The 12 Best Tibetan Restaurants in Toronto [2022]

Toronto is known for its diverse cuisine, and Tibetan food is no exception. There are a number of Tibetan restaurants in the city, each with its own unique take on traditional dishes. 

Garlic, coriander, mushrooms, black pepper, turmeric, black cumin, and a number of other spices mix to give the cuisine its flavour. All of these components are evenly blended and marinated in meats such as lamb, beef, chicken, and seafood, as well as vegan and vegetarian options.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty soup or stew, or something sweet and decadent for dessert, you’re sure to find something to your taste at one of these 12 spots.


How We Chose The Best Tibetan Restaurants in Toronto

We picked the best Tibetan restaurants based on their popularity and the diversity of Tibetan dishes offered.

  • Quality: We ensured that the Tibetan food restaurants serve delicious warm meals served in a delectable manner using fresh ingredients, no additives, and artificial flavourings.
  • Selections: We picked restaurants with a diverse selection of Tibetan dishes and styles that will entice you to come right away! Especially with their momos, beef chilli, thentuk soups and much more!
  • Price: We chose stores with reasonable prices that are worth what you’ve paid for. 
  • Customer Reviews:  We included customer reviews to check those past customers had a positive experience at the restaurants, and that they enjoyed the taste.

The Best Tibetan Restaurants in Toronto

Now that you know what to look for when selecting the best Tibetan restaurant, continue reading to see the best 12 Tibetan restaurants in Toronto!

1. Loga’s Corner

Loga’s Corner
Google/ Emil Jayatileke

Loga’s Corner, located in Parkdale’s Little Tibet, is a small takeout shop and a modest cafe managed by a family. If you want to dine in at a place that feels like home – this is the place to be. They have a comfy couch, a fireplace, and free WiFi.

Their menu offers a simple range of beef noodle soup, potato ball, mango lassi and a range of momos from chicken, veggie, potato, pork and anything fried momo. The prices can range from $1 to $7+ from drinks to momos!

We recommend getting a large mug of their butter tea, the traditional creamy, salty caffeinated Tibetan beverage.

Business Information:

Address: 216 Close Ave, Toronto, ON M6K 1M3
Phone:  (647) 761-0965

Customer Review Highlights:

“Loved the momos!!! Taste 💯 Quantity & Quality 💯 I loved the spicy chutney, would definitely recommend to try this place💞Our order: Vegetarian mommos, Chicken mommos, Mango lassi.”
“Logas corner is a place that you must visit if you’re in the area or in the mood for some momos. The staff here have great hospitality, food is prepared quickly, and the owner was super friendly and welcoming! The food was super tasty, and very reasonably priced. Will most definitely be coming back again! 🙂”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Different from a typical restaurant, it feels like you’re at home with couches offered too! Some reviewers state that the owner was less courteous.
Free wifi available! 

2. Himalaya’s Kitchen

Himalaya’s Kitchen

Himalaya’s Kitchen serves traditional Tibetan cuisine with a twist of Indian and Nepalese fusion. Their dishes are prepared and made carefully using the freshest ingredients! The prices range from $2 to $13+ from drinks to delicious meals!

What’s awesome about this place is that they offer a variety of momos with different flavours and types! From chilli momo, Delhi masala momo, tandoori momo, butter chicken momo, and malai masala momo!

We recommend trying out their chilli options as well, which include fish chilli which is the fish batter that is stir-fried with ginger garlic paste.

The pork chilli that is sliced and marinated sauteed in special Himalayan and the chicken Manchurian which is diced chicken deep fried in batter with Manchurian sauce. Pair them up with noodles or rice that is mixed with seasonal vegetables! 

Business Information:

Address: 1526 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A4
Phone:  (416) 536-4138

Customer Review Highlights:

“Unique style of delicious Tibetan momos. We tried honey chilli potatoes and that was awesome!!”
“Such yumm Tibetan food! Chilli momos are a must try.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
You can buy frozen momos from this place! A reviewer stated about the wait time being long.
Offers vegetarian entrees. 

3. Tibet Kitchen

Tibet Kitchen

Tibet Kitchen is a restaurant that serves Tibetan and Himalayan cuisine. Momos, Chicken Chilli, and Phingsha are among Tibet Kitchen’s most popular meals. Tibet Kitchen offers an amazing variety of specialties from vegetarian, soups, chicken, beef, pork, rice, chowm mein, and much more! The price can range from $3 to $17+ from drinks to savoury meals!

Try out their chow mein which is added with sliced beef, chicken, shrimp and garnished egg. You can pair that with one of their vegetarian specials like the Tsey Khatsa which is deep-fried marinated vegetables sauteed in chilli sauce. 

Also, try their sliced marinated pork chilli that is sauteed with diced onion, green peppers, tomato and hot chilli sauce. 

