, pears, and hazelnuts. In addition, they have a sunflower field that opens about the third week of August. 

Other fun activities like wagon rides, farm animals, a pumpkin patch, and getting lost in the corn maze are also available at this place. There’s also a photo station where you may snap family photos! The ticket is $3 for everyone over the age of three. School excursions cost $9.75 per student or $150 per tour (minimum of 20 people)

Business Information:

Address: 14309 Dixie Road, Caledon. 
Phone: 14309 Dixie Road, Caledon. 

Customer Review Highlights:

“We went there in September for the sunflowers. I will suggest people to go in the morning, because when we went in the afternoon at around 3pm, the sun was not perfect for photo effect as the heads of the sunflowers were turning to the other side. They have a corn maze, which was my daughter's top choice and an apple farm…”
“Very friendly people and a beautiful picture spot. The apple picking is awesome too ! Was just there today for the sunflowers!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
They still offer maze games and offer a reduced walk-in rate of $5.  It can get full during busy hours!

FAQs about Sunflower Fields and Mazes

Sunflowers bloom from mid-summer to late fall, therefore the peak season is normally from late July to early September. Sunflowers, on the other hand, only bloom for around two or three weeks.
We recommend that you go low. Try lying down in the middle of the field and shooting straight up while experimenting with angles, especially outside. The sunflower stalks will take on a commanding appearance. This method works best with extremely wide lenses, so try to use the widest lens you have.
Sunflowers are preferred for crop rotations because they help with long-term weed and disease management, the plants provide biomass to the soil after harvest, and they are a valuable specialised field crop.
These flowers only bloom for about two weeks in Ontario, from early to late August/early September. Some farms delay planting so that sunflowers bloom at different periods and may be enjoyed for a longer period of time during the summer.


If you’re looking for a fun day out with friends or family, be sure to check out one of these sunflower fields and mazes. The changing colours and beautiful scenery are well worth the trip! Have you been to any of these locations? Let us know in the comments below.

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