Or if you like beef, Phingsha is a must to try! It is sliced beef sauteed with black mushroom, bean thread noodle, and diced potato and is flavoured with ginger and peppercorn sauce!

Business Information:

Address: 1544 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A6
Phone: (416) 913-8726

Customer Review Highlights:

“Best authentic Tibet food. Loved the friendly gesture from the staff. Quality and quantity of food is great. Prices are reasonable. Highly recommend this place if you want to explore Tibet in Toronto”
“This is hands down my favourite Tibetan restaurant in Toronto. The quality of food and service makes me want to go back every week!...”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Have a patio to dine in This place can get busy during weekend evenings.
Offers catering service with a huge variety of Tibetan food for events or parties
Kids menu is available

4. The Momo House

The Momo House

The Momo house is famous for their traditional Tibetan dumplings and other delectables served in their colourful vintage restaurant. Among other more basic and traditional ways, the momos are drenched in butter chicken sauce, coated in kurkure, and topped with chaat.

Their momos come in a variety of forms and sizes, with fillings of chicken, beef, pork, or vegetables covered in a rice flour wrapper. The chaat momos, which come in 5 to 10 momos, are a must-try. It’s basically topped with the elements that go into chaat, which are often tamarind, dry chips, and cream.

Business Information:

Address: 1422 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1L9
Phone: (416) 588-8887

Customer Review Highlights:

“It was my first time trying Tibetan food. We just googled this place, went here and momos were amazing! Not only food came out quickly but also staff’s recommendations were so good. Recommend trying butter chicken momo!”
“i love MOMO house!!!!! the food is incredible, the staff is friendly, and most important they are always consistent. Do yourself a favour and check them out, you will not regret it, shout out to Garab, you rock!!!!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Stunning interior to dine in! Reviewer dissatisfied with momo sauce being filled half of the mini container.
Offers special tastes of momos from butter chicken, jhol, chaat etc.

5. Momo Hut & Gardens

Momo Hut & Gardens
Google/ Alistair Kim

Momo Hut and Garden is undoubtedly a Danforth hidden gem. The food served is amazing from Tibetan momos to seafood, rice, noodles and much more! 

Meat eaters will love this place as it offers main courses of chicken, beef, pork and lamb. This can vary from their mouth-watering chilli beef called Shapta, chilli pork called paksha khatsa, and their beef momo which is served with soup and salad. 

If you love momos they also offer chicken, lamb, and shrimp momo as well! The prices here range from $3 to $13+ from drinks to main meals. Not to mention, they also have a pretty nice patio where you can relax and drink your mango slush, which is prepared with fresh mango!

Business Information:

Address: 401 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1P1
Phone: (416) 363-8580

Customer Review Highlights:

“Amazing Tibetan Momos place made our exclusive travel from Mississauga to Toronto worth every bite..!! This place has calming ambiance and great selection for drool worthy vegetarian momos (along with non-vegetarian ones)...”
“Casual family owned Tibetan restaurant. Very accommodating on a large group reservation on a Saturday evening. Unassuming cuisine that the owner and staff obviously take a lot of pride in. Everything was very fresh. Their large selection of meat and veg momos were well made and delicate. Appetizers and other mains were delicious and portion sizes great for family style sharing. We were 16 happy customers and looking to return on the future!!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offer amazing gluten-free momo options. A reviewer mentioned that the sauces for momo could have been better
Tuesday offers a cheaper combo menu
Patio available

6. Shangrila Tibetan & Asian Cuisine

Shangrila Tibetan & Asian Cuisine

They’ve been serving traditional handmade meals based on their family recipes for well over a decade as Toronto’s oldest Tibetan restaurant. They warmly welcome you to Parkdale’s heart, where you can relax and enjoy a delicious dinner with friends and family on their cushioned floor seating.

Try out their momos where each has its own special flavours, served fresh in a bamboo basket with a side of their homemade chilli sauce to dip in. The prices range from $2 to $13+.

They offer steamed or fried chicken and beef momo, as well as the chilli momo which we recommend.The chilli momo is freshly steamed and served in a rich gravy of onions, homemade special sauce and capsicum with a choice of veggie, chicken or beef.

We also recommend trying the shabtek which has delicious slices of beef chilli sauteed with green peppers, onions, green chilli and served with steamed rice!

Business Information:

Address: 1600 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A8
Phone: (416) 588-1100

Customer Review Highlights:

“Simple awesome food. For authentic & tasty Tibetan food, this is a must visit place. The prices are very reasonable and the portion sizes are really good. Street parking available outside the restaurant.”
“One of the best places to have Tibetan food in toronto. The place feels homely and the food is tasty. Will be back for more. The jhol momo is delicious and chicken chilli too.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Vegan friendly!  Some reviewers stated that customer service is not satisfactory.
Offers weekend specials 

7. Little Tibet Restaurant

Garleek Kitchen

Visit Little Tibet restaurant to try out some traditional Tibetan food with a twist of Hakka. For appetizers they offer Gyuma which is homemade Tibetan sausage that is lightly tossed with onion and chilly. 

Also, the Dropa Khatsa which is a Tibetan fried beef tripe that is tossed with onion chilly with a touch of curry powder. Doesn’t that sound delicious? The prices here range from $5 to $16+.

Moreover, try out the Mokthuk-Beef soup which is a beef dumpling soup, she-bhaley which is a deep-fried Tibetan beef patty, and ShapTa which is tender slices of beef tossed with onion and pepper chilli. 

Not to mention, we recommend the Little Tibet special called Phing-Sha which is bean thread noodle with beef, black fungus, and potato served with rice. 

Business Information:

Address: 1449A Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A1
Phone: (416) 532-9728

Customer Review Highlights:

“They offer authentic Tibetan food. Everything tasted brilliant. The service was timely and it's a pocket friendly place where you can get to listen to some nice music as well.”
“The Tibetan restaurants on queen street never disappoint. Loved the food at this one, both quality and quantity wise.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Has a bar to enjoy some cocktails or beer! Some reviewers stated not being satisfied with order through uber eats.
You can get 20% off if you order online! 

8. Garleek Kitchen

Garleek Kitchen

At Garleek Kitchen you’ll find amazing selections of Tibetan food introduced to you! They offer a breakfast combo with your choice of egg, bread, chickpeas, potatoes and more! The prices range from $2 to $10+.

If you love soup try their Thukpa Gya Thuk which is a long skinny egg noodle and protein boiled with fresh vegetables in their homemade broth. They even offer Thukpa Thenthuk which is hand-pulled and rolled flour noodles with your choice of protein boiled with very fresh vegetables mixed in their homemade broth.

We recommend trying the Ngo Tsel Tofu which includes baby bok choy, tofu, shiitake mushroom, garlic, ginger, and tomato stir-fried together. It is served with rice and a side of your choice from puri bread, egg, chickpeas, potatoes or saucy egg roll.

Business Information:

Address: 1500 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A4
Phone: (416) 551-0929

Customer Review Highlights:

“Decided to order from Garleek after looking for a new Tibetan restaurant to try, and they did not disappoint! The steamed momos were authentic and similar to home made momos, fresh, soupy and delicious. The gyuma was really good, but the roti could've been made more fresh. The prices are very fair. Definitely will be back!”
“Fresh, made-to-order Tibetan food that is EXCELLENT value. Everything on the menu is under $10 which is unusual for food of this quality in Toronto. Handmade FRESH dumplings are to die for no matter what your concept of a dumpling is…”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Catering service available for special and corporate events Reviewers recommend coming early as the restaurant is small and can get filled quickly
The presentation style of the food served is photo-worthy

9. Norling

Google/ Imad Jawadi

Dining in Norling’s is a must if you love momos, shabaley (patties), and anything chilli! The prices range from $4 to $15+. For our vegetarians out there, we recommend trying the vegetable Manchurian where you’ll be served with one rice bowl and chilli potatoes as a starter. 

For our non-vegetarians, we recommend the beef momos which are juicy, tender and crispy and the chilli chicken as well! They also offer sweet and sour chicken, chilly garlic chicken, shredded beef with dry red chilly, and many more! 

Other Tibetan delicacies that they serve at this destination include Tsey Neyzen which are mixed vegetables prepared in ginger and garlic. Also, the Phing-Sha is traditional Tibetan stew of beef with rice noodles, fungus and potatoes. 

Business Information:

Address: 1512 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A4
Phone: (416) 532-2877
Website: N/A

Customer Review Highlights:

“A nice family-owned authentic Tibetan restaurant. The best Tibetan restaurant in Toronto. I've been here many times and always enjoy the food and the nice service. Price is abnormally inexpensive!”
“I have tried all the Tibetan restaurants on queen street and yet to have an awesome experience like this place, the momo’s are thick , crispy and juicy on the inside. 100% on point. Thank you guys 🙏”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers lunch specials Closed on Tuesdays 
Offers a variation of seafood from chilly shrimp and fish marinated in many sauces!

10. Cafe Tibet Bar & Grill

Cafe Tibet Bar & Grill

Café Tibet Bar & Grill is a Tibetan restaurant that serves momos and other Tibetan dishes in a pub-style setting.

Cafe Tibet believes in preparing tasty dishes for its clients using only fresh ingredients and spices. Even the pickiest member of the family will be happy with their menu, which includes momo, salad, burgers, sandwiches, and Thai cuisine.

We recommend trying the chef’s special, momos. These Tibetan dumplings come in beef, chicken, pan-fried, deep-fried and veggie options. The prices can range from $11 to $14+. 

The Cajun Chili momo is marinated with a special homemade sauce using a variety of ingredients and the spicy coconut momo is marinated with a special homemade sauce of coconut and curry flavour. 

Business Information:

Address: 390 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2M9
Phone: (416) 792-9258

Customer Review Highlights:

“An amazing place for Tibetan cuisine. Small restaurant with a very warm and cozy vibe. Our server was excellent. She recommended us off the menu items and we loved them both. Highly recommend it. Bold and beautiful flavours. Will definitely go again. ❤”
“I had Tibetan food for the first time here after wanting to try it for a while and it was super tasty! Given the pandemic, I had take out but the staff were helpful and friendly and helped me with deciding what to order. The sweet coconut momos were fantastic.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Different variations of mouthwatering momos are offered!  A reviewer stated that the wait time for food can be long. 
Offers amazing vegan options

11. Tsampa

Google/ Android Dave

If you love trying different kinds of soups, then you have to try Tsampa soup selections. They have the Then-Thuk soup which is hand-pulled Tibetan pasta prepared in beef bone broth.

The Gya-Thuk soup is a pasta noodle prepared in beef bone broth and the Mok-Thuk soup is a dumpling in beef bone soup added with green vegetables. There’s even a veggie option that is prepared in pure vegetable broth. 

The prices range from $3 to $10+ and we recommend trying the chilli chicken, beefy short rib curry and beef momo. What’s awesome is that the momos are served with beef bone soup and spicy sauce!

Business Information:

Address: 1528 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A4
Phone: (416) 535-1440

Customer Review Highlights:

“Ordered takeout. Got chilli chicken and it was great. It comes with 2 puri or an order of rice. This is a great spot for Tibetan food. I definitely recommend this place!”
“This is a small restaurant of about 25 seats. I have been going here for many years to eat authentic Tibetan foods. The Staff are friendly and a bit shy too, still in her Asian tradition. I have to order Tibetan traditional tea every time I am here. Their Aloo-dum (spicy potato) is so good. I wish they last long in the neighbourhood.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Have a patio to enjoy dining during warmer months Closed on Wednesdays.
Amazing photo-worthy presentation of food served to you

12. Songsten


Songsten is the perfect destination to enjoy authentic Tibetan food if you love dining in small low-key restaurants. This place’s interior is designed with a brick wall and wallpaper showcasing the Tibetan temple on the other side! 

Start off with sipping on some nice hot veg soup made with mushroom, tofu, greens and egg to help you digest and have room for some of their staple home food! 

These include curry, deep-fried patties, thukpa noodle soup and much more! The prices range from $6 to $9+. We recommend trying the beef momos which are super juicy and filled with cabbage, cilantro and onions! 

Their famous Tibetan momo comes with the options of beef, chicken, potato and vegan given in 10 pieces. Or you can even try Songsten’s breakfast option which includes an omelette with greens, aloo, channa (chickpeas), sausage, ox soup, and baklep (Tibetan bread).

Business Information:

Address: 1504 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6R 1A4
Phone: (416) 533-9778

Customer Review Highlights:

“Truly a hidden gem. I love tibetan food and I must say Songtsen cafe is one of the best in parkdale.Their beef shapta is so tasty and has a unique flavour. Generous portion sizes and definitely value for your money. The ingredients they use feel fresh and the food tastes like home. Can’t wait to try all the items from their menu. Overall amazing service and top notch quality food.”
“Awesome tasty, spicy Tibetan food. The pleasant customer service made the experience even better. Will definitely take it out again.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Vegan options available  Closed on Wednesdays and the restaurant is small.
If you dine in, you’ll be impressed by their photo-worthy interior.

FAQs About Tibetan Food

Butter tea, barley, and yak meat are Tibet’s three fundamental and main diets. The most significant crop in Tibet is barley, which is utilized widely in the form of flour.
Spices like turmeric, black pepper, fenugreek, and kala jeera (black cumin) are used to season everything from the fiery beef tripe dish known as dropa khatsa to potatoes in the Tibetan cuisine, in addition to aromatics like ginger, garlic, coriander, and green onion.
People enjoy their momos as each Tibetan restaurant in Toronto has its own variations of momos we recommend checking out!
Yes, some restaurants offer vegan options from vegetable momos added with ginger, cabbage, tofu, garlic and cilantro to veggie thukpa.


Look no further than these 12 restaurants in Toronto if you’re looking for a delectable Tibetan meal. These restaurants feature real cuisine, and they’re all well-known for their distinct flavours, which include momos, beef, chicken, shrimp, and vegetarian options, as well as buttercream tea!

So, what are you waiting for? Start thinking about your next Tibiten meal now!

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